Deep State Takedown News: April 12th to 13th 2020


Deep State Takedown News: April 12th to 13th 2020 04/13/2020 This is a video post.See the videos below. Qanon April 11, 2020 – Together We Will Win ARE WE MICE OR MEN? WWG1 – IPOT Presents – 4.12.20 John Michael Chambers – Silent War Continues Body For Awareness Project: Your Clothes.Your Body.Your Truth.On Sale Now…

imageDeep State Takedown News: April 12th to 13th 2020 04/13/2020
This is a video post.See the videos below.
Qanon April 11, 2020 – Together We Will Win
WWG1 – IPOT Presents – 4.12.20
John Michael Chambers – Silent War Continues
Body For Awareness Project: Your Clothes.Your Body.Your Truth.On Sale Now .
Patriots In Control, Think, Fed, Manufactures, DPA, Watch What Happens Next – Episode 2146a Book Life Before Life: Children’s Memories of Previous Lives
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Sunday Night Livechat with Dustin Nemos – Nemos News Network Community Chat
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