How Facebook Libra Is Seeking Compliance, but May Not Launch by 2020


For the cryptosphere, August was marked by the hotly debated announcements of world giants regarding the releases of international cryptocurrencies.The People’s Bank of China ( PBoC ) announced the imminent release of a national digital currency, Walmart began developing its own blockchain, Binance launching the Venus project, and Pavel Durov’s TON finally shared its release…

Big Short Investor predicts Index Fund Meltdown that could destroy Retirement Accounts


An index-fund bubble could be catastrophic because a large percentage of the $7.85 trillion Americans held in individual retirement accounts (IRAs) in 2017 is being invested passively.In detail, Statista estimates there was $7.85 trillion in American IRAs in 2017. Thus, Burry is predicting a bubble that could annihilate tens of millions of Americans’ retirement savings.Consequently,…

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