Members of our 3T family this morning we got Gonzo also known as Super G joining us on this Monday Andrew Cashflow also known as the cash flow King and Johnny crypto may be joining us later in the episode so I’m very excited for today today on Good Morning crypto we’ll be Discussing how…

Members of our 3T family this morning we got Gonzo also known as Super G joining us on this Monday Andrew Cashflow also known as the cash flow King and Johnny crypto may be joining us later in the episode so I’m very excited for today today on Good Morning crypto we’ll be Discussing how Visa is now testing ethereum for access to instant payments as JP Morgan is doing all they can to scare investors away from crypto releasing a new study showing 75 percent of Institutions are not excited about this Market Ripple CEO David Schwartz tweets that his company is going public At 420 as Elon Musk responds on Twitter betting with our community against the SEC FTX is threatening 196 U.S politicians to return donations from sambank and freed while cardano is reaching an all-time high in development chain link is expanding into Israel launching a new Initiative Program to bring developers onto their blockchain And with xrp buyback Rumors in full effect we break down the details showing our listeners why xrp to 589 may be more realistic than ever our show is available on your favorite podcast platforms like Spotify and apple music and for those of you listening via podcast our show is Live on YouTube Monday through Friday 11 A.M Eastern at the 3T Warrior Academy channel so Gonzo we got a bunch of Ripple news prepared for today but also ethereum just turned deflationary so we’re going to talk about that as well how you feeling my friend thanks for being here something good man good morning good Morning everyone it’s going to be a great show hopefully you know Johnny can reach us but yeah I mean it was a great weekend um I got uh got access to Merlin the beta version you know working on things uh you know I I was telling Shelley like It’s my job to break Merlin so that we can make sure it’s unbreakable so I was missed wrong with that and then just uh I started doing a lot of research in AI projects trying to get like a list together because I do think you know it’s a really good narrative Um if you look at the market we had a major correction starting on Friday I think because of the the job news that came in but the AAA projects were really strong and I think it’s going to follow kind of like what we saw with gaming and meta remember how meta changed their Name they made that huge announcement and then all the uh gaming projects ran right and then what happened eventually you got a correction and then those projects that are really kind of building kind of rose to the top so I think we’re going to see kind of the Same thing with AI like right now we’re still you know we had the announcement we chat jbt with Microsoft all the AI projects are running that’s the stage that we’re in now and then we’re going to get at some point a major pullback and then the real projects that are kind Of building and have a real utility I think will rise to the surface so I’m just kind of trying to prepare for that thank you Gonzo and I’m very excited because we got the man the myth the legend Mr Andrew Cashel is back from his skiing trip Andrew why don’t you fill us In on your vacation how you feeling my friend hey good morning good afternoon good evening everybody it’s uh 5 p.m here in the Netherlands and indeed I just came back from uh from my ski holidays in in Austria so I know everything about sunshine in the mountains and fresh snow And it was really it was amazing wonderful hotel and uh you know what’s also amazing that also when you’re on holidays crypto Market just continues the stock market just continues in the stock market you know that’s what I teach in my course but it makes an Excellent rally last week and I made so much profit because for for stocks you know I now want to get in and I teach you also when to get out and actually more or less my whole uh ski holidays was earned back in about the week so uh I I can say um maybe not so well informed yet about about xrp and all the other stuff but still making money and having fun so humble brag for Angie Castle on this Monday morning and we’re gonna start the show off the same way we always do by showing you our good Morning crypto Twitter account that’s at 3tgm crypto on Twitter oh oh smash that fall button we love talking to you that was Andrew blowing his nose the Bitcoin fear and greeting decks is sitting at a 56 we are in moderate greed this morning and it’s pretty interesting because as This is climbing the market it’s having a fairly flat day we are sitting at 1.06 trillion until the market cap this morning Bitcoin is 42 dominance ethereum is about 19 Bitcoin is sitting at 22 800 ethereum 1600 xrp is 39 cents cardamo was 39 cents Matic is a dollar twenty We’re gonna scroll down to Quan Network trading at 137 this morning Gonzo we got 171 live listeners already joining us on this Monday show us some love smash that like button we got some great news prepared when it comes to Ripple especially around the Buy-Back committee But Gonzo before we get into that why don’t you tell us what you’re doing and how are you operating during the spare Market it finally seems we’re getting some balls momentum yeah you know like well over the weekend we kind of had a correction I think on Friday the job numbers came out right and I think it spooked the market a little bit because they came in better than expected I think that um unemployment is at an all-time low since the 50s but we still have inflation that’s high even though it’s in a downward trajectory they’ve been talking About that maybe when the next numbers come out it might come up a little higher and so basically now that unemployment is looking uh or jobs are looking very strong it gives Jerome Powell and the FED room to kind of continue to raise rates and if you look At like the statistics on the fed you know we assumed that he was going to raise rates another 25 basis points uh you know next month but it looks like maybe they’re going to add another month so we gotta have to see what it plays Out but you know we did have a full moon on Sunday so we kind of already kind of expected that we’re going to have some kind of Correction and so yeah I’m just you know still deploying my my investment thesis dollar cost averaging to those projects when they’re below my average entry price Brief comments is this as well we’re showing our listeners a relatively new update as ethereum supply has hit a new deflationary record and this is one of the most optimistic things about the ethereum upgrade ethereum is currently being burned guys and that means that the value over time should slowly Increase Gonzo how do you feel about this deflationary news and does this increase your trust in ethereum or what’s it mean to you you know I think that you know a lot of people think that um I think they’re underestimating the deflationary measure or the deflationary asset um uh the deflationary Um aspect is the word I was looking for of ethereum right we’ve never seen it before and I think that people think that oh it’s going to get priced in but but I don’t think so right the more that the ethereums use the more that it grows The the more deflationary that it gets right we’ve got the new uh we’ve got the upgrade that’s coming out uh the Shanghai upgrade that’s going to allow you to unstake it’s been a main focus of them they Stripped Away some of the other upgrades that