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Bitcoin – BTC Defi Discussions Episode 19 – The Council.$CNCL (BRC-20) alts running on BTC Give a homeless person What’s up what’s up everyone welcome back to another episode of D5 discussions this is our first Wednesday Edition we used to be on Fridays but now we’re switching to Wednesdays if anyone’s wondering why the…

Bitcoin – BTC Defi Discussions Episode 19 – The Council.$CNCL (BRC-20) alts running on BTC Give a homeless person What’s up what’s up everyone welcome back to another episode of D5 discussions this is our first Wednesday Edition we used to be on Fridays but now we’re switching to Wednesdays if anyone’s wondering why the podcast is up a little early that is the reason we’ll Be doing every Wednesday for now on at 8 30 p.m Eastern Standard Time and tonight’s show we have some really good stuff for we got uh we got some uh we got a BRC update the rc20 update we got uh Phoenix update we have uh Bitcoin conference um coming up Tomorrow this weekend we’re going to talk about it the SEC believes filecoin’s a security grayscale warns investors we have so much good stuff tonight let’s bring in the guys doing today hey good good good yeah it’s nice to have a good weeks it’s funny you say tonight she is because when we first Started it was you know middle of winter is pitch blackout when we started yeah if you look out my window wait where there’s my window it’s bright skies blue sky bright sun it’s summertime it feels weird that it’s you know it’s I feel like you should be having lunch not not Doing the podcast you remember we started on Sunday like our first podcasters were Sundays and then well it was originally the first ever episode was on a Saturday and then uh it was on a Sunday and we did like three Sundays in a row and we were like Let’s switch it to a weekday so then we moved it to Fridays and now after I think 13 or 14 weeks we’re moving to Wednesdays yeah welcome to hump day yep yep so uh what do you guys want to get into first I guess we’ll bring up uh the the bit the coin Bitcoin so uh this week uh we got kind of a up week here um we’ve we did have about one two three four five six seven eight straight red candles down that was kind of rough for me guys I don’t know about you but uh That that was it was so boring and my alts were just dying against it you know Bitcoin was only going down a little at a time uh it seems like all the authors would not stop bleeding yeah um you know it seems like that eight day consecutive period is is kind of like Been the limit right for for when Bitcoin kind of has those negative consecutive days yeah you can see it looks around around similar right that might be a little bit longer but that what when was that was that this was the uh the end of November going into December I guess no no I’m sorry beginning of November this was the uh this candle right here is the SPF candle is it these two guys right here yeah November November 9th okay yeah yeah so okay so that that makes sense there yeah but if you look at the the previous legs Down it’s kind of like you know probably like eight to ten yeah negative days consecutively so um I I was expecting a little bit of a bounce back but I will say almost every Bitcoin Miami convention week I feel like it’s kind of dull like in terms of price action Um yeah not necessarily like tanking but not really like aggressively going up either so um it’s kind of what I’m feeling right now is kind of like normal for for this week yeah where are you nipples yeah I’ve um I actually don’t pay very close attention to bitcoin so that you know if There’s several days of a drop I’m fine with that because yeah you probably heard me say this before you know my my um my relationship with Bitcoin is through ETFs in a tax-free account yeah so that’s a really sort of and it’s a large you know so it’s like a big heavy Long-term commitment so um so I I purposefully don’t look at at um sort of tighter Cycles in Bitcoin because I know what just stress me out like I know like seeing that eight days worth of drop will just it’ll just weigh on me even though it shouldn’t because Like I’m looking years and years out for my Bitcoin um so yeah I I try to I try to not look to now that said though I will take a brief look to maybe sort of see how it relates to or how it might predict the other coins and other tokens Um you know just to see what’s going on there but yeah I try not to I don’t I purposely don’t follow what happens too much oh well Bitcoin has more utility now with the brc20s nibble it but you might have to pay a little bit more Attention to it no it’s true so I I have been I’ve been paying more closer more attention to the ordinals um these sort of you know derivative products um so I’ve definitely been paying attention to those uh a lot more for sure yeah yeah I’m a complete junkie I Look at it 16 17 times an hour so I mean I have a freaking Bitcoin clock I mean and all day it just ticks like everyone’s like what time it is I’m like oh it’s 27 know I said what time is it it’s awesome Yeah I I I live in Green Valley I wake up in the morning the first thing I do I lay in bed and I check it and a lot of times too I’ve noticed if it’s green uh there’s some mornings well I’ll get up and I’ll go to the gym yeah yeah You’re allowing a Bitcoin and crypto to dictate the mood of your day my wife says the same thing she’ll be like before you come home from work I I checked to see if it was green or red see what kind of mood you’re in that’s funny that’s Awesome so so but what do you think like how does the like so as Bitcoin as as sort of other things as derivatives as other derivatives get built on top of or adjacent to bitcoin do you think that those Dynamics which are which have much more defy like Dynamics do you think those Dynamics will start to not destabilize Bitcoin but make Bitcoin behave in a more volatile fashion or do you think bitcoin’s stability um will sort of Reign in though that sort of like high volatility defy um eye Behavior I think it’ll give it more strength uh more more not Necessarily stability but just uh well possibly more stability because when they’re selling when they’ll when they’re going to be selling these these uh ordinals um they’re gonna get Bitcoin right so you know and and no one has a problem holding Bitcoin at this moment yeah you Know what I mean so it’s kind of like ethereum right like no one has a problem holding ethereum but someone has a problem holding for a coin right like the the like whenever you told me that guy didn’t sell last week I got nervous for him because like you know I was like Oh my God like he put 200 000 in it and he hasn’t sold and it’s been a day and it was a mean point but yeah but but if you sell and you make a good profit in a meme coin you feel comfortable letting it rest in ethereum right um So that’s that’s how I see it I I think it’s gonna bring um a lot more uh energy to to the Bitcoin Network um it’s Bitcoin has been boring for a very long time um and and it’s because it’s been either chilling in a ledger um in a like you had mentioned or Um just sending it back and forth to each other not really that doesn’t happen very often right like people aren’t really using it for for that um unless it’s special occasions so what this does is it brings uh more utility to it to bitcoin the Bitcoin Network and Um as I think you or shizzy mentioned last last week um you know the miners are going to be happy and I don’t think the miners have been too too happy for a while well I mean they’re making money uh that’s the biggest thing it’s like you know whenever you’re like And it’s kind of unexpected like I don’t think the miners are really expect them to double their their their I guess their their out their input instead of you know and keeping the same output so the money’s the money’s not different going out like there’s not like you’re Using more hash because there’s more transactions so it it kind of goes on that so they’re just getting more income and I I you know I can’t see them not you know not being happy with it and uh well while we’re here um we might as well jump into our first Topic here so I know you’ve been really looking into brc20 so I’m gonna let you handle as you go be okay uh what’s new uh is Bitcoin Miami a catalyst for the BRC 20s yeah so so let me let uh let me just jump right into this you know obviously Everybody knows I’m excited about BR uh c20s um but I you know I don’t want to just get super super or too laser-eyed with it but right now I’m going to be because I’m excited about it um number uh let me ask you let me answer your question about Bitcoin Miami First um uh I you know am in a telegram that Jack Levin is in and his uh main developer um was it sue zensu yeah I actually had a little bit back and forth with him and just wanted to kind of you know grab some info because they’re both in Miami I believe Uh well they are he had mentioned and he said that you know people are excited down there about it because uh they actually have like uh different times of the day where they they have like conferences specifically for Builders on bitcoin which has to do with the Ordinals in the the BRC 20s right so um the feedback that I’ve gotten from him is yeah they’re excited about it it’s here and so the ones that might not be um they’re not really talking too much about it right like so you’re either excited or you’re just quiet about it is What what I’m hearing so yes is Bitcoin Miami a catalyst I 100 think so I think it’s it’s uh the builders are using it um as an opportunity to kind of educate and let them know hey look this is bringing utility to the network um about the BRC up 20 update Um I kind of wanted to do like an update once a week but we’ll start with this and see how this goes um so full disclosure uh the one the the project I’m talking about today I am invested in it so I wanted to get that out there but it’s called the the Ordinals council um the ticker is cncl right um and what this project is is um a group of guys had put together a a starting Foundation of what they call the ordinals council Right and started off with around 20 20 uh guys and girls um that are either prominent in the industry Um have a large you know following and influence um very highly skilled in terms of like developer skills or marketing skills and um their goal is to you know their first product was or is um called Toshi pad right it’s a launch pad that’s going to launch projects brc20 projects But the vetting kind of has to go through these council members right and so um but what they are doing is they’re actually adding up to 100 spots right so they’re they’re doing that through the community they actually sent uh had like a link to where you could fill out an Application and you know they get back to you but yeah so you know as I mentioned you know they’re prominent type people in the industry um I know that they have some VCS in in in the group but um you know community members were kind of raising their eyebrows about that and Saying hey you know this is supposed to be uh free and fair launch and they said yeah the VCS are all about the ones that are involved here they’re more to be involved with it on the vetting process of new projects that are going to go through the launch pad right so they They are there to invest separately as like just as me as like a member of the community um but yeah so it is a obviously brc20 token there’s a total supply of 10 it’s a small Supply right um with that being said you know obviously it’s it’s scarce um I will say though when it first minted out a lot of people were just learning about it and so it kind of did this you know pump up and then kind of died down and in the last three or four days it’s really gotten a lot of traction because They’ve put little feelers out to the community through their social media right their their Twitter um one of the uh themes that they’re doing on their Twitter account is called did you know right so they’ll do like um a did you know I believe like once Every other day and one of the did you knows was you know did you know one of the council members was a former head of tezos um and uh an early investor in that project um also that same person was a former or I believe that same person was also a Former head of polygon Labs APAC I guess a different Yeah a different sector of of polygon and then um a polka dot ecosystem Builder right so I mean this