Alphabit Digital Currency Fund Deploys Initial Investment into Stratis Protocol and Initiates Coverage

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1st February 2020, London, United Kingdom : Blockchain as a Solution (BaaS) service provider Stratis makes decentralized adoption easier for any firm with its innovative products designed to fit seamlessly with legacy operations, by allowing companies access to the Stratis blockchain via the widely-used C# programming language.The platform allows seamless running of smart contracts, multiple sidechains, and houses a full-scale ICO platform.
Alphabit, A billion USD AUM fund and one of the world’s first regulated digital asset investment funds focused on delivering turn-key solutions and assisting projects with end-to-end partnerships, enters into this venture to rapidly scale Stratis’ development and help deploy cutting edge products that allow mainstream organizations to use blockchain in their day to day operations.The significant commitment by Alphabit is a testament to the groundbreaking approach of Stratis’ offerings.
CEO of Alphabit Liam Robertson commented on the partnership:
“Stratis Protocol, after analysis, fits neatly into our investment thesis and we believe the potential for growth for Stratis to be exponential.We are delighted to welcome Stratis into our portfolio and look forward to supporting them over the coming months and years.”
Stratis CEO Chris Trew said the following:
“We are thrilled to partner with Alphabit, one of the world’s first regulated digital asset investment funds.Alphabits initial injection, in conjunction with their further investment commitment, will unquestionably assist in accelerating the adoption of Stratis Technologies, while cementing Stratis as the go-to platform for Microsoft .NET Blockchain development.”
With the expertise and backing of Alphabit, Stratis will be empowered to develop ever-better solutions for the b2b market.Coupled with their C# support, Stratis’ solutions will increase the onboarding of blockchain solutions in the global market.
About Stratis
Stratis offers unprecedented levels of security, reliability and performance through leveraging blockchain.

First of its kind, the platform’s native C# ecosystem enables firms all over the world use their existing IT infrastructure and tools to adopt the technology by providing access to the Stratis blockchain’s features, in a language which is familiar to the everyday developer.

Stratis Identity: A decentralized KYC and AML check to make it easier for businesses to verify client identities and comply with regulations.Supply Trust: A turnkey solution for supply chain management, providing full visibility in a trustless and decentralized environment.STO Platform: Regulation-compliant digital securities for businesses launching STO’s Stratis Smart Contracts: Secure and auditable digital contracts that are developed in the industry-standard Microsoft C# language, fit for the DeFi age.
About Alphabit
Alphabit specializes in investments in blockchain and distributed ledger technology projects.They offer a wide range of advisory services and act as the Investment Advisor to the Alphabit Fund; one of the world’s first regulated digital asset investment funds.
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