were coming like Proto-dink sharding and stuff like that and it’s just focused completely on the upgrade the Shanghai upgrade which the test net has already rolled out so far so good um you know you have a lot of people that are talking about ethereum and saying well now that you have an unlock Coming that there’s a lot of people that are underwater that had staked their ethereum for a super long time and that they’re going to sell and you know what I’m just not too sure about that right because we’ve seen kind of a flip we’ve seen it with other projects where you Know usually an unlocked meant that they would go down and we’ve been seeing rallies we’ve seen the exact opposite and I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw that with ethereum we know that um when you’re allowed to unstake it’s not going to happen all at once it’s in the um It’s in the smart contract or it’s in the programming that only a certain amount can be unlocked per day so that was built in to kind of slow it down but I wouldn’t be surprised if we get the reverse right everyone’s assuming that what’s going to happen is the price of Ethereum is gonna is gonna drop as we get closer to the Shanghai upgrade but I wouldn’t be surprised if it worked in reverse because a lot of people are just going to leave their stuff staked they’re already earning about four percent yield and they could go up to Like maybe seven eight percent thank you Gonzo and we’re about switching to our xrp content for today uh Andrew cashler I’d love to start off the show on this note just released a photo of the sec’s misguided case following two years of Ripple’s Relentless defense Stewart aldoradi the lead lawyer at Ripple is Not only tweeting at the SEC he’s making some bold statements here and I think it’s optimistic for the market at the exact same time as Ripple’s general counsel is becoming more confident than ever we’ve got the price chart completing our bear Market regression and finally showing us some bullish Momentum Here Andrew so I’d like to get some thoughts on Stuart aldoradi’s tweets Stewart Alder Rowdy publicly criticizing the SEC does this mean he knows something we don’t because I believe it may have to do with the him and emails um what what are we actually looking at At the moment so what we’re looking at is the lead so the lead lawyer for ripple Stuart aldarati tweeted out a picture of the balloon the Chinese balloon that was floating Over America that was shot down this weekend so Stuart alderati commented and said just released the photos of the sec’s Misguided case following two years of Ripple’s Relentless defense the bubble has burst for the SEC and so Stuart alderati’s feeling confident does that increase your confidence in the project what we may not know behind the scenes um no I don’t know what you know I know What I believe and that’s that is with xrp is a very good project and repo is a very good company and it’s growing growing and growing all the time and of course they it’s it’s not fun that they are so uh yeah uh treated badly treated By the by the SEC but on the other hand you know look look when you seek Brett garlinghouse he’s always smiling he’s always looking confident he’s always going forward so um yeah there is there is a bigger play behind uh the SEC and you know that’s Elites and we we are missing currently The clock of uh of Johnny with uh with the red snake weasels yeah but but yeah we should we should have it now but you know xrp is just a good project it takes some time and I’ve seen your other articles you have some other amazing articles Today about about xrp so uh I think xrp is is is here to stay and at least to play a major role in the in the in in the crypto world but also in the in the breaching world or uh to uh towards cdbc’s and maybe we do not like cdbcs But on the other hand is also unavoidable because it’s some yeah it’s what what the central banks and the governments like the most that’s the control part however if we can make profit with xrp based on that they cooperate with cdbcs yeah you know um I like I like profits and I like Taking profits so if if xrp will go up in the future with which I’m sure it will do um yeah I’m pretty happy and I’m pretty confident it will happen absolutely what happened with as you see you know yeah they just need time in I would say don’t Worry too much absolutely Andrew and I’m excited to give our listeners this update here as a new crypto report shows the top crypto City hubs on the planet well what is number one number one would be London then we have Dubai New York City Singapore and Los Angeles well why Is this so important that num London is number one on this list Ripple is closing up to UK Regulators amid Global Payments push Ripple said it aims to befriend UK Regulators as it develops it’s cross-border payment capabilities and ripple revealed that it plans to partner with london-based modular one of The few non-banks which has access to the bank of England settlement system in order to make transactions from Europe to Asia North America Latin America and specifically the Middle East we’re looking into a very specific problem that we’re trying to solve said Cindy young talking about the partnership with Ripple and this is very interesting I would like to say that we’re friends with the bank of England because we’re working very very closely with central banks and government Regulators this year Ripple net has secured Partnerships with the Central Bank of Bhutan as well as palu to help help develop cbdc’s we Have regular meetings on a variety of topics said send young insisting that the company is in a very good position with Regulators worldwide and ironically enough they’re being sued by one of the most important Regulators right now Gonzo as the SEC is coming after Ripple So is this any positive news to you what does it mean that Ripple’s closing up with the bank of England even calling them a close friend yeah I mean it it’s the same thing that we’ve seen with uh Brad Garland house has talked about that they’re acting as If they lost the case right they’re going to continue to build their Partnerships around the world and kind of build a use case for uh their technology right for odl for xrp for um and it’s just a shame right that the SEC does what it does and if you look at Their tactics there was a really good interview that um our friend um thinking crypto did uh with um with Deaton and uh I suggest that you go see it and he talked a lot about like the library case and just some of the sec’s tactics right and and Um not just um some of the CEOs like the CEO of library because now they’re going to be bankrupt but they’re attorneys and just other projects and the and the kind of tactics that the SEC uses to bully people right they basically just bullied them into submission they actually just Bankrupt them that’s kind of like their MO and finally what’s happened is they went up against Ripple that had a company that actually could defend themselves and had the money to defend themselves but I mean they have lost a lot of money but um I think for us you Know we were lucky that that Ripple was able to stand up for themselves because if you look back at the Essie’s history when it comes to crypto projects um they they destroyed kick right they just destroyed Library Dragon chain I mean there’s a whole list of projects That don’t have the money to be able to defend themselves and they either go bankrupt or they have to comply whatever the SEC says so um you know I still like my personal opinion is that they’re gonna win but even if they lose we just saw