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Do you use these tokens what wallet do you use how do you fund your wallet by the end of this video you will know how to participate and above all just buy and get in the game when it comes to bitcoin tokens and I’m even going to Touch on how easy it is…

Do you use these tokens what wallet do you use how do you fund your wallet by the end of this video you will know how to participate and above all just buy and get in the game when it comes to bitcoin tokens and I’m even going to Touch on how easy it is to deploy your own Bitcoin tokens as well my name is Vosk I’m a full-time Bitcoin miner make a couple Bitcoin videos along the way too you’re on the bosscoin YouTube channel all right never a dull moment in crypto that’s for sure links out in the video description Below I’ll walk you through it all so you’re gonna click the unistat link and you’re gonna go to Unistaff then you can go ahead and download this wallet from the Chrome web store it’s a pretty quick process just like that it’s here I’m gonna go ahead and create a new Wallet I need to punch a password in it’s going to be YouTube dude and and that’s my secret recovery phrase with this you can take everything that’s in my wallet so yeah make sure you never let anyone see this like you just saw mine these are going to be my addresses here Giving me a native segwit a nest segwit a Taproot and a legacy address you can select one of these if you’d like just leave it on Native segwit uh for now and we’ll go ahead and move on this gives us our address here you see that it Populates our BRC 20s so now I’ve got a wallet and it’s just that easy make sure you back up that phrase that is the key to your wallet if someone else gets that they can steal all your stuff they can take all your Bitcoin and Bitcoin tokens If your computer blows up and you lose that phrase you’ve lost your keys to the castle we’ve talked about ordinals before they’re basically nfts on bitcoin but the Maniacs continue to take it further right so unistat has they got like a first mover Advantage right open source Chrome extension for Bitcoin Ordinals and brc20 open source cool better be it’s Bitcoin Centric right inscribe on the Fly you don’t need to run a full Bitcoin node you can basically utilize their stuff and inscribe or myth your own nfts or ordinals or tokens whatever when it comes to inscribing right we can Come over here and I can upload a picture and then I can put the BTC address it’s going to get this instead of doing a picture just do text single cool estimates my fee here says we’re highly congested right now basically it’s going to be expensive to participate bringing me to a whopping Eight dollars basically in order to do this you click submit and you get the invoice you pay this and they’ll handle the rest that’s how easy it is to Mint an nft or inscribe an ordinal as they call it on the Bitcoin chain but we talked about That before I just wanted to do a quick recap of it it’s brc20 tokens oh that’s the buzz that’s the Talk of the Town so you go to the brc20 tab we can see all these in particular or already have gotten some early Buzz here um some people are even buying this for Four dollars a token that’s crazy okay like that’s nuts if you want to Mint your own brc20 token right you could put in test and how many you want and you could click next and then you’re just going to mince it right it’s just like we talked about before You punch in a Bitcoin address you submit and pay the invoice and then you’ve gone and minted a brc20 token but this is where it’s going to get a little bit more exciting because I’m going to click on deploy and I’m going to do something crazy all Right now we’re going to go ahead and get to minting here so brc20 deploy I would put the ticker as t-a-i-l but on unisat someone’s already grabbed that so we’re just gonna keep it on brand and put Vosk we’re going to put seven four one one five that is basically Tails what’s spelled Out with numbers you see it do you see it there the limit per mint is going to be three why because the average Sheba Inu litter size is three and you know we keep it tail Centric here so this is going to be our text string we’re going To inscribe one brc20 token here we’re going to click next and uh we’ve already connected again you know our unisat wallet this is going to be our Associated fee a whopping four dollar Network fee it’s highly congested but the good news is we got dot one Uniset uh so we got one percent off that’s I guess it’s kind of like we’re at the grocery store and the coupons add up so we will click submit and we’ll just pay with the unisat wallet because that’ll make this quick easy payments sign and send and just like that the Transaction is submitted now all I’d ask is if you click that link down in the video description below and if you’re going to get into brc20 tokens Mint one of ours first this one is for fun it’s not an official coin there’s no Financial value