is what I mean whenever I’m talking about highly skilled individuals that are veterans in the industry right now of course everybody out there Listening this is you know a dude everything in cryptos do your own research um you know BRC 20s are are still very new to the crypto industry um and so you know do your own research uh and and you know know what what you can risk if you decide to to dabble in BRC 20s um I’m excited about it but that doesn’t mean anything right I’m just uh that’s just my opinion um I do believe truly believe that once the builders um figure out how to make the user interface with buying brc20s easy and and seamless um there’s going to be a ton of onboarding Um happening now it’s not comparing anything close to like the the volume on ethereum right but it’s still such like so in that early baby phases that you know it’s it’s a for me personally I look at it as a great opportunity but yeah I mean you guys have any Questions or anything about you know the council what why the council so I know you look at a lot of different BRC 20s what What attracted you to the council to make you a uh an investor of it you know honestly like I felt like when when I was going through these minting Processes it was a gamble you know because you just you go to unisat and you see progress and you see these tickers and yeah I just have always been a heart like I felt like you grab information you throw it on Twitter to pull out like who are these teams who’s Behind this yeah and when I pulled this ticker out and threw it in Twitter I saw how they were forming an actual Council of of um of of members that that are what I went over right like highly skilled or or uh very influential um it’s um and so that’s what that’s What really Dro you know drove me towards them they do have like an ordinal nft side too but it’s not very big you know and and I do know that if you are a holder you do get an airdrop of one of the yellow coats um But yeah they’ve been reached out to by a couple different centralized exchanges um and they communicate that to the community and it’s been they’ve been very cautious though about that which is is a good sign because you know most people just rush to that right but you’re talking about a supply of ten Thousand um you don’t want to mess up the momentum of what you have right now right so um I think that they they really want to know what the community thinks about it um and then obviously like the council members uh discuss and and then I’m sure That they try to do like a community decision on it but um yeah so that’s kind of where they are and they were the fastest to to uh mint out all the tokens on unisat so they have that record wow you got any questionables no um And I’m what I’m curious about what what I think I may have missed is and they may not even have released this yet but um what’s their value proposition like what why does it need a collective why does it need a group instead of one is there what’s their what’s their longer Term plan for you know you’d mentioned that you know it sounds like they might have a grant program that you know uh projects can apply to is is it is there plan to sort of grow to be sort of like almost like like a like a a meta level Organization or you know what’s I guess the short question you know what’s what’s the value prop here yeah I I think it’s it’s really just kind of establishing trust and and credibility right um having those type of of original members in your Council does give credibility to the to the project in Terms of those people right so you know when you start a project you you know you start from scratch so I think that’s kind of one of the value props is is starting from scratch but also having these people kind of be the the backbone right Um and then the future value prop is kind of what you mentioned um I don’t know the details in terms of if they’re doing any type of Grant type of process but I do know that they have mentioned you know there is a vetting process and and that’s why they are Bringing these type of people in um because the last thing that they want is to to create a launch pad that’s just going to launch a bunch of you know crappy projects right and so it’s it’s more about quality and and um over quantity with this launch Pad and then also the token holders do get benefits from that right so you know one thing that I I need a little bit more clarity on because I am all about kind of what Jack Levin is is doing with the the free and fair launch getting back to satoshi’s uh First principles you know free market and and um and really just just being able to kind of be on even ground when when things start and um so I’m not sure if being a token holder is going to allow you to purchase early or if it’s going to let you just Get information early because I think getting information early is is separate is is a totally different thing than purchasing early right it’s like you might have information that a Project’s gonna launch and then they release that information to the public you know before launch but you’re a little bit More prepared right because you are an exclusive member of this this group um or this community token a governance token um give governance and what projects that will be launched so so if I need to drill down a little bit more into it but I do know that like um there is an Aspect of liquidity uh providing liquidity for some of these new projects with your token right so uh liquidity pools right and um so that’s one one thing um that they’re they’re bringing to the table in terms of benefits for being a token holder um you know Community Building they talk About that yeah I think they’re probably going to do some token gating stuff you know I can only imagine that they kind of have to if if it’s if it’s going to be like like this it feels like this exclusive almost like kind of like the Freemasons type of situation right but Not crazy like that but you get what I’m saying to where it’s like you know it’s an exclusive Community um but 10 000 tokens right so what benefits are we gonna get right is it going to be kind of like a a board eight type of Situation to where you can get into uh certain venues you know being a token holder I imagine there’s going to be some of that um and I do think that the brc20 community in general is going to try to I mean I I think they’re gonna try to be kind of Try to set their the bar a little bit higher in terms of like certain you know uh perception I would I would think because because it is on bitcoin right now it doesn’t matter everybody’s greedy there’s going to be people that that put on there right and and I think that um The the brc20 community will probably want a little bit less of that but know that they can’t stop all of it well it sounds I mean from what you’ve described I mean it sounds almost like and this is pure speculation this is just spitballing um if the council become I I hesitate to Use the word um incubator because most incubators um fail so but if if their idea is to Grant and then help build and help spin off projects then presumably holding their token may not give you governance rights to say you know who which projects they should or should not take on it and Let’s be honest as a token holder you’re not qualified to make that call like no no by virtue of owning a token does not qualify you to make that call that’s why you want to you want to sort of yeah you you almost want a republic sort of um organization where you’re Delegating your authority to vote to people who are who are have qual have qualifications right in the know yeah but but those tokens then should under that circumstance Grant you the right to earn a return that the overall organization uh earns based on building and spinning off the these um these Projects if if in fact that is what they’re doing is is granting granting to help build projects um you know that seems like a perfectly reasonable thing to do you know get in now or sorry get in early while you know the token well the token’s still affordable Um take the risk that the council will be able to um build up and and spin off sub projects and then um hopefully you get to reap the rewards ongoing right because it once you own you own and so you get a cut of ongoing profit so yeah I mean it’s just as You’re describing it you know obviously there’s not a whole lot of details we’re just imagining what what they could possibly do there’s some interesting possibilities yeah yeah for sure and there’s no official Dao or anything that has been created so you know um I I really think that um man they’re Like like people like us that have been in D5 for a bit right like one of the first things that we think of when a new project launches is you know what’s the utility what’s the utility and that’s a smart thing to to think right off the bat before you throw money into Something now with brc20s it’s it’s a it’s almost like kind of starting back to like I had mentioned before like when ethereum started you know minting out their their or people started building these these projects off of the you know launching new tokens and they were figuring out What you know how to incorporate the token into the utility you know it’s a little bit different here on the brc20 side well it’s similar in that aspect to where these new tokens are figuring that out but I think that’s okay it’s we don’t have to jump so hard down their Throats about utility so much I think what they should do though is put out some idea right like some like kind of thought process of what they want to do um but the tokens are different the tokens are different you know like they don’t VRC 20s do not have they’re not Smart contracts right so so they’re they’re pretty simple Json code right so right now I think what you know uh innovators like like Jack Levin and um and and um you know other other builders are coming over trying to do is trying to figure out hey how can we um Utilize the token into the application that we’re building for this project you know and um they’re they’re getting closer and closer there was a decentralized exchange that launched this morning called Alex which is built on top of stacks it’s a layer two on the Bitcoin Network I’m not Super super well versed in Stacks or the lightning network but you know I I I I don’t think that Alex in my humble opinion is the solution yet it can be but um just to kind of on-ramp to Alex and trade and then off ramp it just seems a little bit A little bit uh inconvenient right like yeah even for me that’s been doing all the stuff on unisat kind of like the old way and and all that stuff so but I do think there’s there’s going to be a decentralized exchange War and who if Alex kind of fixes that situation they Might be the leading decks or there might be another one that comes through and says hey we figured it out we we were able to Bridge Over brc20s seamlessly by wrapping the Json code and incorporating it into a smart contract or whatever they do right Um but I do think that right now there’s people rushing to these different type of applications such as staking um uh you know the decks stuff like that right like they’re they’re rushing to to be the the main provider but I think I think these projects have a really heavy burden To make if not the utility to make like so on the one hand there’s utility but underneath that there’s a problem right like there’s a problem to be solved and if you bring to Market a thing that doesn’t clearly address a problem you’re not bringing anything to Market you’re Just you’re just showing up to Market hoping people will throw money at you so in this in this case where you have you know this sort of this this Bitcoin the Bitcoin world is saying well look you know we’re gonna do this we’re gonna do X we’re gonna do y we’re gonna do Z well and they have a burden to clarify what problems they’re addressing because honestly if it’s just a decks if it’s just another Dao I’ve already got that on ethereum like I don’t need we don’t need Bitcoin for any of that so what’s The thing what’s the what’s the reason why we should then maybe siphon off some of the money that we’re using to play in the sort of eth-based defy world you know why should we devote some of that to this other space other than just speculation that you know it’s it’s Going to be a mirror a mirror of what’s happening over on in D5 we want a piece of that like that’s not that’s not a particularly strong um call