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Dec 30, 2018 Happy 2019 from ABCC! What a year it has been. From SEC regulations to major events like the BCH fork, saying that 2018 was an eventful year for the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency space would be an understatement. Despite many negative sentiments, there have been significant developments in the industry, with many of them pointing to a positive future for the Blockchain world. ABCC Exchange is no exception. Despite having only launched the exchange early this year, 2018 has been an immense year for us as we grew from strength to strength in the areas of product development, business development, and marketing. Of course, this could have only been made possible with the support of each of our traders, supporters, partners, and stakeholders.

Transparent and open communication with all our users has been and will continue to be a core value of ABCC Exchange. In line with that, we want to share with you exactly what we have achieved this year, what you can look forward to in 2019 and a personal message from our CEO Calvin. Read on to find out what differentiates us from other exchanges! Product Summary Launch of ABCC Exchange An exchange that is secure and easy to use for both beginners and advanced traders. Though it sounds easy, we felt that there was still a huge market gap for this exchange.

And thus, ABCC Exchange was launched on 28th April 2018. AT Token and Trade-to-Mine July 2018 saw us issuing the AT token and with it, the Trade-to-mine (ToM) model.

To refresh your memory, the total supply of AT tokens is fixed and capped at 210 million tokens. Below is a summary of how AT tokens are allocated. Total supply of AT tokens: 210 Million As can be seen in the picture, 40% of AT tokens are allocated to users who Trade-to-Mine.

Similar to the concept of how Bitcoin is mined, users who trade more will “mine” AT tokens, as we want to reward regular traders on ABCC Exchange. For the ToM tokens, it will be released over 6 time periods, with each time period lasting approximately 4 months (120 days to be exact) and each time they are released the number of tokens released will be half of the number of tokens released previously. Below is a table of the release schedule. We are currently in period 2 As of now, we have released 20% of the total supply and we are now in period 2 , where 10% of the AT tokens will be released. In addition, to show that the ABCC team and investors have “ skin in the game ”, AT tokens allocated to the team and investors are still subject to the three and two years lock-up respectively.

You can find the smart contract and lock-up address here .

(As we said, we value transparency) ABCC Pro and Daily Options Trading As mentioned previously, we wanted to build an exchange for both novice and advanced traders and we did it with the launch of ABCC Pro and Daily Options Trading between October and November! ABCC Pro trading interface For more advanced traders, the ABCC Pro offers technical indicators for more advanced analysis and a seamless way to execute trades fast. Options trading interface With the launch of Daily Options Trading , traders can now earn money regardless of whether it is a bull or bear market. Depending on your risk and trading profile, you can execute trades based on your analysis of the price of BTC over 24hrs, 6hrs or 1hr .

For a comprehensive guide on how to execute Daily Options Trading, please read this post . ABCC Cloud and CornPay ABCC’s vision is not just limited to providing an exchange for the masses to trade their digital assets. We want to create an ecosystem revolving around Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrency. With that in mind, we launched both ABCC Cloud and CornPay, our Digital Assets wallet. Since its launch, ABCC Cloud has rendered its services in 28 countries and counting. We offer 6 primary advantages to our partners, such as diversified business functions (OTC trading, Crypto trading, and platform token customization) as well as security and risk control services . If your project is interested in digital assets trading, you can contact us here . Regarding CornPay , we are still in the beta testing phase to provide you with a wallet that can hold BTC , ETH and 1,000+ ERC20 token s.

It will be a secure wallet with multi-factor authentication provided, giving you an ease of mind when trading your digital assets. We are currently looking for Beta testers now, and you can find out how to be a beta tester here . Business Development Summary Of course, all that wonderful product development would be wasted without a solid business model.

In addition to making the best product for our users, our business development team worked hard to provide high liquidity for the exchange and in securing partnerships within the Blockchain space. Here were some highlights for the year: – ABCC Exchange was ranked 5th on CoinMarketCap in terms of trading volume, our highest ranking since launching a few months ago- Trading volume for ETH/USDT trading pair on ABCC Exchange was the highest in the market at one point – Average daily trading volume of $USD 35M at presentin this bear market- 110 trading pairs and counting In addition to listing good projects and providing high liquidity for our users, we have also secured partnerships with BlockFolio , an app that allows you to track price and volume movements of your tokens as well as ICOBench , an ICO rating platform. We are constantly on the lookout for new partnerships and projects with strong business fundamentals. If you think you are a good fit with us, please indicate your interest with us here . Marketing Summary The focus for our marketing team has been not only to increase the number of followings and reach on social media but more importantly to engage our current community.

ABCC Exchange has many communities globally, which has led us to launch 7 different languages on the ABCC website, as well as different social media accounts specifically for engagement with each local community. Our Twitter following exceeded 10,000 on 3rd August, within the timespan of a few months.

We are proud to share that our Telegram and Twitter following has grown to approximately 39,000 and 24,000 respectively since then. This would not have been possible without the support of each and every one of you.

With regards to offline events, our team has attended a number of major blockchain events, most notably sponsoring the Delta summit that was held in Malta, termed as the “Blockchain island” by many.

The event was held on 3–5 October and hosted several startups, investors and companies where insights regarding blockchain technology were shared between each other. Watch a brief recap of ABCC Exchange at the Delta summit in this video To our users, we will always be looking to add value to you, so please continue to look forward to more exciting marketing campaigns from ABCC Exchange. For now, if you did not know, we are still hosting our end of year campaign , and you can still take part before the new year! Moving forward- ABCC Exchange in 2019 It is no secret that we will continue to face a bear market in the Cryptocurrency space in 2019. However, we believe that ABCC Exchange will not only survive but thrive in this Crypto winter as we focus on listing good projects, creating great products for our users and forging new partnerships.

Watch the short video by our CEO Calvin as he wishes everyone a happy new year and shares with us the overall direction of ABCC Exchange in 2019. With that, we would like to wish all our users a Happy New Year and a wonderful 2019! May next year be a great one for Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. Follow Us As We Move To 2019! .


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