or anything like that We’re just having fun doing crypto things with our crypto friends but I would be absolutely honored if the first token you meant on the Bitcoin chain is ours but there’s one other crucial step we need some Bitcoin right go to a centralized exchange turn your dirty dollars into BTC right something like Coinbase something that hopefully won’t disappear overnight I don’t think it will then you withdraw it to your Bitcoin wallet right so you just got to go over there buy some coins and grab your wallet address if you already have some Bitcoin great so I’ve got my Bitcoin wallet right here And I’m going to go ahead and punch that address in right and then I’m just going to go and send over uh some Bitcoin so I’m going to send 0.002 Bitcoin right now um it’s pretty expensive to transact on the Bitcoin chain uh because of all this Craziness that’s going on but you know alas we’re here to party so we went ahead and we sent some Bitcoin over there it should hit the wallet you know in 10 20 minutes or so if you don’t fund your wallet you can’t do anything we’re talking about because every cryptocurrency transaction is a Transaction it’s a block it’s on the chain and guess what miners want to be compensated for doing that and right now daily transactions are hitting an all-time high more people are using Bitcoin than ever before Bitcoin ordinals are generating fees that Bitcoin has never seen before this Is the first time in Bitcoin history that something is contributing to like the actual blockchain and it being a platform and not just some kind of peer-to-peer currency digital gold this is pretty cool pretty crazy there’s a couple of different ways to look at it uh but I’m personally thrilled about This this is also driving Bitcoin mining Revenue through the roof because all of these fees go directly 100 to bitcoin miners if you’re interested in mining yourself then something like the Plug and Play Evergreen Miner would probably be perfect for you it doesn’t make much noise doesn’t produce much heat doesn’t Consume much electricity and it’s profitable it’s hard drive Mining and it’s really easy to use and with my evergreen mining rig I’m earning 60 a month in passive income if that sounds interesting to you I’ve got a link out down below that not only supports the channel but also a coupon code that Saves you 20 bucks so we’ve got all this set up here I’m still waiting for my Bitcoin yeah yeah it’s true it is a slow chain uh no doubt about that uh so just in the sake of speeding up this video and this also it brings up a good point We’ve been so focused about this unistat wallet which is kind of like Cutting Edge tech for all this stuff you don’t have to use it to pay the fee like you could withdraw from coinbase you could use another wallet so I’m going to use my wallet address in this unistat wallet So I’m going to go ahead and submit and pay the invoice here so this gives me the address I need then I’m going to go over to my Bitcoin wallet I’m going to punch that address in and I also need to make sure that I get the right amount so You’re paying extra fees for spending unconfirmed transactions to avoid this you should wait but I’m a maniac so we’re gonna go ahead and send it it ain’t success Exodus is a nice wallet it’s free it’s available on your phone it’s available on your computer it already picked up the fact that we Broadcasted the transaction it has not been mined and included in a block yet it’s not like officially a part of the blockchain but it’s basically like you’re in line to get in the blockchain there’s something else you should know about have you ever heard of ens ethereum name service you know you can Get a username like bosscoin.eth well that’s a possibility with Bitcoin as well with this whole dot SATs thing so it stands for satoshi’s it’s a micro unit of Bitcoin so while we’re here I might as well just met my own name so I punch it in next And then I’m just gonna go ahead and pony up on this fee you pay it this time I’ll use the unisat wallet you can see that it pops up just like metamask does if you’re familiar with it the most popular browser-based wallet saw a sign and send and in one click transactions done Pretty cool pretty easy pretty simple nice nice but I’m not just gonna grab the dot SATs I’m also going to grab the dot unisat because spending a little bit of money a little bit of coin up here may pay off earning you hundreds thousands or tens of thousands or even Hundreds of thousands of dollars down the line with a future crypto currency airdrops so this is a great opportunity for me to interact with all these protocols do these things and also just secure my name I love this stuff I think it’s fun it’s a great opportunity to Learn I make these videos and share them with you guys if you find it interesting you know obviously you you get involved you get engaged with all this uh so I view this as having fun hobby a passion right but I’m also I’m also chasing the coin I’m also