so you know what what is the problem that they’re trying to address I think they really because there’s already an incumbent solution they’ve Got to really clarify why they’re existing why did why should money go to them sure sure so um I agree with that that thought process I think it’s very logical um but I will say this um money attracts right yeah and there’s tons of liquidity on the Bitcoin Network And and tons of money there and a lot of the money there is boring money right and I think what the the the problem the problem was that there was it wasn’t being utilized right yeah and so what what BRC 20s has done is is utilize that Money now you know I think it’s going to test some of these these Maxis and and maybe just like just really discipline people in Bitcoin that that hold their money only in Bitcoin and they’re just that’s all they care about in their whole life is Bitcoin um because they’re going to be tempted To make more money right now so that’s that’s the initial problem right now I think with innovators and stuff they kind of might see the Bitcoin network not really having a a direct Port right and so the Bitcoin network doesn’t have a direct Port so if you’re trying to con Like you know connect all cryptocurrency networks with interoperability there has to be a port into Bitcoin whether it’s through a you know a seamless uh Layer Two or what you know there has to be a you know a port and I think that that’s really another part that that’s there but you know Right now a lot of eth users and uh I know eth Maxis isn’t really like a popular term but there are eth Maxes and I feel like there’s they’re kind of showing up a little bit more with this whole brc20 thing um they’re kind of thinking like you Like to where they’re like well we already have all the volume over here in bubble you know why do I need like metamask Works easy you know swap you know blah blah right all this stuff but you know there’s times when like it doesn’t matter like ethereum’s network Will will die down after like this whole meme season for example right like like it went through all this liquidity it came in and then all a lot of it got sucked back out right yep well I think Bitcoin network doesn’t really deal with That as much it does on a like an like high level like to where either you’re selling your Bitcoin into Fiat or you’re not right but with ethereum it funnels right like into defy and all these other things and I think that what we’re gonna see Is we’re gonna see it funnel up and and help Propel Bitcoin uh bitcoin’s value and then whenever bear bear Market comes back we’ll we’ll see it kind of get sucked out kind of like but on a from a D5 standpoint on the Bitcoin Network and then Bitcoin too so it’s just you’re Right yeah is it going to kind of replicate what ethereum does yeah and ethereum will probably still be king of defy in my opinion but I think what people are going to be chasing is money no that’s fair and and you know when you look at the fact that you know there’s If the problem to be solved here is the fact that there is a pool of 500 billion dollars not really doing much like that’s a lot of liquidity that’s just sitting around you know playing video games smoking pot like let’s put it to work let’s get it to do something yeah I Mean that is a fair problem and and to be the the players who are saying we’re the ones who are going to put that 500 billion dollars to work that’s a fairly valuable position to be in but I just go back to the you know it’s it is a hard Whenever there’s an incumbent solution the new entrant has a very high bar to overcome to persuade people that it deserves to play in the game so um but 500 is a lot of persuasion yeah I have a few issues with this but I’m gonna chalk it up to being it basically Being in its infancy but with Bitcoin my biggest problem is there’s no smart contracts there’s no you know what I mean like there it until like I think that’s why Stacks is is there and I think Stacks has smart contracts on there and I think that’s what lets you But Stacks is very centralized I mean like I could be wrong but I know the lightning Network and stacks is very centralized you know they take they they take they they basically roll it up themselves and they process it through the Bitcoin transactions it’s this one Big transaction on one block so to me like I just I I have a hard time investing in these things for that reason but like I said it is in its infancy so I will give it some some leeway but if this was on another blockchain that was not Bitcoin let’s Just say astar and astar didn’t have Smart contacts yet I wouldn’t even be looking at this you know I wouldn’t even be considering it 100 I agree with you um I think the the most important part of it is that it is Bitcoin in the brand In the the the recognition of of what Bitcoin is right and the possibility it’s it’s really about what what possibilities can this lead to right because no one thought that this would happen with Bitcoin people try to uh you know talk about uh the lightning Network And all this stuff and it really just you know the lightning Network just sucks it really does I mean it’s not great um but but it was never meant to be it was never created to to create D5 protocols and stuff like that and you know with your smart contract Um kind of uh argument there I agree with you that there isn’t smart contracts on bitcoin um but inscribing can definitely be um there’s a market for it in my opinion especially on bitcoin’s network you know uh what Michael Saylor had mentioned you know like inscribing your will and testament on bitcoin could Be a a big deal or a Deeds right or like if you’re transferring a billion dollars of wealth you can inscribe you know on that block right in IOU exactly so I think inscribing is is going to stay like be more utilized um it’s always been there right um I think Like the Taproot update really kind of um allowed it to be you know more prevalent and and this situation kind of take off but um yeah I mean here’s the deal no no matter what issues that we have come across in in crypto in terms of capability There’s been a group of devs that have overcome that right now I think in terms of uh Bitcoin not being uh not having D5 protocols I think that was intentional not to to build there it was very intentional not to build there and and you know the the people that didn’t want D5 on there has done a like a you know they’ve been really eager to keep it off now this has happened and it’s brought over half a billion dollars of market cap over and now you’re talking about you know having uh decent well Stacks essentialize you’re right about that so that’s one reason Why I’m not crazy about Alex um and so but suzu or uh the dev over at Zen he had mentioned that yeah sensu he had mentioned that too um but that’s that’s that’s another reason why I think there’s going to be a decent uh Dex War right because they’re Gonna figure out who’s who can do it best I don’t doubt one bit that the innovators that are that are working on brc20 won’t get it done yeah all right well let me throw one more thing one more thing because I think on the one hand you’re righteous You said a few times that money talks and why and and when people start to realize how much money is at stake they might start to change their mind but there’s also I think a pretty powerful psychological perspective that Bitcoin is what Bitcoin is and it does What it does very well and I think there’s a lot of investors in Bitcoin who are quite satisfied with that and they’re may not welcome rocking that particular boat in this particular way right because it could be threatening not just to their bags but sort of threatening to the whole reason why They’re in the space you know they’re they’re political sensibilities you know their belief in in the call you know they’re they’re in Bitcoin for more than just um making a return they’re into it for many other reasons and and this can potentially threaten at least conceptually can threaten what it is That that they bought into emotionally psychologically so I I suspect that you know there could be you know maybe this Flames out or maybe this becomes a bit of an internal uh conflict within the space yeah and real quick I’ll answer real quick and then I’ll be done with the BRC Um but so yes you’re 100 right there are definitely um you know Bitcoin fundamentalists that are are not happy about this um I think there’s more and more like a little bit each day that are uh being opened up to it um but here here’s the thing is that like I had Mentioned there’s there’s a 500 million dollar market cap for it if the builders that have the power that are building right now and there are some that have power um want it to be there it’s gonna be there there’s there you know there’s there’s something that like you know the court There’s four core developers uh for the Bitcoin Network right now right and they’re pretty much like stretched to the from you know each side right um because that that number has dwindled down to four um you know technically they could probably filter the network right and then filter out these inscriptions but If they did that think about how much that would damage bitcoin’s total value um the the perception of the public because with a 500 million dollar market cap industry or Market with brc20s that’s not huge that’s not really that big right we’re talking about smaller than Sheb right in terms of market cap but the people are that are involved in building that they’re really passionate and they’re they’re very intelligent and they it would basically become this true narrative that Bitcoin is number one centralized and censored because at that point now you’re manipulating what The public can see on the Chain because you don’t agree with it and that’s not a part of satoshi’s first principles now if it in it even if it was something malicious like an attack okay maybe I could I could understand that but still that’s not what this is right it’s not a Malicious attack and so you know I think I think this argument could could kind of go on forever right but sure but but it’s very it’s it’s a super slippery slope in terms of trying to stop it okay well I’m I mean just to put a cap on it I’m I’m Cautiously very interested in seeing how this plays out because I do I am in the camp where I believe that Bitcoin does what it does as well as anything does what anything else does like it is so well suited and so well optimized for the use case and that any Sort of tinkering with the use case around the edges could be threatening um I don’t know but I’m quite happy with with what it’s doing and how it’s doing it and my participation in it so but I am still very curious to see how these things how these things can play out and You know maybe a little bit optimistic you know I’m interested in seeing what what can be done maybe there’s new things that can be done on bitcoin that really can’t be done in ethereum um and you know there so anyway I I I I yeah I kind of get both sides of the Argument and I know where I where I’m yeah well um hey looks like we got some comments shizzy oh wow we got three jump in here real quick oh from our old pal Sean he says uh showing XP X beats xbt 3D he’s from uh the D5 launching Crew he does that every Thursdays at 12 o’clock on the D5 was it uh Mission D5 Channel yeah and uh yes yeah he said that his first comment was uh brc20 is just a narrative for what is simply a file store file store on the Chain was 2010 and he said Um the incremental market cap is not real there’s no uh support liquidity and we got Earth the core devs can’t do that yeah they can’t do that because they it would have to be an up an upgrade and then they would have to vote on it and the miners aren’t gonna prove It yeah yeah so technically they could if they went through all the hurdles though right because it was actually a um a comment on Twitter that I saw about filtering spam um but I could be wrong I I I’m definitely not like too prideful to admit when I’m wrong if I see something So appreciate the comments there yeah so I have a few things before we jump to the next thing that I just thought of and I did not think about when you said about um inscribing the like the Deeds on something so inscribing actually could be really cool and this is my first time Thinking about this so it’s not all the way though through but yeah like inscribing let’s inscribing my deed inscribing