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It’s Not Easy Being King (The Crypto King That is) Date: in: Bitcoin 11 Views It is always significantly easier being behind the scenes than finally stepping into the spotlight. On April 28, the author came out into the spotlight as, “The Crypto King,” announcing our first major project. One would expect an exuberant experience,…

It’s Not Easy Being King (The Crypto King That is) Date: in: Bitcoin 11 Views
It is always significantly easier being behind the scenes than finally stepping into the spotlight. On April 28, the author came out into the spotlight as, “The Crypto King,” announcing our first major project. One would expect an exuberant experience, but it has been a mix of highs and lows. CNBC Announcement Sponsored Links
It all started with an unexpected meeting between myself (Founder of Anonymous Bitcoin) and Ran Neu-Ner of CNBC at a conference in Miami. He was in the process of setting up when having lent a hand ended up leading to an impromptu interview and announcement on CNBC for our new fork of ZCL and BTC, Anonymous Bitcoin. It is amazing how being active and networking can lead to such significant occurrences. Offering to help led to our first announcement being broadcast on CNBC . This was the first time in history that a new coin fork was announced on CNBC and the broadcast set the record for most watched Crypto Trader episode.

It seems Anonymous Bitcoin, secured one of the biggest announcement platforms in history.
A fork announcement on CNBC could not have been a better introduction to the world regarding who the Anonymous Bitcoin team was, and what we represent. However, with anything positive come the extensive backlash from competitors (different privacy coins) and the crypto community’s hesitant approach to forking a cryptocurrency. These nerves are warranted as crypto has been riddled with scams.

However, the goal of the Anonymous Bitcoin team is to be completely transparent, and in demonstrating the transparent process of forking, set a new standard for how crypto projects should be managed. The coin may be called Anonymous Bitcoin due to its impressive zk-SNARKs anonymity features, but the team, the project, and the goals are anything but anonymous.
Transparency has led the team to hire a production team to film conferences and the dev team on a weekly basis to show that forks take extensive work and if completed correctly are the furthest thing from a fraud. What our team is capable of doing is combining valuable technology from multiple coins, and then giving it away for free to all holders of the underlying tokens (ZCL and BTC). Anonymous Bitcoin will incorporate zk-SNARKs privacy technology along with the ability to maintain masternodes, incentivizing long-term holders of Anonymous Bitcoin. These features coupled with an impressive team, set of advisors, a CNBC announcement (first for a fork!), and many surprises to come will demonstrate why forks are not only a positive thing for the crypto community but can be handled transparently without delays.

Sunshine and Rainbows?
Well, it is not quite sunshine and rainbows. One of the nicer aspects of being the Founder of Anonymous Bitcoin is waking up to reading supportive messages from the community thanking you for your contributions to crypto.

However, for every one positive message, there are ten negative ones. Most of which would be considered illegal in the majority of countries (including my own). This was one of the less expected occurrences. It makes sense that if you enter a marketplace, especially one with competitors already vying for footing it should be expected to make some waves.

However, receiving hate mail on an unprecedented scale shows the lows some individuals drop to, to express their distaste.
Most individual’s hate is solely their own unfortunate situation or poor decision making. Regardless, of where this anger stems from it is important to address that regardless of your directing it at our team we will continue to remain strong and persevere through the negative comments and trolling. Hopefully, sooner than later individuals from competing (and in some instances inferior) coins will relax and go back to trolling other projects.
Past forks have had absurd delays, added no value to the community, never had major exchange listing, had fallouts with their founders, were complete scams entirely, or lost all community support.
No fork in history had a televised announcement proclaiming the existence of their new coin. Very few forks to date have been completed on time professionally and transparently led by a team of intellectuals and blockchain geniuses. It is not surprising that many members of other communities feel intimidated as our presence is already being felt across the crypto space.

We understand friendly competition, but the hate that is spewed from the mouths of other communities is rancid and should cease. There should be no reason team members are waking up with inboxes full of hate mail.
However, one thing is certain.

The more the minority of the public provokes and states horribly negative comments regarding the team, the harder they strive to succeed. The crypto community (those holding ZCL or BTC) are about to be given a stakeable, anonymous, top exchange-listed privacy coin at no cost, yet they have complaints? Anonymous Bitcoin is Here to Stay!
It seems Anonymous Bitcoin within a week of announcing their fork has already been noticed by some of the larger competitors in the crypto space (a CNBC interview does that). Our philosophy is vastly different than most other coins. We expect complete transparency with all crypto projects, and we do not need to be the “only one.” Why is it important to choose between a burger from McDonald’s and a burger from Burger King? Can’t both communities exist and enjoy their chosen burger without having to provoke one another intentionally? The crypto community is a testosterone-driven space where everyone is trying to attack each other’s project.

Instead, a new approach should be taken.
All cryptos rise with the tide. Like all industries, there can be multiple competitors that can succeed with teams that are all equally successful.
However, for when things truly get out of hand it is always important to have a legal team behind your project to ensure guidelines are followed, laws are abided by, and to engage any truly vulgar message board, blog, or individual that has crossed the line.

The Anonymous Bitcoin team is completely transparent, we take suggestions from our social media channels daily and would love to hear from you:
Reddit: AnonymousBitcoin
The Anonymous Bitcoin team is here, proud and are looking forward very much to proving wrong any of the most vocal doubters while demonstrating for our supporters what true success and transparency look like.

To get in contact directly with the Crypto King, you can on Twitter (@JbtheCryptoKing) or Reddit (ICO updates and Daily Reports). Category: Altcoins, Commentary, News.

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