looking for the next Cryptocurrency air drop and if you think crypto airdrops won’t come to bitcoin and Bitcoin tokens if the Bitcoin blockchain really takes off as being a platform well then you’d be wrong I’m betting on that I’m here and I say why not new things like this simply bring new opportunities I invite you to Join the vascoin Discord server and hang out with other dgns that are doing all this crazy Leading Edge stuff you’ll see a lot of new people popping up as being like the go-to source for brc20 news and other stuff like that one thing I came across was this BRC 20 coins uh Twitter Account and they deployed their own huge coin it’s going to be huge right and uh they’re hyping it up only this they’re gonna admit more they’re gonna burn them off you know won’t see the market cap until it’s minted out in trading all that kind of stuff you know we’ll see Where it goes right uh but you know with that level of effort and enthusiasm and just to be fully clear I don’t have any kind of relationship with them or anything like that right I’m gonna go over here I’m gonna connect my unistat wallet I’m going to click I’m gonna go Ahead and mint this it’ll give me this uh same order here I’m in no rush to get this one right just throw it in the queue get my feed down uh so I’ll take the economy route on this which this is a good reminder basically if it’s fully Minted out and you took the economy route then your transaction is just gonna get blown up but uh totally fine with me in this equation I think we got plenty of time and uh so I’m Gonna Save a few bucks sign and send Bing Bang Boom on the economy train Let’s go so there you have it that’s how easy it is to get started using tokens on the Bitcoin blockchain don’t let any of this scare you don’t find it daunting this is easy just use a couple bucks check it out have fun participate imagine if you could go back in time and Get into all of the early erc20 tokens of being on The Cutting Edge of that front maybe you were there if you were and you realized it was a good time Bitcoin has a market cap massively higher than ethereum I don’t need to really give Bitcoin an introduction uh This is exciting I’m here for it maybe it’ll go nowhere but if it goes somewhere I’m gonna be in the game I’m gonna know how to participate and if there is some kind of opportunity I’m like I’ll go ahead and grab some of those hell yeah and again as a reminder Minting all you’re paying is the transaction fee there’s no cost to these like you’re not paying transaction fee plus in know x amount of Bitcoin to get these tokens you’re literally just paying the transaction fee they are putting a service fee in so get on them they’re probably having a pretty good Time hope you enjoyed the video subscribe for r c i o our cheap inscription offers here at the vascoin YouTube channel that’s gonna be of course not other than tail she’s been renamed for Tails or resident I’ll see you on the next Bitcoin tokens are making new Bitcoin crypto millionaires but uh, how do you even get started with BRC-20 tokens? Today I’ll show you how to set up a Unisat wallet to mint BRC20 tokens, deploy your own BTC tokens, and how to even trade Bitcoin tokens! Mint your first BRC-20 token on our $VOSK brc20! Official Unisat website and BRC-20 metamask like wallet – Earn passive incoming mining crypto! Grab a Bitcoin BTC miner here! This is the best miner to buy in 2023 – Use code VOSKCOIN to save some coin! Bitcoin ordinals have already gotten a ton of traction, but it’s brc-20 tokens that have garnered more interest than all of BTC ordinals combined! You literally mint these Bitcoin tokens for free, all you have to do are pay the BTC transaction fee and you’re loading up free tokens that have already amassed a market cap of half a billion dollars! Here’s a tutorial on how to get started with brc-20 tokens, how to deploy your own brc-20 token, how to trade brc-20 tokens, and how to use the Unisat wallet to do all of this! Minted a $VOSK BRC20 token just for fun on unisat – Exodus Bitcoin wallet download – Timestamps! 00:00 BRC-20 tokens – this changes everything! 00:55 How to get started with UniSat 02:24 How to inscribe a BTC Ordinal 03:44 What are BRC-20 tokens? 04:31 Creating the VOSK BRC-20 token! 06:24 Funding the UniSat wallet 10:13 Minting BTC domains 12:26 How to buy a BRC-20 token 13:52 BRC-20 tokens could make you rich! VoskCoin is for entertainment purposes only and is never intended to be financial investment advice.VoskCoin owns or has owned cryptocurrency and associated hardware.VoskCoin may receive donations or sponsorships in association with certain content creation.VoskCoin may receive compensation when affiliate/referral links are used.VoskCoin is home of the Doge Dad, VoskCoin is not your Dad, and thus VoskCoin is never liable for any decisions you make.#Bitcoin #brc20 #ordinals #VoskCoin #ordi #pepe #btc #crypto #cyrptocurrency #unisat #bitcoins source.

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