this in a Library case even if they lose and they say that the original sales were security if they can get them to say that secondary sales are not a security it’s still a win for us as investors right it’s what just happened in the library case so even with the lose we Can still win but um I do think that they’re going to win I I think that the SEC has finally kind of met its match absolutely gone Zone we got 209 live listeners joining us show us some love smash that like button we are yet to get into some of these interesting topics For today and Andrew cash flow we’re about to get into them now because yesterday we had an interesting development from the Ripple xrp Community Check out the drama that we’re dealing with today so anybody who’s been in the xrp community for over half a decade understands each one of these Headlines that I’m about to read being a part of the xrp community comes with drama so be prepared the xrp community has worked through many differences of opinion in 2017 it was the escrow in 2018 it was the Ripple Riddlers in 2019 it was the hard Fork 2020 it was The Insider Club 2021 it’s the quantum Financial system then we had ISO protocols well now in 2023 we have rumors of an xrp buyback and there’s a lot that we can dive into when it comes to this committee but I wanted to focus on this first yesterday we had a massive Update from David Schwartz as he announced he is going to be taking xrp private at 420 funding is already secured now he did comment underneath and say this was a joke but why is this important Andrew cash flow just a couple of hours later we had Elon Musk tweeting On his own Twitter account 420.now there’s one of two things that could be going on both of them are fans of marijuana or they are look looking at the same account and ripple and xrp are on Elon musk’s radar so I’d like to get some brief comments before I put in my Own do you think this is Elon Muskie acknowledging David Schwartz only six hours after David tweeted he was taking xrp private at 420 Elon Musk tweets out 420 from his Twitter account yeah you know never underestimate these guys I mean that there are there can be uh messages underneath and the 420 maybe It’s also something to do with the with the stock price of uh of Tesla uh those days so I wouldn’t be so sure um but what’s happening there however these guys are just making fun with each other and and and what what yeah concerning uh Elum you know he also Bought he bought Twitter and he he is also will he will make from Twitter also a payment platform and maybe he he’s making up his mind maybe shoot I use Dogecoin or should I maybe use xrp for this for this reason so and you don’t know if they are talking with each other Maybe they are tweeting with each other because of yeah the the outside public what are they thinking but you know Elon can just pick up the phone and say hey David how are you doing today I was thinking about this and that what do you think you know and nobody knows about it And and that’s what’s happening behind the scenes absolutely Andrew castlem you button got me there but I did want to show our listeners this interesting update as well this is not the first time that Elon Musk has tweeted at somebody in the xrp community and specifically a ripple Executive so earlier this year we had the Brad garlinghouse tweeting out the SEC wants you to think it cares about disclosure transparency and Clarity do not believe them when the truth eventually comes out the shamefulness of their behavior here will shock you and I want to remind our listeners this was Just a couple of weeks after Brad garlinghouse and ripple received the Hinman emails well what did Elon Musk do he took the time to respond and said no way So for anybody who doesn’t know back in 2018 Tesla was sued by the SEC because Elon Musk tweeted out he was Going to be taking his company private at 420 now what’s interesting David Schwartz is obviously doing the same thing and Stuart alderati and uh sorry and Elon Musk taking the time to acknowledge Stuart alderati and Brad garlinghouse tells me he’s aware of Ripple xrp not only the lawsuit but the Real world impact that this currency is going to have so Gonzo I’m going to give you the open floor before I put in my two cents what do you think about Elon Musk acknowledging this and the fact that it seems like he’s siding with ripple over the corrupt sec Yeah I think he is too I think the whole 420 thing I think it goes into like uh the kind of like the inside joke of him getting sued um for uh you know making that comment about taking Tesla private whenever that was so I think they’re kind of just Laughing in the background but I mean I wouldn’t be surprised uh like uh Andrew was saying that they talked man if you look at Elon Musk he’s obsessed with X right SpaceX uh I think he named his child right X I mean there’s a lot of Connections to the X and Elon Musk I know that he’s mostly connected with Dogecoin and when he talks Dogecoin moves right but um I wouldn’t be surprised like at some point in the future uh we see something with Elon Musk Elon Musk and uh nxrp just because Of his Fascination there was the other thing too like when he left um PayPal right x.com that was the other thing right yeah so he I mean if you look at it I mean he’s obsessed with uh with the letter x and so I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s something in the Future that’s connected with like Ripple xrp and uh Elon Musk so let’s have a different conversation here David Schwartz obviously tweeted this out and we know this is a joke I’m taking xrp private at 420 funding secured Gonzo I think this plays into what we showed at the beginning of the episode where Stuart alderati tweeted out he’s more confident than ever in Ripple’s defense against the SEC and I think that them being so popular and so ambitious on Twitter tweeting out these things that are almost critical but jokingly so of the SEC I think it shows us that we’re Getting close to a settlement and many of the Ripple Executives may know something behind the scenes that the general public does not know today but guys we got 263 live listeners joining us show us some love smash that like button if you’re enjoying this content please do us a favor smash that like Button down below but Andrew Cashflow just to close us out here why do you believe Joel clatz tweeted this out let’s go down some conspiracy theory rabbit holes laughs yeah you know we’re also making fun here in the good morning crypto show so why don’t they do it and and and uh indeed What you say is uh then they probably know something with the SEC it’s it’s all yeah it’s one big game and you know if you if you can’t beat it on a short time just make fun about it and it it is no fun you know this is no fun for the SEC What’s Happening Here absolutely not and and yeah yeah we can we can only laugh about it absolutely and what’s interesting is that David Schwartz said this was a joke but this isn’t the only detail that David Schwartz took the time to respond to and before we get into our xrp Buyback topic for today Gonzo you gotta comment on this back in 2021 of February during the Bull Run Elon Musk tweeted out a picture it said Frodo was the underdog all thought he would fail himself most of all well what does this picture have it has a list of all the Cryptocurrencies trading in the market today but at the top of the screen is the xrp to bitcoin pair that in and of itself is more validation that Elon Musk is very aware of the of our cryptocurrency and the fact that this could be the token to rule them all Elon Musk doesn’t