uh my bank loan and describing anything to the block is pretty amazing and uh you know maybe potentially voting you know when I like when I vote in the presidential election Voting inscribing it into a chain and seeing that that it never changed you know so the inscribing is is actually a lot cooler than I actually previously thought and uh it definitely um put some time into it and think about it but it’s also the I had another thought that um Like you know it’s kind of like um brc20 is kind of like when you have a gold bar and someone’s like hey I’m gonna cut a piece of that and make a cool earring yeah right so it’s like I’m gonna get shizzy in a big in a nice earring on my Ear and I was like yeah why do you why are you putting the gold on your earring it’s my gold you know it’s my Satoshi yeah I could put whatever I want into it so I thought that was a good analogy it’s like some people were probably like Oh you’re just wasting it you’re putting it in a ring you’re putting it on your ear you’re putting it on your teeth you know what I mean like yeah are you gonna describe it in your teeth but that’s potentially like it’s my Satoshi it’s my Gold I can do whatever I want with it so that that that’s actually pretty cool and I do actually see BRC 20s with that with that analogy kind of being like that earring or or that that deed or that loan or even that vote yeah yeah and and Um you know bitcoin’s gone through this before with with the uh the color coins and stuff I believe that they had like this this pushed through with with different narratives before but I think we’re in a different time now you know like you know 2023 um and and There wasn’t people like like Jack Levin that was kind of pushing this narrative right like he let’s be honest like he does have like um he does have a lot of uh influence and and he’s getting respect in Miami right now like when he’s down there but We’ll see what happens is you know only time will tell right it could completely flop out in in in you know a couple months and or it could take off to you know 50 50 billion market cap well let me ask let me ask this this question um because Sean’s right obviously Sean’s Right um you’ve been able we’ve always been able to inscribe data within the within the Bitcoin blockchain uh that is this is not some new feature that has just come out like that’s always been available so if given that the capability of for everything we’re talking about given that the capability Has always been in place for several years why why now why not before was there something preventing it from happening I think tap group really opened it up I think 100 100 was the upgrade that made it like I’m not really sure what exactly taprood did and I actually should be Looking at look into it a little bit but um for my for my um understanding it it really um made it easier it’s a it’s a completely separate address too right from from your your native Native Bitcoin address and then and uh I called the the developer DOTA I think last last Week I think that’s a singer actually but it’s domo domo is his name um but he was the one that yeah he’s the one who meant it the first uh or or got this going in I think January yeah so all right well I I did see Something here we go so uh Bitcoin cash price has increased uh six percent in anticipation of his mainnet upgrade that will let developers issue tokens on the network as well as other improvements so Bitcoin cash is kind of doing their own version of Taproot does uh ordinals give Bitcoin cash uh kind of a boost here like Bitcoin cash is block size is a lot bigger than Bitcoin that’s the reason why it was forked in the first place so it could handle all the transactions and potentially even um maybe it could you know be upgraded To where it’s bigger can Bitcoin cash actually become the uh the marketplace for these ordinals I don’t think it would uh have longevity there yeah um that’s my opinion but I’m pretty sure that’s where the Bitcoin Maxes want the ordinals to go yeah you know um I feel Like that is why Bitcoin cash and Bitcoin silver or one of the two was created was because there was developers that were wanting to build on top of Bitcoin before and there was like this you know consensus of no we don’t want that and so they kind of forked off and did their Own thing um but I just they I don’t see those getting the reason why a big part of the reason why that that first of all to answer kind of niblet’s question why now I think timing is a big deal right now right and then like you said the Taproot uh upgrade Um but yeah the one of the big reasons why that people are interested in it um is uh because it is Bitcoin and they know how much money is on there and yeah that’s a good comment by Sean he said segwit and Taproom will have four megabytes instead of the one megabyte And I’m guessing I I but I yeah okay so I guess that makes sense because there’s no more space to more space more space to do more yeah and he sent more simpler in terms of uh minting is what it seems like he’s saying you should have him on the show sometime It was actually on the the very first episode really yes and then but he he’s in Ireland and uh it’s like two o’clock in the morning so I I definitely try to get him on the show multiple times but he just can’t he said uh what we’re Doing on Fridays he said that uh he’s uh he’s too drunk so that is why he hasn’t been all the show since and uh yeah because one day if he’s sober on a Wednesday let’s see if we can get him on but like I said it Is two o’clock in the morning and uh I obviously can’t do it really do any earlier than than now so yeah all right so we we already um talked about the Bitcoin conference a little bit um the last two years and um I I made a comment in the this Group that we’re in that epical conference is always a crash and Sean actually corrected me and said that no it was just the last two years previously they were they were kind of up movements um did we go back to that or did we see The same thing we saw the last two years it seems like we’re seeing kind of the same thing right because it it kind of well I mean it’s not like crashing crashing it’s just like what is that 26 something yeah it’s uh 2738 right now okay so 2738 So not not a hard Crest but I always felt like the Bitcoin conference was like a hyped event right you know like you would feel like okay they’re meeting they’re talking about Innovation it’s gonna pump the price a bit but um the past couple years it seems like It hasn’t and it seems like it’s kind of falling too but it’s not like anything like that is there an event this week um fomc or anything on Friday talking no I don’t think that okay that was last Friday right okay yeah yo I think there is members of Uh the uh the FED talking this week but I don’t think anything is actually during the conference yeah so we did have a comment by Sean again he said most Maxis myself included don’t care if the data is stored on the network or not it has some incremental Value in terms of fees and smaller blocks are key to bitcoin for security reasons I guess yeah yeah all right well I would never see thinking of uh Bitcoin conference on a cause of crash or do you think it’s just no I think I think the sample size is Too shallow to draw any conclusions from yeah and the thing being sampled is changing meaning the the culture and the economy are different this year versus last year versus the year before before that so essentially there’s a sample size of one we just have um we have we have like four or five Singular sample sizes that just sort of coincide in time um so yeah I can’t I can’t read anything from that at all I have no idea gotcha I I actually do think we will see a downtrend but I don’t think we will I think we go up tomorrow uh because the Excitement you know of the Bitcoin thing but I think we kind of cool off by the weekend but I I actually see uh an up movement here and this is complete guessing but I I do think that we come up a little bit before we come back down a little bit so Let me ask you a question so you know we we talked about this a long time ago too like you know before before you discovered before you saw the light and discovered you know three in crypto and D5 um you were really deeply into sports yes very much important and it seemed Like you were playing similar games yes football exactly exactly so how it’s a question how superstitious of a sports fan were you like did you have like rituals that you would go through like you didn’t I never watched my jersey okay I would have saved Jersey for three Years I never watched it there was stains on it from two years or whatever oh my God is that true though I was very uh it was nasty it was nasty but I threw it away but uh and it was it was you know it was it was One of those jerseys that were like it was a authentic one the 300 hour one so oh wow yeah I had to take it to a cleaner yeah I was too cheap for that so yeah is it kept walking back to shizzy’s house like he kept trying to get rid of It and it was just one of the next morning like dude I should have watched you I really should have watched you before because this is now creepy I told the story before but like the day the Eagles won the Super Bowl like I’m from Philadelphia the day the the next day Morning I I woke up and I asked myself why do I care so much like I went to every game besides the Super Bowl with an FC Championship the Eastern Conference Championship uh the the game set game 17 everything leading up to it and I probably spent like two or three Thousand dollars with the tickets were you know insanely overpriced everything parking fear the we took a bus there a few times uh like a big eagles bus type thing that was like 100 hours each way and like I spent a little much money I Woke up the day at the Super Bowl and I said why do I care so much like I really and that’s really when I woke up and started actually like educating myself and that’s when I found the book Rich Dad Poor Dad and kind of went from there but yeah so well It took the Eagles winning the first Super Bowl for you to be like okay it really did okay yep because if they didn’t win that Super Bowl you’d still be taking that Eagles bus every now I’m just kidding probably no I probably I probably would like honestly like I I Don’t it was one of those things where I always I wanted it so bad it was like chasing something and then you finally get it and you know and it’s like what why did I always want this yeah you know it’s kind of like how I feel right now Because like um I I like I’m chasing Financial Freedom right now what happens when I finally get it you know what I mean like what do I wake up to we’re like yeah you’re gonna smile and you’re gonna say okay now I need to keep this yes no you Become John McAfee and you end up in Belize somewhere hoarding hoarding your Monopoly money getting a tattoo of some coin on my phone I mean it could be uh who has Tara Luna both on their own uh the Nova grants Michael novograds oh yeah he has a Luna and wolf like cowing At the moon and it says Luna underneath did you see so he’s not gonna get removed did you see that bit Lord got uh I mean he he is that kind of guy though I’ve been following him for a while he’s definitely a 2 000 bought into that Project though he probably made a crap load of money on it right I would think so I mean it’s back to 100 million market cap wow it did a full double over the week right I I’m not I haven’t been following I feel like that dude willed that Back honestly like because it was falling and once it got uh over to the centralized exchanges and they started they launched a Perpetual uh contracts yeah the whales are shorting the out of it and he was getting pissed he was like I will do everything in my Power to Fu Wells that are shorting and I was just like oh my gosh this guy’s like Braveheart oh man uh oh no I’ll jump in something real quick so um uh so I I’ve been doing Hive mapper and for who don’t know I’ve mapper is a dash cam you install on your Car and you drive around and um you earn um you basically earn uh crypto you’re in the honey token for driving and I I got my hive mapper in February February 23rd and um so it’s been a few months now and um so the first the first couple Weeks I think I can’t remember exactly but it was between like 60 and 70 bucks and then it was definitely it was the same amount of tokens but the token value was getting cheaper because people were