Cardano SPO: StakeLovelace [AAA] – The Cryptonomist


This week’s guest on the Cardano SPO Column is a stake pool operated by a technology-driven and performance-focused group of IT professionals spread around the globe: [StakeLovelace [AAA]] . Last week’s guest was a stake pool that is part of the Ardana ASPA and gives back to support humanitarian and environmental causes. This initiative is…

Polygon Network: Layer-2 Scaling For Ethereum


[Beginners Guide] Polygon Network: Layer-2 Scaling For Ethereum Talking about today, we have several cryptocurrencies available in the crypto world like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, and Polkadot to cite just a few popular ones. The crypto marketplace has recently added the new addition cryptocurrency known as Polygon.Despite being only a few years old, the currency is…

rp2 0.9.31


Privacy-focused, free, open-source cryptocurrency US tax calculator, up to date for fiscal year 2021: it handles multiple coins/exchanges and computes long/short-term capital gains, cost bases, in/out lot relationships/fractioning, and account balances.It supports FIFO and LIFO, it features transparent computation for easy result verification, and it generates data that tax accountants can understand, even if they…

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