do many things by accident do you think it’s a coincidence that xrp is at the top of this list Gonzo no I don’t uh and and if you look at like the underdog thing if we go back to like when this when the lawsuit first Came out and we had that major price correction and everyone just assumed that you know xrp or Ripple was just going to be like all the other companies at the SEC has gone after and was either going to go bankrupt right or was going to have to capitulate to the SEC and we Saw a totally different story and you’ve seen kind of that momentum shift right um a few months ago when we were talking about the amicus briefs right you had all these companies that had stayed quiet and now all of a sudden everybody was dying to do an amicus brief to Defend uh xrp because love it or hate it right whether you you think it’s a banker coin or you hate xrp or what have you um I think that the case itself is very important into what can happen with cryptocurrency right we just saw what happened with the library case and you Can see that if they win this case they’re going to be uh vibrations throughout the crispo the crypto space face right because if they lose right and and I don’t think they’re going to lose but let’s say that they lose and they find that it’s a security because They rolled it out of security and even worse that secondary sales are security we’re screwed not only are we screwed right but all the other that it’s like an open season on on all of them including ethereum right because once they set that precedent we just embolden Him to go after all all of them right because and and he will right because it’s all a power grab so um I I don’t think that’s gonna happen um you know like I said I keep saying the same thing over and over but you know I think they’re going to lose right And uh that the SEC is going to lose you know what I was thinking why is xrp a ripple now so close with Bank of England and I was thinking who was the world Reserve currency before the US dollar became the world Reserve currency that was the Great Britain pounds so and Why isn’t the great the the British found not any more revolution of currency that was because of the first and the second world war because they had they had to yeah they almost bankrupted themselves though they couldn’t do that anymore so I think if the bank of England can can also take a Piece of the pie for maybe a split Reserve currency in the future they will do it because if the whole world saw what America is doing with devaluating the dollar all the oil needs to be uh paid in dollars and you know and so they the United States is the winning country With creating money out of nothing out of thin air and actually every country want to do that and and I think if if yeah if it is together with the cdbc in the Bank of England and and repo xrp there are maybe some loopholes at least To get a better position for maybe a next world Reserve currency or at least the next World payment system next to Swift and if the if the US is not willing to cooperate in that position maybe the UK can do you know it’s it’s just a thinking of my mind and absolutely It’s something that we do I mean Ripple likes to to to partner with the bank of England but it takes two to tango so in this case also Bank of England like to partner with ripple absolutely one of one is two you know there’s a lot of coincidences Andrea and what sticks out To me as well is that back in 2018 when Tesla was sued by the SEC after the resolution of their lawsuit Tesla had the most profitable 24-month period for us U.S stock in the history of our stock market now can we apply that same concept to xrp I don’t know but what I Do know is that when a similar case was resolved in the library even though they lost that token did a 3X in the next 24 hours I do not anticipate something similar will happen with xrp although I do believe we will get a steady price increase regardless of the outcome once This lawsuit is over it’s going to be optimistic for the market as long as they don’t rule it as initially a security and that to me gets me very excited but guys we got 283 live listeners joining us show us some love smash that like button and we’re about To show you the latest update from David Schwartz as he took the time to comment on the Buy-Back rumors that are taking place today this is very interesting so I’m going to do a little verbal breakdown of what’s taking place and anybody feel free to correct me in the Live chat if I get anything wrong so from my understanding right now what’s taking place is there’s a community being formed to create an escrow for a buyback now that buyback would be sold to the Federal Reserve and hopefully they’re stating they want a hundred and thirty thousand dollars for every xrp in The market today now obviously anybody who knows about how cryptocurrency works that’s not going to happen but what we can talk about is how people are anticipating that a buyback may take place and David Schwartz was very critical of this idea so David Schwartz talking about the Buy-Back committee and The escrow being formed he said I haven’t looked at it very closely but what I have seen looks an awful lot like a scam to me if we’ve learned anything from 2012 to 2022 it’s that anyone promising High returns for low risk is almost certainly going to rob you and I Think that’s the theme of this article right here everybody wants your hard-earned income everybody want your hard-earned money replacing your cryptocurrency with an nft in my opinion it’s a risk I don’t care if it’s a Buy-Back committee I don’t care if it’s an nft project I don’t care if Logan Paul’s telling you to buy the nft anytime you’re exchanging your crypto for an nft project you’re putting the Trust In Those holders and this Buy-Back committee thing it just has a weird feeling around it I like to hear from the other members of our group before we Go into the details here Gonzo we’ll start with you and then kick it to Andrew how do you feel about David Schwartz tweet and what it means about the xrp buyback yeah you know I haven’t done a lot of research on the xrp buyback thing but you know I’ve read Twitter posts and Tweets and and just kind of seeing that there’s something that’s going on back and forth but um you know I would agree with you uh ABS you know that’s been my experience with with nft projects right like a lot of them um ended up being rug polls or just Fizzled out or you know we had they had major issues right and so um you know not your keys not your crypto is kind of like our our ethos right and so I would be very hesitant to turning over any of my crypto assets right in in and then expecting to get Something in return right and like I said I don’t know I I haven’t really been into this so I I don’t know what’s going on with the technicals of it or or whether it’s a scammer or not a scam uh but I I do agree with you as far as you Know turning over my my crypto assets to someone else thinking that I’m gonna get a ton of money um I I would be very uh very weary of that I’m always weary of a mindset that puts the power in someone else’s hands sitting there and thinking that the big Banks are going to come together and save the xrp community or the Federal Reserve is going to come together and make us all extremely wealthy we’ve never seen it before and I seriously doubt we’ll see it in my lifetime but Andrew I wanted to get your thoughts on This as well as David Schwartz wasn’t just commenting about the buyback he commented about the Ripple Riddler community so somebody said I must ask your thoughts on the Riddler