From Gaming to Music: Crypto’s Multimedia Reach into Entertainment ⋅


— CoinCondor (@CoinCondor) December 6, 2016 As online communities become echo-chambers reverberating with HODL and lambo memes, discussion of blockchain’s use in everyday life can be drowned-out in an investment atmosphere of moonshot aspirations. Sometimes, it’s easy to forget that cryptocurrency’s underlying technology, blockchain, has the potential to completely revamp how we interact with data.…

India warns against investing in crypto cash like bitcoin, compares them to Ponzi schemes, South Asia News & Top Stories – The Straits Times


Tweet #India warns against investing in crypto cash like #bitcoin, compares them to Ponzi schemes NEW DELHI (AFP) – India warned on Friday (Dec 29) against investing in cryptocurrencies including bitcoin, likening them to “Ponzi schemes”, as it became the latest country to urge caution. @darkisdarkn1 » 29 Dec ’17, 12pm India warns against investing…

If Bitcoin and Dash Had a Baby… | all new


If Bitcoin and Dash Had a Baby… By lvnadmin …it would be Bitcoin Flash Throughout 2017 we have witnessed a plethora of Bitcoin “hard forks”. Some of them were just a simple cash grab, some of them offered interesting improvements to the Bitcoin technology. But Bitcoin Flash seems to be outpacing them all, finally introducing…

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