just dumping it and dumping it and it’s just a dump token at this point and Um so every week is less and less and less and but because I got in early I it’s paid off now uh this is the third week uh that it’s it’s been paid off and now I am um just keeping the honey token I was immediately flipping it for Solana And then sending the salon into the exchange and I think I was put in an Ethan and buying things with eth but um so yeah so it it is did make my money back right now I’m averaging about forty dollars a week I do Drive uh I drive to Work I drive about 25 miles up and then 25 miles back and that is kind of the reason why I did get the hive mapper in the first place but I’m not driving out of my way and I’m earning about uh I get paid every Thursday from it and it’s About forty dollars in the honey token and at Donnie token if if felon fell and fell and then it popped up I don’t know why I don’t know if the if um Hive mapper book like did a buyback or something I don’t know but it went all The way down to a penny so when it first came in it was like 13 cents trickled all the way down to a penny and then from a penny went back to Four Cents and now it’s hovering around like two two or three cents so I’m getting like uh I Think like 1800 every week so and then I’m I’m uh now I’m keeping the token but uh previously was flipping it so I did make my money back it was 550 if I if I remember correctly or 549 and I paid I paid that off so I got all My money out of it now it’s all profit potentially forever um you know as long as uh you know it doesn’t break you or gets stolen so it it it it is profitable now so nice nice what’s the max you apply for uh uh honey unlimited okay so Infinity I could be Wrong you know what no it could be I could be wrong could be 100 million I’ve been spent so long since I looked at it because uh 2 million is not really that much yeah it’s true and then if they do a buyback yeah so it just doesn’t have Have any use case I’m looking here on on on drops tab looks like a total Supply is 6 billion honey six billion billion sorry yeah okay circulating or is that Max nibble it’s just it just says total Supply yeah it doesn’t specify circulating Supply gotcha gotcha gotcha I mean it it specifies it And it’s just not available ever report it back to the system so if you know when I don’t think anyone’s using it right now as a mapping I think they’re just collecting data but when that does happen it’ll come up for you there was a buzz you know nine miles up Or whatever so it allows you to get off 95 or whatever so is this going to be like a revenue distribution type model to where like whenever they make the money from you know Uber and and yeah we’re Dash and all them it goes back into BuyBacks and all that so um they’re Gonna make they’re going to force them to pay in the honey token so okay yeah so when um say when let’s say I open a new company and we’re we’re competitor of doordash and I can’t afford I can’t afford Google Maps I would potentially use high mapper and in order to pay for The service every month I would have to go under the open market buy the token and pay for it that way interesting Okay cool so and what that potentially too could um lock up the token so it’s kind of like a a wheel where it’s like Buy Sell you know what I mean Buy sell but like I just don’t see why holding that I’m holding the token now only because of helium and the hnt token agency token went from pennies to fifty dollars and it basically had the same thing the same kind of uh concept same kind of concept It was just like you know you you they pay you to use your internet you’re mining the token and things so that’s the only reason why I’m keeping it um I don’t really I don’t really like I I don’t like having it because the tokenomics is 6 billion and um it’s just Right now it’s just getting as soon as I I got it for the first eight weeks I was dumping it right away so you’re paid off so now I’m just keeping it it’s all free money and I’m not driving out of my way the only thing That does suck is like sometimes it uh like I’ll go to like take um like I’ll change something on my phone while I’m driving and I shouldn’t really doing it anyway but it’ll it’ll knock knock the high mapper off so it’s kind of like if I put a YouTube video on first and then put Hive mapper on and just drive the whole time it’s fine but if I try to like change the video or something a lot of times the red light will come on and I gotta go back to the Hive mapper app And stuff yeah so it does get a little annoying sometimes with that but you know it is you know potentially you know a little less than 200 a month you know as a potential half a car payment for some people yeah no doubt yeah so yeah was that I know I haven’t Spoken in a while to anyone who’s been uh listening from the beginning so I was like one of our uh first couple episodes I was talking about that so I want to give a quick update um we just want to get into next uh how about we uh jump into uh Xrp set to set the launch to the Moon yeah so a motion for the from the United States Securities regulator to seal the uh confrontational uh Hinman speech documents has been denied a move that has been seen as a win for ripple and crypto community so basically Henman came out and uh People think the Hitman and ethereum were in cahoots back when the this uh this Con controversial speech was was spoken and uh so basically now uh they’re allowed to come out and have it open in the court am I am I getting that right it’s actually open to the public public Okay yeah so um the docs can’t be sealed um judge Torres denied that now I think it was a little bit over excitement because that doesn’t mean like the case is over but it does mean that Ripple can show the dirt on the SEC and I think the SEC wanted to avoid that The whole time yeah so is is this is this like is this is this almost over is Ripple going to going to launch the Moon well it did a pump today it pumped today um pretty strong with that um but judge Torres did come back and I could be Wrong uh this is what I remember reading was Judge Torres did say that she will not uh decide the case until there’s clear regulatory uh framework from Congress so it looks like Congress is trying to push this out in the next couple months um who knows what this damn case right like It’s been going on for like what two plus years December 2020.yeah I mean I feel like it’s gonna be like one of those you know the Titanic meme where it’s the ground like she’s like it’s been 84 years I feel like that’s that’s that’s what what’s happening here it’s it’s been forever Universe your opinion on us uh no I’m I’m just I’m I’m mixed about this because I I’ve been planning on I’ve been planning on diving into xrp simply as a vet and it’s this look this is pure this is this is pure sports betting I’m betting that The courts will will find in favor of xrp and that will have an enormous impact on the price I have nothing to base that on but I haven’t done that yet so when I look at the spike I’m like oh God damn it I just I missed that so I’m Talking oh you got two years yeah so so I don’t know I’m torn I’m torn uh but uh yeah so no I my I I do plan on putting I would put my money where my mouth is um it feels like a it feels like a A reasonable bet to make not a big bet if I lose whatever but um still yeah I personally hate xrp um that’s not the issue I’m with you I agree with you yeah I hate the central I hate centralization I I hate Jeb McCaleb I hate um Brad garlinghouse I just when These guys talk I just get the heebie-jeebies it just reminds me of like of uh Jamie Diamond talking like I I just I just I’m just not a fan of xrp I don’t I don’t think you need xrp I think I feel like there’s so many other I mean I think xrp was needed in like 2013 but today I’d rather just send you know ethereum I’d rather just send you know phantom phantom I think is faster than xrp yeah um so to me it’s like it’s it’s such an old narrative anymore There’s no need for it like if if you know I think the JPM coin would actually be a better you know it’s the same thing to me it’s both centralized so it’s just it doesn’t I just don’t think it needs to be I think Ripple kind of would Go away but on the other side of that if it is labeled as security my bags are screwed because then everything I’m holding is a security besides like Zen so and Bitcoin of course but like so if if you know if xrp is a security and uh You know ethereum did an Ico xrp did not do an Ico so it’s that that right there just kind of screws everything and ethereum ecosystem but I I just can’t see xrp being a security and just like the library case like library was a deemed of security in the beginning but Then when I traded it you know if like I didn’t trade but like say if I traded it to you or the open market it’s no longer security so I and being xrp being the the one project without an Ico you can’t deem that as security you just can’t do It and I don’t think security is it a centralized show yes 100 but is a security no it’s not no I and I wouldn’t argue with anything you said I would just add on to it that um trading doesn’t care right like you can you can still trade an absolute piece of garbage And if there’s somebody if there’s a counterparty who’s willing to pay the price for it then by all means uh make your profits move along and so that’s the thing that I think about xrp I agree with you yeah but if they’re but I believe that there will be Counterparties um who will Who will drive that price up once the course lines in favor xrp will go up but everything else will go up with it so you know what I mean like xrp will be the leader but everything else is going to come behind it you know I’d rather hold something Xrp is the eighth ninth largest cryptocurrencies for it to move to you know this this like 13 is what people are talking about I mean it’s like 30 cents it that that’s you know that’s a lot of money that has to come in so I I think I’d rather hold something like Phantom or Kanto and stuff let’s go to get you know they’re gonna fly up too especially with them not being an Ico I can’t argue with that logic at all yeah I I think uh xrp is is eight or nine or I think they might be higher than that But if they are eight or if they are what number are they six six okay so six they’re six without like the largest market in the world right and um and and you could kind of debate well you know as BNB really in you know Or or is there a lot of percentage of the US crypto users buying BNB um you can though like with right so like there’s a major centralized exchange that you can buy BNB with you can’t really do that in the US you can with up upwork I believe is That the exchange you can get xrp uh uphold uphold uphold sorry upwork is a different totally different yeah independent contractors right so um yeah so uphold I’ve actually used it before but it’s it’s just not as popular as like and some of these other larger exchanges I think like a Good hedge if you wanted to do xrp would be an altcoin that that’s on xrpl because like you know xrp’s uh Supply is out there um you know I I I do think the price would pump but I I don’t think it’s gonna pump like you know like these the crazy numbers Um but you know I am curious though so you say that xrp is centralized what are you saying that because Ripple yeah it’s well it’s it’s centralized like Ripple owns you know I think like 90 of it it’s not you know it’s just like 10 of it is just and that that is Why it’s number six because it doesn’t move hands now that Jeff McCaleb stopped getting his payments in it it you know and no one from the xrp is dumping in anymore and I think that’s why as high as it is and you know if they need it to Be centralized because it they wanted to go bank to bank they don’t want people like us using it they just don’t need for us to use it so that they they need to hold it because they need to send it to wherever and you know in large large Amounts to justify billions of dollars kind of the reason why it exists yeah so the percentage hold is is the main factor of why you’re saying it’s centralized because they have control over it and and um the governance over it there is no governance from from me and you even if We hold a token there’s nothing you know there’s we can’t change anything it’s completely it’s not decentralized whatsoever I don’t think they can change anything on xrp though can they like the actual