Community why do you follow Baba kuggs who’s been promising returns for years he said if I see someone say something funny or Interesting I’ll often follow them sometimes I follow people just because they ask me to sometimes I don’t it’s semi-random and I hope people don’t see it as endorsement I actually took the time to ask David Schwartz to follow my account after this tweet but he left me On red so he’s not following us yet guys I did want to get your thoughts on this Gonzo because I found it to be interesting he’s said the Ripple Riddler Community is more amusing and funny than serious and I think that’s very important because we always talk about Price predictions and things of that nature well David Schwartz doesn’t buy into it so really briefly before we get into our next article how do you feel about David Schwartz criticizing the rippler community stating there’s really no valid argument here um like I said I I don’t know I don’t Know much about it but like you know but I do agree I don’t like doing price predictions right because we never know but you know it you can’t verify things right like it’s the same thing like with right when they say it’s going to Go to one cent when you do the math on it um it would have to be like the total market cap would have to grow like all of crypto would have to be like a few X up for it to go to ascend so when you start doing the math Um it doesn’t add up do I believe that xrp is going to 130 000 a token uh no I don’t believe that maybe at some maybe in 2050 or something crazy like that but not in the immediate future I find it so funny Toronto because I remember the days I remember The days when people would talk about 589 and say that’s not predictable look at how this community’s evolved we’ve moved past the hundreds we’ve moved past the four figure price targets we’re in six figure price targets I really have no idea as to why and I love that carpet It’s BS and so much money you know do you have any idea how much money they need to be in the world to bring xrp to one hundred thousand three on the thirty thousand dollars it’s it’s BS impossible to say something else about this nft discussion we have you know that you can Exchange your your xrp for for an NFC token first thing you need to do when you buy an NFC look at the utility and look at the team do you trust them the utility behind the token is is it is it worth that and and you know and if you give Your xrp to somebody else and you get an worthless nft I mean I’m I’m I’ve never been a a fan of of uh of nfts up up till now but uh now certainly not I’m not a fan for uh for xrp nfts for me that’s an exotic project and you know how much Money we put in an exotic project two to five hundred dollars I’m watching the chat and they fly really fast but that’s a good point can we get like to all-time high first I mean the way I’m looking at it I take everything it ranges can we get to The 53 Cent range first I mean we like we continue like we just barely got above the 40 Cent range right where that’s the bottom and then we broke down a little bit so we have to see for retesting that as resistance but yeah Can we get to a dollar can we get back to like all-time highs before we start talking about like 130 000 uh you know xrp token and I know like it’s fun to do and and we laugh about it and stuff like that but there are people that take Things like serious and then that’s where they make mistakes where like you know they take out some crazy loan and they and they put all of their money into it and it doesn’t work out and then they get wrecked right you got you got to be smart about things uh it is what I’m saying but yeah can we get to all-time highs first please like before we start talking about like you know all these other astronomical numbers uh let’s just get to all-time high and Gonzo interestingly enough the xrp price chart while we’re getting all this optimistic news between the lawsuit and Behind the scenes well now the price chart is showing some optimistic price action as well we are finally turning bullish guys and I know this chart doesn’t show it here but I could pull up another chart later in the episode showing that we actually had a golden Cross form which is when the 200 Moving Day average passes below the 50-day moving average and we finally get some bullish momentum that means a large chunk of buyers are now profitable and this project is ready to head up in that other direction but we got 314 live Listeners joining us show us some love smash that like button we are not done with our xrp content for today as we’re going to show you how Ripple has already bought 8.4 billion xrp off the open market but before we do that we’re going to show you the smartest way to track Your crypto here we go have you gotten wrecked in the crypto Market space or watch your crypto portfolio go all the way up and then all the way down without taking profits if so it’s probably because you didn’t have an Exit Plan the good news is that doesn’t need to happen Anymore thanks to a new and Innovative crypto tracker call Merlin it’s the smartest way to track your crypto Merlin brings all your coins into one place so you can see all your assets across the different exchanges on one screen you can see your total portfolio value and more importantly your daily gains losses In total since Inception Merlin puts the power back in your hands so you no longer have to guess what your portfolio is doing on a daily or monthly basis most importantly Berlin lets you create an Exit Plan and send you notifications when your targets are reached so you no Longer have to get wrecked in the marketplace go to merlincrypto.com that’s merlincrypto.com and sign up for our free 30-day trial and get on the wait list so you can receive an email when the product is launched don’t miss out on this new and Innovative app Merlin it’s the smartest way to track Your crypto it’s the smartest way to track your crypto and your cash flow but we’re going to talk about something a little bit more interesting right now because this is a detail I did not know about guys and it has to do with the xrp community so Ripple purchased 8.4 Billion xrp from secondary market sales since the sec’s lawsuit and the reason they’re stating is to sustain the price of xrp so the Ripple commits billions to buying back xrp off the open market Ripple Labs has spent nearly 75 percent of the revenue generated from its sales Of xrp on buying the token back from secondary Market the company has spent 8.4 billion in buying back a token from secondary markets to meet the needs of its odl clients now Gonzo interestingly enough what I like about this article is it says Ripple xrp sells in quarter four Were around 2.96 billion interestingly enough the company brought in 2.73 billion worth of xrp from secondary sales so let’s talk about the reason why do you believe they’re leasing XL out this xrp or why would Ripple be buying xrp from the open market yeah you know it’s not a it’s not a secret Um I I know that it came up on a Twitter spaces before and and they’re very transparent what they do and I remember in the Twitter spaces when the FTX collapse was happening they tried to infer that this was the same thing as SPF trying to prop up the FDT token Um and it’s not right because he did that in secret they had no idea what was going on um and Brad garlinghouse has been very transparent that they do this um now I don’t want to guess on on why they do that it could be to stabilize The price it could be because they’re buying back because it’s cheaper right now and they see that it’s going to