Hong Kong to tighten crypto regulation, Thailand to tax crypto overseas: Law Decoded


Hong Kong regulators are [looking to tighten the noose around the crypto](https://cointelegraph.com/news/crypto-rules-hong-kong-tightened-after-jpex-fraud-case) market after arresting six individuals following allegations of fraud [around an unlicensed crypto exchange](https://cointelegraph.com/news/jpex-blames-market-makers-hong-kong-liquidity-crisis), JPEX.The government intends to increase its efforts to inform investors and remind them only to utilize platforms granted Securities and Futures Commission licenses.Meanwhile, Thailand’s Revenue Department plans to impose…

Polkadot and Bitcoin Spark: Building a Scalable and Interoperable Blockchain Ecosystem | CoinCodex


The blockchain ecosystem has been growing exponentially since the debut of Bitcoin, the first DeFi project, in 2009.As technology evolves, it is becoming evident that the blockchain infrastructure will serve as a major milestone, especially in finance.Polkadot and Bitcoin Spark are newer DeFi projects spearheading the growth and adoption of blockchain technology through scalability and…

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