token it’s set right uh there’s a set Supply there’s admin keys so yeah maybe they’re they’re they’re core Developers probably have that right like yeah yeah so so I think you know that’s that’s the argument that the SEC probably has is that you know but Ripple has said that we don’t depend on it and they um and and you know we don’t depend on it And and the SEC has agreed that okay like it doesn’t xrp doesn’t depend on your success anymore it depends on the success of the case I think but not ripples direct success um but but whenever you did sell it in this in the beginning it was it was you Sold it as a security but that’s why the arguments are like kind of back and forth right because they’re like well they had a freaking Ico right and you can’t tell me like that eth like the the token didn’t depend on like the Ico success and all these other things and So I mean we’ll just see what happens I think xrp is going to actually surprise some people um but but also like I get that feeling a little bit more now that you were talking about with like Brett garlinghouse he seems like a man of the People when he’s like at the xrp Las Vegas Convention like he’s taking pictures with like all these like like you know normies like regular people but then like he’s also on the board of the world economic Forum I think or was yeah previously and to me that connection right there is like That’s where he needs to be like that’s who’s going to be using it again it’s not these these you know the xrp Army they’re not freaking using an xrp they’re not sending into each other it’s so like I don’t even know why they like it because they were early and They made money from three three to Thirty cents in the 2017 bull run like and they’re they’re loyal to it but and they believe that they got screwed in 2020 and they missed the last board on and they’re you know it’s kind of like the pulse ain’t crazy so we’re still Owen Richard it’s just like you know it’s there they made money with hex and they made money with the xrp so they’re just I just don’t get it I just I I just hate it so much it’s one of those things where I I oh I hate xrp yeah I can feel Your hate I know dude I just I don’t even like talking about it’s not crypto like it runs on crypto rails and that’s it like you see all of this is true but just like just like xbt says here it doesn’t have to make money and let’s Look at what else is in the top ten would you willingly hold xrp cardano dos like half of the top ten is just I wouldn’t I wouldn’t and the other half of the other half is like b2c East and then a bunch of stuff that depends that’s a derivative I mean like it’s Just yeah it’s basically the coins put on a different level right it’s like upper level to where like there’s so there’s still so much investment in it yeah to where it matters right like I mean like like those coins to me is just still like it’s it’s the reason why we have Coins right yeah it literally is the reason why we have coins right right granddaddy of all coins trying to die but it just for some reason gets revived well it keeps walking I I actually think Solana got effed by by uh FTX yeah yeah because I mean I do there’s definitely Fundamentals of that blockchain that I don’t agree with and they need to that it shouldn’t be that way so I’ll never be on there but in terms of like technical or technology advancements I think that Solana has some of the most talented devs right like because of rust Well yeah and and then the you have the phone you have the hive mapper you have like helium is helium off of there yes okay so so just went there exactly so these are actually like utility like solid utility type projects that are being used today right like in um but The fact that talk about centralized I mean the fact that like they they’re Whoever has their admin keys can just freaking press pause whenever they want like that’s scary as to me right like yeah I don’t I don’t want to be on anything that can do that and I know that pretty Much everything can probably do that right but you you you jeopardize you jeopardize well yeah you jeopardize the the reputation and the value of the overall for sure token and stuff but there’s ways to make money even on these garbage coins I want to call them chefs There’s ways to make money on these garbage coins no problem I won’t hold them because I I’m not a Trader I’m an investor yeah I mean that sounds silly saying that but I’m not a day trader I don’t have the skill and I don’t have the temperament to do that so I’m I’m Whatever’s left over after you move day trading um so but I won’t touch I won’t touch them because I I can’t play those games but I appreciate you know guys who can make money on them but I’m not touching them because they’re all garbage and there’s there’s gems to be found Um below the below the top ten um those I’m interested in yeah speaking of being interest um I don’t know if you guys saw uh Camelot over the last week but it went from um four thousand dollars um down to about thirteen hundred and uh I’m a Camelot holder every time Uh the Grail token camera girl yeah yeah and I actually purchased more of that over the last two days I saw it down to 1300 I was like oh yeah in the past couple weeks I mean it was a sense it’s just a short time ago I know and I’m a Huge fan of what they’re doing over there in the I mean that there really are the D5 of the arbitrome and um you know arbitrum down as well I think Arboretum hit like a dollar ten uh from its peak of like a dollar sixty so I Mean um I’m I definitely think that that token is very undervalued and uh and I don’t know why I thought of it but yeah um growl was one of my big my big buys over the last couple days yeah it’s one of the gems below the top ten right I Mean that’s that’s what I’m talking about like you it’s number 800.

80 000 total Max Supply yeah it’s very small yeah I’m not 100 sure but it’s very small let me ask you guys what do you guys think about these um these uh primary primary dexes on These layer twos layer ones right like for example like camelot’s trying to be the emerge to be that that top decks or is besides Sushi and unit swap so that’s that’s where like I’m I’m like thinking right because I don’t think sushi in uni are on avax right No you have a Trader Joe right yeah you have Trader Joe so so Trader Joe can dominate uh avax because it’s Trader Joe and yeah you know and then on Chronos you have VVS or mad meerkat Finance those two kind of battle it out right but VBS is probably the main one there Right now they don’t have uni or they don’t have the other one so my my question is the ones that do have uniswap sushi swap is it harder for a Camelot to emerge as the primary decks there I mean I I think camelot’s like branding and everything is solid like I think They it they would 100 dominate if if uni and Sushi wasn’t there they’d be for sure hands down I I think um there’s there’s a few things that the sushi stuff doesn’t have I mean they’re a launch pad they they have a round table of projects that they work for that they Vouch for so um and they they have like um incentives yeah different different staking because I know Union swap has some staking there and like so basically um you can you can get x-grail and then you can get um there’s three different things you can get you can get incentives from the Launch pad you can get incentives from the trading and then you can get incentives from a third uh top of my head but yeah there’s like three different options you can put your X girl into and then it locks it up for a long time and tokenomics are amazing and Only five percent of the total Supply went to the devs so and I I think that’s that’s you know that’s like I think it’s like 60 goes to liquidity pools to you know to obviously keep everything going so it is a lot different than uni but I Guess unit swap it is on arbitrary and I think Camelot is still the most used decks really okay and and what they’re staking did they have like some astronomical number whenever they first launched I mean yeah it was insane I think it’s okay if it’s a short period Of time right it was it was if it’s a short period of time and it rebalances to let’s let’s say like a I don’t know like a 80 APR for a little bit longer and then it gets down to like a realistic number then I’m okay with that But I think like where the problem comes is is like whenever they’re staking and they launched a new token within their ecosystem and then that’s an astronomical number and then they launch another new token because what can happen and I think we saw this with pink Cell possibly on BSC is that what they would do is they would launch projects but it’s really probably them they’re devs that were launching those right but then like super high AP apy then you lose new new project super high apy same thing right so exactly exactly so I think You know you got to be careful with and then really pay attention closely you know what projects are they launching are they doing these astronomical apis like every other week I don’t think they can do that because we’re not an environment to do that right now anyways So you know from everything that I’ve seen with Camelot they look solid um you know in it and as long as they’re not like doing any type of hyperinflation which I staked with them for a little bit when you told me about it and they’re not it doesn’t seem like They are at least you know then I think I think they’re a solid solid play now think about polygon like who who’s their main decks uh uni swap exactly right so like they they didn’t even try like no one tried over there you know no no one was like No it was like we’re not gonna even like polygon didn’t even try to come out and and like you know develop their own butt but yeah I actually leads into our next uh topic here um uh unit swap a D5 Powerhouse announced today that they will be deploying on polka dot this Follows a governance vote by blockchain at Michigan and I’m not really sure what that is I’m looking at the sweet box chain at Michigan but anyway it’s an educational organization unit swap V3 will be on Moonbeam so Moonbeam is one of um I I I hold moving and it’s one of My favorite projects on polka dot because it is an evm on polka dot and it’s kind of like it it really is like I said it before it’s like the Las Vegas to the Los Angeles like anything that goes into polka dot needs to come through a Moonbeam and uh there’s other Other doorways opening up now as of as star going evm and wasm so there is other different um Avenues now but in the beginning to get on from Cosmos or get Owen from an evm you need to go through Moonbeam and uh now with uniswap over there they do have Stella swap Which I’m a big fan of and I’m actually holder of that token as well but like but anyway um so I was a little bit like ah crap because I I am a holder of X Stella which I’m locked up because I can single Stake it and um so when I heard uni swap was coming over there it’s going to take a lot of value from Stella swap so any opinions on that yeah um so just to combine this with the with the last one maybe um I I have trouble seeing the long-term Business case for any of the dexes okay for several reasons first of all um player participants in the space don’t participate in the space so they can use the decks using a DEX is is a means to a bigger end and as technology can push exchanging as a function deeper below The user experience where you’re not even aware of it anymore then it doesn’t really matter which decks is being used for you you don’t you’re not going to uniswap you’re just simply doing a swap and you don’t care and know about it um secondly when you see markets where You have such product parity meaning whether you swap on Beethoven or you swap on unit swap it’s all the same things you so it’s a it’s a race to uh who’s gonna give me the cheapest or the most benefits you know what it’s it’s a Race to who’s ever going to give me the cheapest because the products are the same the services are identical across what you find is in those kinds of markets then it becomes a winner take all and you know examples of that where it’s happened in the past are are like You know long distance phone calls you know did you did the fact you were using MC were making a call on MCI make it a better or different call versus a t no it was the same so if all you can compete on is the price and you’re Driving to zero and your service becomes subsumed in the