appreciate in value it could be like what you’re talking about as they roll out odl instead of having their Partners buy it they lease it to them or maybe They come up with some kind of deal where they use ripples xrp for their odl whatever they’re doing with so there’s a lot of different reasons but what I look at is the transparency this is not a secret it’s something that Brad garlinghouse has talked about and that They’ve been doing for some time and it reminds me of that Twitter space is from last September when Brad garlinghouse went on a Twitter spaces with Mario and that’s what’s really interesting because he talked about how he’s one of the only companies in the space today not only Trying to work with the SEC but providing full clarity on their balance sheets and showing us exactly what the company is doing behind the scenes so for me this is positive news and I’m not really sure about the spin that the author put on this article he said that They’re buying up this xrp in order to keep the price from going down I disagree I think it has to do with odl um what’s the word I’m looking for people trying to use their odl system and in order to do that they need the currency to facilitate transactions so It could be that simple cash flow what does it mean to you yeah it’s just a business case I mean if you have a customer and you sell them the odl products then they say okay where’s the fuel for the audio product Oh we have uh We have some some xrp for you so you can use it but of course you have to pay an amount of money per week or per month company to to use it and and that’s then you know and then they they maybe earn the xrp back in in sort of return on Investment a period of maybe maybe a year maybe two years and especially when the price is so low as currently yeah you can can make a wonderful deal that you stay the owner of the xrp which is repo in this case and you just lease it With with the products and you give it to your partners and and just that use it so I think it’s it’s it’s just a matter of uh doing the math and and building your business case around a new a new customer and if they need to need The tokens console and I think this is one of the reasons that the United States is fearful of what Ripple is doing around the world moving away from a United States dominated system into a system that’s dominated by blockchain that threatens Bank of America that threatens JPMorgan it threatens a lot of The people who control the market today so it’s no surprise that we have people like Jamie dimon being the most critical of cryptocurrencies just to close us out on this article Gonzo I wasn’t sure if I heard it what was your conspiracy as to why they are purchasing xrp off the open Market could it be that the token is as low as it’s ever going to be and ripple understands that yeah like I said it could be that um I think it it has to do it could also be like the odl thing right with the partnership right them giving or leasing The xrp to their odl Partners but like I said what I think is key about it is that it’s not a secret they’ve been talking about this and they’ve been doing it right which for me and everybody’s different right like you guys do your own research and whatever You believe this is just what I believe the fact that he’s been transparent at it for me doesn’t mean that it’s nefarious right and I’m and I’m going to keep my investment thesis I’m going to invest in xrp and you know what and there’s people that are going to come on The show and they’re not going to agree with everything we say but all I have to say to you guys is we love you right we love everybody here and we’re open to everyone’s opinion like that’s what we’re here for we’re not going to always agree within the team members right Sometimes we don’t agree a lot of the times that we do but sometimes we don’t and we have conversations about it and there are sometimes that the guys convince me about something because they have a very good they break down something and I’m like oh you know I Didn’t think about that and I think I do the same for them and so that’s what we’re here to do but we love everybody absolutely Gonzo and there’s a bunch of articles that I want to get to before the end of this episode but this one Stuck out to me as fpx is sending confidential letters to politicians demanding that they return the millions of dollars that Sam bankman free donated interestingly enough they’re demanding that these funds be returned by February 28 2023 and anybody who’s been following this case knows that Joe Biden’s campaign actually received over 5 Million dollars from FTX now as of March 2020 to November of 2022 FTX donated over 93 million in political donations making Sam bankman freed the second largest donor in all of America what also was suggested by this new data released is that 169 sorry 196 members of Congress accepted campaign Contributions from FTX now FTX debtors reserve the right to commence actions before the bankruptcy court in order to return such payments so to put that plainly FTX is going to sue United States politicians who do not return the political donations and your cash flow I got to know what this means to you Uh mute button Andrew you know sometimes I I live I live in the Netherlands but sometimes I don’t understand the the the the system in in the US I mean first you give something away and then if you you if yourself you go bankrupt then you you shoot those Those people that you gave it away you should that they have to give it back to you okay can you still follow I can’t I can’t follow anymore so maybe call them noted but what I see this is stinking it is thinking I think um SBF maybe thought if I put enough money To all the politicians they will help me if I get in bed weather now we’ve seen what happens he is uh yeah he says he either is still in the house of his parents or he is uh in jail at the moment I actually don’t know where he is But uh there is no much if you know if if the money dries up your friends also dry up and your friends go away so and that that’s that’s what happened and but still I don’t understand why you can sue somebody if you first gave it away guys Please be respectful in the live chat I do not like blocking people in our community but unfortunately I had to block one member today so please don’t let that represent what goes on here show us some love smash that like button it’s all love and high vibrations on This channel and Gonzo I want to kick it to you as a 196 members of Congress are confirmed to have accepted political contributions from FTX and now we’re going to see them all be returned so interestingly enough do you think any United States politicians are going to Be unwilling to return the funds they receive from FDX um no I don’t because this has had publicity right we knew kind of this thing was coming and it’s not just the politician it’s certain kind of political funds or action groups that got the money so I just hope they have The money to give right I’m sure they do but because if they don’t uh it’s not only going to look bad and it could be like a media nightmare but they’re going to get charged interest right and so um and we’re going to see this more and More there it’s gonna it’s gonna be really interesting is this part of it and then the other part of other Investments where they invested I think there was like an AI company that they invested in um you know there’s Ledger there’s other things that they invested in Robin Hood Right what are they going to do with those Shares are they going to end up liquidating that stuff and then taking that