infrastructure so that no one’s even aware they’re using it anymore that that is that is a perfect recipe pay for a winner take all and who’s the winner it’s going to take all well somebody who’s going to be able to Play in as many different places as possible which means uniswap Sushi swap it needs a player like that so you’ve got these Niche players like Camelot yeah if it owns Arboretum great all that means is it’s a big fish and a really tiny pond that’s going to be swallowed Up in that winner take all dynamic as it progresses so it’s great for now yeah but I just long term I just don’t see dexing being yeah just it’s not a great business unless you can add things so for example take Camelot for example they’ve got their Nitro pools so yeah You can LP and create your pools just like you can all over the other place but then they have their Nitro pools okay so that’s something different so now they’ve broken product parity they’re not offering the same they’re offering the same plus so unless a DEX Can offer that plus I just have trouble seeing that if there’s a a future or a value and then which means then their token I that’s that would be a class of tokens I would touch because I don’t know when that game tilts inexorably in Favor of of the the why would this come down to utility like what each each of the utilities tokens are happening and yeah it could be they have to gamified they have some gambling they have really all different like niches and that that’s kind of cool because you can kind Of go over there and you can kind of like okay camelot’s backing these guys yeah they’re undocs but camelot’s giving me the thumbs up so yeah which gives you the reason to go to Camelot or gives you the reason to use spooky swap like because because they’ve broken product Parity they’re doing something else that you were interacting with but until they unless unless that happens again it’s just I’m quite happy if Sushi or if uniswap eats everything because then I’ve just got one place to go and I can move a thing from point A to any point Anything which is really nice yeah uh so I agree with both of you guys but I do think that you know a good and well in my opinion a decent analogy is like Banks right like you have a regional bank or like a credit union and and you Get benefits from being in a credit union right and so that’s where this could be like you know like a Capital One or like a Bank of America is going to be like the unit Swap and Sushi swap they’re gonna touch all these other chains but then you on uh on a arboretum Uh Camelot could be like that Regional Bank or that credit union but why am I banking with them or why am I using Camelot it’s because I have my money staked there because they’re offering me this I feel comfortable with Camelot because I came up in Arboretum kind of Like get small get small came up in Arboretum he might just feel comfortable with Camelot you know and so I I don’t think there’s gonna be a ton of people like that I think majority is going to think like you niblets but there’s probably going to be a small percentage So I think it’s kind of it’s it’s like they’re risking to be able to take advantage of those small markets to to you know because at the end of the day if what is supposed to happen with crypto happens and mass adoption happens there’s gonna be so much money that they Can make money even in this yeah no you’re you’re I mean that’s it’s a great analogy between between Banking and savings and loans and credit unions and other things like that like so the value proposition of a credit union is you know is twofold one it it tries to offer you better rates Um and then secondly it tries to offer you more personalized service because you know it’s your small Credit Union your Regional it knows you it knows the space and so you would go there because it can give you something that Wells Fargo just simply can’t um even though Wells Fargo give you some Other things so yeah perfect so for those decks is to have a future yeah they got to find where they can add something else but even when they can add something else that credit union that you go to probably has three or four branches and we’ll probably only Ever have three or four like yep it’s never going to play outside that small field that it’s in yep but they make enough money to work exactly so and it could be like a USAA type situation in the future when there’s so much liquidity in crypto that it makes sense For like them to be like okay you can only be a member of or use Camelot if you I don’t know have done this or interacted with this protocol and you have to be a member like you know like kind of USA you had to be related to Someone that was in the military or something you know something like that I mean we you know I’m talking obviously 10 20 years down the line yeah there’s that much liquidity on the chains but you know crypto never surprises me I feel like you know there’s something new happening Um year after year so we’ll see missing one small point and that’s that I have governance in the protocol as well you know like I like except like unit swap the tokens are just spread out all over all different chains you got to hold a crap load of them to get Governance and they’re a lot more expensive like so you know like this is 800 market cap so me holding a few of these gives me a lot more governance than if you hold thousands of uniswell that’s fair that’s fair but now think about it a slightly different way maybe It’s not uniswap or sushi swap maybe it’s defy llama you can already go to D5 llama and specify what what swap you want to make and it will tell you exactly where to make it and you can do it right on D5 alarm like so all it Needs to do is take you the one step further and not tell you what decks it’s going to use just execute the transaction at the lowest cost and you don’t have to worry about it so you know there could be another layer who becomes the um you certainly certainly seems to be Positioning itself to take over a lot of spaces I put in the work man they do they do it and it’s good stuff their tools are awesome like I love using the tools I need to use them more yeah they’ve got some stuff I’ve never used a swap or anything over There so I I actually should just in case there’s an airdrop so it’s super like I started using it not to execute swaps but it’s right and the fringes just to find out what is the path between these two things yeah yeah you know and so it’ll tell you here’s the Path oh and by the way click the button to execute your transaction like oh well yeah duh of course let’s do that so but yeah because some because when you’re playing like we play in the edges of things it is really hard to figure out You know what is this what is this crazy path I’ve got to take to get my X into a y into a y coin anyway yeah so check it out it’s it’s um it’s it’s definitely it’s good stuff all right so the next thing I got here Is um so post chain finally launched after uh two long years they’ve uh so the sacrifice uh was it I think I think it was 2021 uh May of 2021 and it was supposed to be I think uh a few months I think it was like a year they were Saying the last May was supposed to launch it it never did so it was a year late and it came out and it is uh not what it was going to be so by far so what happened so um uh so it it dropped last Friday while we were live And uh it was crazy because like I got off I got off the live and I saw my phone post chain launched I’m like oh crap so I ran over to um my metamask I pumped in the uh the the pulse chain the post chain stuff and I went on and Um uh I had a whole bunch of ER so what post James was it just copied ethereum and it gave you all the erc20 tokens you had in your ethereum wallets in the post chain wallet so I had a bunch of like Zen and a whole bunch of other different Erc20s that I was able to swap for pulse so I I got like like two million posts from these copies I mean too many pulse is only like 80 bucks but it was still pretty cool that I I had gas money and stuff for the for the chain and um so I Just I had dumped I had some uh some uni swap I had some some Zen stuff I was just dumping all my copied things for the the the native chain uh token pulse but and then uh this man Jack Levin comes along and he’s like I’m gonna pump A Zen on this thing so he launches Zen on uh post Jane it’s his uh posting his own version of Zen so it had to send copy and now he put on their P Zen so now there’s P Zen on there and it clogged up Pulse so quickly and all Richard’s Richard was saying it’s good it’s going to be faster than ethereum can be cheaper than ethereum it’s gonna be so much this and Jack Levin said nope you’re going to be slow with ethereum and you’re going to be as expensive as ethereal and Jack Levin and the zenians Came over and that’s the thing too it’s like so the only people that were able to transact on the Chain were the the hexagons you know because they did they they sacrificed for posts and stuff like me I wasn’t really able to do much over there because I only had like 80 bucks Worth of gas and Jack jacked it up to where like it was like 30 40 bucks for a transaction at some points and like it was like what’s the difference between this and ethereum and it’s you know it’s it was like one of those It’s Just Jack Came in and just punched uh post chain in his neck and said uh don’t worry X1 is going to be on bitcoin and ethereum so I thought that was pretty crazy your title I thought I think your title is going to create a lot of high blood pressure and Am I wrong though am I wrong they not lose the Jack in the first week the first Bell I I mean look I don’t I think it was honestly like it was a it was a great like from looking from a technical pers perception standpoint it was a great great stress test You know for for the chain it was great but at the same time like like he probably was like like I I don’t know I I need to watch what I say because I feel like it could definitely come out the wrong way um let’s just say that it was it was in The long term this is probably better for pulse chain because they they see what they need to fix right um I mean there’s only nine validators on the Chain so there’s only nine different computers that are pumping these transactions through so I mean what Jack Did on kind of debunk that and say like the nine value should have no problem companies throw so it I don’t know I I’m team Zen so um sorry hexians but uh I I feel like you know when X1 launches next year I think it’s gonna blow out uh you know Pulse chain and all that stuff so yeah and the funny part is uh uh Jack is around because Richard had him on the live stream and like like people like kind of went to Jack is because like Richard was the first person Richard like respected and wasn’t like like you know dismantled him Um on the on the live stream he was like respecting him and stuff because you know Jack the 21st uh employee of Google Jack you know created the drag and drop like he created and then and then Jack comes around and invents Zen and clogs up ethereum and you know and clogs up All the other chains and actually given these chains use cases though as well yeah and now polls didn’t have a use case there was nothing to do on there didn’t he block Jack yeah on Twitter but yeah I mean I I don’t know the the weird Thing was is like didn’t they have like a completely like customized like chain that they created and then they trashed that or something and then like kind of like a last-ditch effort was like three months ago so I don’t know what’s true and what’s not like because I’m hearing like different things so What I’m saying is I’m regurgitating what I’m seeing on Twitter which is probably not the best thing to do but you know uh the the what I got from the storyline was to try to create it it was taking forever it wasn’t working out wasn’t able to figure it out and so they Said okay well we need to launch this thing so they they did a copy of ethereum they launched it three months later and from my understanding is three months is not a long enough time to to stress test to test in general um uh ethereum right yeah and so this Was bound to happen and one of the pulse chain I think he might have been a developer maybe just someone that’s highly up in their Community or something but he was he made a point that said hey look like no matter what like whenever you drop Zen X1 you’re Gonna have bugs with software bugs and blah blah yeah I I don’t think that’s the problem the problem is is how you react to it you know like like you can have bugs whenever you launch something but if you’re not able to react to it Like and and fix the issue like in a certain amount of time then you start to lose a certain amount of respect as it goes on yeah well um so so I’m I just want to give a little context to what what you said so basically um he always want the fork ethereum Ethereum was that that was the the whole point of it went to Fork ethereum he wanted to uh give everyone the biggest airdrop of all time with all these copied erc20s and but um at the time ethereum was proof of work so he was trying to convert it to proof of stake Himself gotcha failed miserably and this is in my opinion this is just how I say it I could be wrong but I don’t think I am and then once uh ethereum went from proof of work proof of stake he let metallic do all the work for him and Then really started working on it after the merch and that’s why it took he basically scrapped nine months of trying to do it himself just realized you know I’m just better off with uh you know with um with a vitalik doing it for me and then did the copy So and and his biggest mistake too I think is the block Explorer he’s not paying ether scan so he’s using like otter like otter scan like he’s not even using block Explorer like it’s it’s too expensive it’s very expensive it’s the it’s insanely expensive but he has two Billion dollars I know I don’t get it that’s people sacrifice make your chain make your chain amazing but again I think he’s using that money he wants to eventually use that money to prop up the pulse of the price of pulse because that is the best marketing when you can say Hi uh post chain 100x yeah no no I don’t know anything about pulse chain at all this is all new information for me gotcha it it sounds like it sounds like it might be something uh I would I would want to avoid um yeah it’s it’s the Battle of Devon it Sounds rather messy yeah it’s it’s I I’m actually uh I know I just talk Channel post but I probably will be purchasing some pulse just because um like hex did a 10 000x and uh missing out on Ten Thousand X’s again right you can trade garbage and make money on it so Well this is such a huge Community these these guys that are back in this chain are you know they’re they’re they’re they’re freaking months like the community is monsters so it’s it’s just one of those things and uh we do gotta comment real quick uh heart is even bigger griffer than Metallic oh I agree I agree with that so uh I mean he’s funny because like like whenever he’s getting pressure from the SEC also like he takes everything down from his Twitter they all said like one by one it goes back up like pulse change development creative founder hex founder and then All of a sudden like sec’s after him again all of it comes back down he doesn’t live in the United States you know he’s he did he was back here I think he went to the weekend concert with big boy like and he left again like I don’t on to the next Uh that I mean like I said before I I probably will own eventually some something there’s going to be some projects they’ll probably launch on there and do well and do like thousand X and stuff just because yeah copies yeah what we have here I mean that’s what that’s what almost all EVMS Do anyways I know with all the coins with all the coins and tokens that you own you must have got the largest airdrop from pulse out of anybody you should I don’t have a lot of ercs oh and okay like I’m over the place I’m with Phantom I’m one medic I’m one you know I got one arbit room you know oh wow I did have a shitload of Zen I I um so um I eventually sold on my zen but I guess when the air when the snapshot happened I had I had like I had probably A giant bag of Zen for like two weeks and the airdrop had to be in between those two weeks because that was right it was right when it kind of took off and I sold a little too early but I did make a few x’s on it so but like it’s a Snapshot for pulse chain must have been and like mid-april because that’s when I had the giant bags like I didn’t have it last Friday and then when I checked my uh my zen style I mean my uh my post chain uh copies and if you have ERC wow It’s yo load up posting see if you have anything like uh dump it if you can yep but um it was it was easier to obviously it was easier to dump last week when um the chain really was closed but you might still have some stuff with some Value so yeah I’m gonna look what’s causing Zenda pump I saw that like the past couple days it’s down right now but uh okay so uh Phoenix uh launched last Saturday yeah right now it’s uh 0.0024 huh that’s weird maybe I was talking about Phoenix I don’t know it was up yesterday okay That’s one thing with Zen you can move this thing with a thousand dollars [Laughter] gotcha because it’s such a small I think it’s like a 20 million dollar market so it’s so small but um so um Phoenix let’s talk about Phoenix um it’s actually one of the topics I was talking about Phoenix uh last week so Phoenix launched on Saturday I I burnt for it uh I was I was at my uh son’s birthday party and Phoenix launch and I’m just like oh I got to burn some Zen but uh yes I launched at one o’clock and Uh so I was sitting down burning some Zen I I did I did I did my my birthdays for 2024 and 2025 and uh it’s just it’s just basically it’s a long-term play for me obviously um Phoenix is going to be Loosely um a peg to Zen because anytime you want To buy Phoenix it’s 10 000 uh Zen will get you one Phoenix so I I burnt like a good a really good amount for each of them I think I burnt like 700 hours for each birthday so I’m hoping to 10x 20x 100x that so we’ll see what happens and Like the the first uh the first pool party will be in 13 days and that’ll be like uh the basically like the apy and that’s the percentage of the burning and all that so like I said before every time all all the Phoenix I burned I got One and then one went into the pool and then uh uh everyone will receive receive that once we get to the next pool party but if someone’s stake ends or if someone uh pulls out early that sin will go to the I’m sorry that Phoenix will go To the rest of the stakers so that’s kind of helps the the pool party and that’s why it’s good to do really long term I think 500 and 700 days or 800 days so yeah so yeah that was cool and this week uh zandoge is dropping this Saturday at Uh and it again it’ll burn it’ll burn Zen um this one’s actually pretty cool because um you you have the option to uh uh give eth away and um to donate to um so the reason Forex Doge was because um uh Jack lives in Hawaii and he found Uh this dog as a puppy and he put up signs and stuff all over the place and he ended up keeping it so something like this is crypto yeah I know this is good though so people are obsessed with Skyjack Levin I am one of those but Anyway so they created uh Zen zandoge uh and it’s a picture of of Jack’s dog is is the cover and basically you’re able to once you burn for um the Doge X Doge token you you are able to donate to a uh uh a dog charity I think it’s called uh whatever they’re Called but you’re able to and the uh it’ll go to a multi-sig that Jack has a part of it and they will send that to a proper donation spot for um for pets so it’s kind of It kind of has a point but then you also burn Your Zen and um you get the X Doge token but the EXO token has a cap and this is the cool part so uh right now I think it’s going to be uh 1000 Zen for every one uh X Doge but the first 15 of the Supply you get a 1500 bonus so in the first 15 One X dose you’ll get you 16 I’m sorry one uh 10 000 I’m sorry one thousands and we’ll get you 16 x Doge but the longer you wait so it’ll start with 15 go to twenty percent and then 30 so like It the amount drops so it’ll be fifteen hundred percent uh a thousand percent 500 so the earlier you get in the better which potentially could burn a ton of Zen in the first hour yeah so it I mean it for in in for all The X Doge to be put on the market you have to burn 15 trillion Zen and right now there’s only 12 trillions then on the market so you’d have to burn the entire Supply to get out of to get um X Doge to complete is this launching on the Doge chain Now this is launching on um uh it’s one it’s on ethereum first and then it’s Matic the following week but um so the the Doge chain um uh is not friends with Jack because Jack destroyed it so it couldn’t handle the Zen the the Zen transactions over there so they just They just stopped Zen over there so I doubt it’s gonna it’s gonna drop over there so the the core developers stopped it yeah they stopped Zen your rap Dogecoin so yeah so I I hope I’ve explained that correctly but yeah Phoenix was success In my eyes um it burned um 800 I want to say no 80 billion Zen in the first week and this is a slow burner this is something that’s not what it’s not going to burn quickly it’s going to burn like as people’s leisures because there’s no Really no rush until you know up until the 14th day and then you kind of want to get in before that but then every 14 days there will be another pool party so you won’t get in before that so this will it’s going to burn Zen slow but Over time it’ll it’ll burn a lot and but zendos will burn potentially I think that the 15 with the 1500 uh percent bonus I think that’ll burn within minutes it’s going to cause ethereum guest fees to fly up at um 11 o’clock this eastern time this Saturday so I’ll Be looking forward to that I’m I will be burning again just because I want the X1 airdrop and uh I’m not sure how Jack’s going to present the token like if he says like uh certain percentage of the supply will go to um Zen Doge burners uh percentage of Supply will go to Phoenix burners and uh part of Supply with a DVD Zen burners I don’t know how that’s going to work but I’m just doing it anyway just so if that is how it works then I will get a piece of potential every project that burned and because I I will I’m a huge fan of the X1 uh blockchain that Jack is building because Jack said potentially it could its sediment layer could be Bitcoin so uh the X1 chain could be on it could be the bridge from Bitcoin to ethereum I’m not sure how he’s going to do it but like I believe In Jack so um see we’ll see what happens with that uh we should just call this the Jack Levin podcast I mean like I obviously I respect him like his intelligence and everything it’s just sometimes it is hard to keep up with like where he’s trying to put His all over the place you know hand prints right but it’s obviously strategic and intentional it’s not just some random crazy that’s just like launching tokens here and there and there and here he has a strategy behind it are you sure he’s not I mean I don’t know I mean I will say like the BRC stuff I did at one point I was like uh what are you doing I’m like so you just basically minted five different tokens which one do I buy right you know am I buying and so I was just like you know what I actually Uh approached it as like I’m just throwing this away but I’m buying it and if it turns into something then it turns into something but it was it wasn’t like a large amount or anything but yeah never know all right let’s get into uh my favorite Part of the show uh the defy discussions uh weekly um uh DCA so for anyone doesn’t know uh it says every week but anyone who’s missing that’s new um we basically get a hundred dollars in fake money and we DCA into anything we want uh so right now uh total balance is Three thousand dollars with um a total profit loss of 987 which is 23.5 percent and uh so we will each get 100 hours today and we will dollar cost averaging the things we like and potentially over time we’re gonna see um how this goes and if we’re if we’re just idiots and Just lost all this fake money or if we’re on to something here and uh we just turn this uh DCA into a million dollar portfolio um who wants to go first I’m looking up something so one of you all can go first I’ll actually go first um I’m gonna do Grail Because it is something that I bought myself in my own portfolio and we don’t have it over here so I’m gonna put my hundred dollars into Instagram yeah I’m just looking at his chart yeah it’s dropped 40 in the past month and um that just feels like such a bargain Hunting opportunity it really is not Financial a.

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