money and giving it back to the to the customers because in the end if they prove that all of that money that was used to buy those assets was the Customer funds then rightfully so that money should come back to the customers so it’s going to be interesting how it plays out but I don’t think as far as the politicians I don’t they don’t want that negative heat so I’m sure they’re gonna no problem with giving that money Back Andrew castle and Gonzo we actually have an answer to that question there FTX new teams plans to repay its creditors by selling 4.6 billion dollars worth of non-strategic Investments that would include stable coins Ledger X embedded FTX Japan and FTX Europe I’d also like to point out that sambachman Freed has currently pled not guilty on all accounts so Andrew classified before we continue with our articles what do you think about this FTX news here and the fact that they are selling a lot of the assets that Gonzo just referenced you’re good Andrew yeah you’re good yeah yeah Um actually I I don’t follow it anymore um they’re they’re giving uh asking money back then they are giving money to to others uh I mean can you still explain it what is happening here I’m I’m a little bit lost yeah so yeah maybe it was a little bit confusing so FTX Currently owes I believe they owe an additional four billion dollars to people who they accredited so far they were originally in debt nine billion they’ve paid back five now there’s about four billion left their team came out and said that they plan to sell 4.6 billion worth of non-strategic Investments meeting subsidiaries such as Ledger X embedded FTX Japan and FTX Europe and Gonzo referenced that as well he said if they’re gonna pay back debtors these are the assets they should be selling and that’s what the team’s doing so I just wanted to get your Thoughts on that okay yeah if if that’s the case I I think it’s it’s why not enough that that they will that they will get out of it but yeah at least it’s a step into the direction and then you know then the fights will will begin Who who gets how how much money back from all the from all the people that had funds at FDX so I mean look what what happened in the past with that that Bitcoin exchange uh 10 years ago I mean such a process can take years and years And years before people get their money back we also see it with with Celsius a lot of people yeah they were in Celsius with their money back and I think it will it will take also another several years before this is solved so um again for all the all the people that Are watching at the moment use a crypto exchange where it is meant for to exchange crypto and it is not a wallet to store or hold your crypto you know that’s what I like to say about it either do it in a hot wallet I like it Very much on Exodus and atomic wallet because they are easy to use very user friendly if you have more of a more nervous you can do a a let your wallet about uh take your crypto off of an extra change and only if you have Fiat money all in exchange only leave the Money there that you really need for for your trading or investing and else take it take it away and uh and be very careful with the with what you do 100 and Andrew we got 302 live listeners joining us show us some love smash that like button there’s a bunch of things That I’d like to add but the first thing I want to address Andrew I can confirm you are not artificial intelligence there’s an argument going on in the chat is Andrew cashler a real human being yes Andrew Castle is a real human being but Gonzo one of the things that sticks out To me in this article is they owe over four billion dollars currently and they’re asking for 93 million dollars back from U.S politicians although that’s a huge chunk of cash it’s really nothing in the grand scheme of the debt that they owe just to close us out here Do you believe that’s going to play any role in paying back people or what’s going on here is this political theater um no and and like the chat was saying uh I’m sure the politicians you know have that money uh and so they’re gonna give it back what’ll be interesting is Like maybe some of the political action funds that aren’t as rich as the politicians uh what happens with them and like I said and then the Investments and they’re going to find more right as this thing plays out like Andrew says um sometimes it takes years but they’re Going to continue to search out these assets and figure out where all that money went so they can get as much of it back as possible and while you know 93 million dollars in the overall is a drop in the bucket it does start to add up uh Once they start finding the different Pockets right and like I said um there was an interesting article that happened over the weekend where FTX had made or sand Banker feed had made a investment into an AI company I want to say it was like 500 million or something Like that and now Google just recently invested 300 million into that company because they’re trying to compete with Microsoft so the question is you know uh is this AI company desperate because um they have to give that money back right that there’s something going on and that Google is going to maybe bail Them out so uh yeah I I think we’re going to continue to see that they’re going to continue to try to track down the money and we’re going to continue to see if you if you guys saw the Bernie Madoff documentary that Waters above talked about we’ve talked about Um there there was callbacks in that case where there was people that um if they were part of him uh part uh if they had invested in and since the beginning and they had actually made money and they were in the positive they went after those people for that positive Money they went after them um so um these are the things that happen in when you get something like this with a fraud they’re gonna go out and look for that money to get it back to give it back to the customers absolutely Gonzo and we’ve got a bunch Of great views prepared but I wanted to quickly touch on these two articles here JPMorgan just released a new report talking about how 72 percent of institutional investors have no plans to trade cryptocurrency now we can talk about if this is a misdirection or not but I wanted to break down the details That they released so they actually surveyed 835 institutional traders in 60 global locations that participated in this survey the survey found that 72 percent of uh Traders surveyed have no plans to trade crypto or any digital coins within the next five years 14 are predicting that they’re not currently Trading but plan to eight percent are currently trading and six percent are not currently trading crypto but plan to enter this Market in the next 12 months now Gonzo what’s interesting enough is that many of these institutional investors understand how crypto is taking over from a policy standpoint From a real world use case standpoint but they’re unwilling to trade these cryptos and what I think is that many of these institutional investors who were surveyed don’t get to decide exactly what they’re in investing in I think they’re told a basket of goods I know That if you work at like an S P 500 company and you’re a VC they give you a sheet the sheets about 300 companies long and you get to go through and you create a variation from that sheet from the companies that they’ve given you I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the Same thing and no cryptocurrencies were on these lists for JP Morgan what does it mean to you Gonzo that’s my two cents yeah because and then remember too and they’re regulated companies and if they have to follow certain rules right and that’s right we talk about regulation that we’re waiting for regulation or Clarity to come to the market so these guys actually can invest because they’re not going to go against the SEC um and then the other thing that I think about is you know it depends on what kind of trading I I think a lot of these Guys what they want to get into is the custody part right they want to get into custody in your crypto right I think they see that so either creating a wallet or just becoming the marketplace so that they can continue to gain fees I think that’s where they’re kind of Seeing this thing going as opposed to kind of just trading whether that’s trading where you’re like trading spot trading or leverage trading or just buying the asset waiting for it to go up and then selling um I think where they see a future with this institutional money is what coach JV always talks About is them custing your crypto and then you know you’re able to feel safe or most people are able to feel safe that hey look they you know Fidelity has my crypto even though they really don’t right because you can’t pull it off they’re kind of selling you a product But for most people they’re not like us that um are in crypto or that watch this show that understand that you know you want to own your crypto you want to be able to control it and you’re not just buying some product from one of these But most people aren’t going to be that way right some of these people are going to go with like Fidelity because of the name Fidelity right and because of the reassurances that they’re going to have that their crypto is going to be safe because they don’t want to mess with it Um and so that’s why I think a lot of it is them getting into the custody part of it let me give you let me give you some examples here what I hear in the Netherlands here here um when I talk to people work with the Bank they are not allowed in the bank to talk about crypto because the bank sees it really as a risk so that’s one um when I want with my with my own company when I want to send money to coinbase for example not allowed not a lot from a private uh From a private bank account I can do it but not from my business bank account now the story uh I I know a guy he is a very big company with a lot of trucks and his I.T systems were hacked by a a team in in Russia and so and and he had To to pay Bitcoin so and he he wasn’t in Bitcoin at all so he went to the bank he said okay what do I need to do because my trucks need to to ride on the road and without an I.T system it’s impossible the the bank said no problem sir we have A special team here that can take care of this and they arranged everything they they sent the the the the the the Bitcoin to the to the even you know and even the guys in Russia they have a help desk a help desk to help you how to send Bitcoin to their wallets So or or other cryptos so but but then you know it’s so double so I I also imagine that a lot of people are just forbidden to in Banks forbidden to talk about crypto yeah and then it’s depending who you ask in the bank uh if They are yeah willing or or planning to to use crypto trading or whatever they might not even know and they say no probably not so that’s more my my two cents here what I see happening in the Netherlands it’s so double absolutely Andrew we got two comments I Want to address in the live chat right now David H commented institutions don’t want everyone knowing what they plan to do until they do it the impact of their intentions would slash will impact that the price they pay for the assets completely agree and I think there’s validation in this article about that Exact sentence there the the institutional investors that were surveyed said cryptocurrencies and digital coins will have the biggest increase in electronic trading volumes over the next year in addition a hundred percent of the responding Traders predicted they will increase electronic trading activity and eventually they will be going through a blockchain but Gonzo before we talk about that one last article I wanted to address Visa’s crypto strategy targets stable coin settlements and specifically they are only going to be using ethereum so Visa put out a statement and said we’ve been testing how to actually accept settlements from payments issuing usdc Starting on ethereum now these are going to be large value settlement payments and could be a major upgrade for the entire Financial system they said the same way we convert dollars to Euros in cross-border transactions we should be able to convert digital tokenized dollars into traditional dollars so the Fact that visa and JPMorgan understand this is coming some great insight into where we’re going over the next couple of years but guys we got 272 live listeners joining us show us some love smash that like button Christopher said thanks for the global view that’s what We do on GMC but Gonzo I’d love to get some of your thoughts and then we’ll continue yeah I mean it makes sense if you look there was a statistic that we looked at a few weeks ago when you look at total settlements for visa and MasterCard if You join them together there’s been more settlements on usdt and usdc combined so they see where that money is going right and so they want to be part of it and I’m not surprised that it’s ethereum ethereum is the number one smart contract it’s the biggest one that we Have they just recently went to proof mistake and they’re doing all of their upgrades so that they can um so that they’re able to scale but in the meantime we have all of the layer twos right um I wouldn’t be surprised if you start hearing them talk about whether it’s Polycon arbitrum or optimistic right or optimism those are all Layer Two scaling solutions that um they’re able to scale ethereum so they’re able to do transactions off to the side that are cheap and that are fast but they’re still using or leveraging the security of the ethereum network and so I think We’re going to see that more and more thank you Gonzo and we’re going to close this show out the same way we always do by saying thank you to each one of our special guests thank you to Andrew cash flow thank you to Gonzo also known as Super G and sending love to our friend Johnny crypto we got 257 live listeners joining us show us some love smash that like button we’re going to close it out the same way we always do Warriors rise get together baby thank you for joining us Today on Good Morning Crypto… We will be discussing… How Visa is now testing Ethereum for access to instant payments, As JP Morgan is doing all they can to scare investors away from crypto releasing a new study showing 75% of institutions are not investing crypto.Ripple CEO David Schwartz tweets that Ripple is going public at 420$, Elon Musk responds on twitter, betting with our community against the SEC.FTX is threatening 196 US politicians to return donations from SBF.Cardano is reaching an all time high in development, as Chain Link is expanding into Israel, now launching a new initiative program.And with XRP Buyback rumors in full effect, we break down the details, showing our listeners why XRP to 589 is becoming more realistic than ever.// Join The Uncommon 1% https://www.facebook.com/groups/uncommon1/?ref=share_group_link // Merlin – SIGN UP FREE 30 DAY TRIAL https://merlincrypto.com/?utm_campaign=Pre-Launch&utm_source=GMC //// T I M E C O D E S 0:00 – Show Start 00:15 – Good Morning Crypto 01:39 – Team Introduction w/ Abs 04:17 – Fear & Greed Index 04:38 – CoinMarketCap.

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