Top performers for the day uh we had an amazing move to the upside um of around 14 in the last 15-20 hours which is absolutely amazing and what is now very important I can already tell you this we actually we claimed a massive level this is a Macro level so let’s look back…

Top performers for the day uh we had an amazing move to the upside um of around 14 in the last 15-20 hours which is absolutely amazing and what is now very important I can already tell you this we actually we claimed a massive level this is a Macro level so let’s look back really quickly I mean this is obviously such a massive support from back here and even here on the daily chart we could see at this area we got rejected then holding for one day until we then moved up higher the next day that was back then The 28th of June so almost one year of a level and then look at this right just uh literally perfect support area we actually lost it on the smaller time rims but looking at it now on the one day chart this is actually looking like We we claim that now we are holding at this and now the next important thing is of course that we’re really holding in this area but this is not necessarily A bullish candle um so we definitely still have to wait a bit for this to be confirmed also on the Four hourly time frame we have a few things that are a little bit concerning let’s go over this really quickly and of course I’m talking about the EMA ribbon again so um you guys know how much I love to use them for the overall trend and whenever we are below the EMA Ribbon usually they are acting as a very very big resistance as soon as we get back above them the 20ma which is the yellow one acting as a support um definitely something that I’m waiting for and usually when we test the 20 EMA on the for hourly chart properly that is Leading to really really nice continuations up further but as I said so far yet again another rejection so looking back right here we can clearly see we got rejected one whoops one two three times even here four times five times six times seven times in a row so That is still a very big level that we have to reclaim and then it is time to be more bullish again but we are now back above a very important support So this whole support Zone from 9085 all the way down to 8567 is going to be the Most important support for now and that is actually a very good thing because we now do have the support just below us and hopefully we can then use this momentum to move up higher and take another position and a long trade to the upside right that would really be a nice Scenario we are bouncing from a yearly support getting above the EMA ribbon bouncing off the 20ma and then trading this to the upside and by the way if you also want to trade a lunar classic or any other cryptocurrency make sure to check out Maxi that is where I’m trading And also most people from our community are trading there now we are trading there because they have by far the lowest trading fees and on top of that a really nice bonus for our community this is an exclusive bonus which you won’t find anywhere else no kyc so you can Also stay Anonymous and also available to users from the United States without a VPN and of course guys high volume and high liquidity Maxi is really a top tier exchange and in my opinion still very very underrated so make sure to check them out they will get you to this page And I just wanted to show you the fees here again because I think this is absolutely brilliant and by far my most favorite feature I think this is even better than the the bonus so you can receive a 9100 US dollar bonus for trading but the fees are so much better Because in the long run You’re Gonna Save a lot more than that if you are really a serious Trader 0.02 takeoff fees and zero percent maker fees you won’t find this anywhere else um and also the new slogan is actually you know low speed science profit so a Big shout out to Maxine and make sure to check the model link is in the description and now let’s continue with the update of Luna classic so we had a really nice volume increase and also ustc is actually performing very very well which is amazing to see obviously these two are highly correlated Um three percent up for today and this overall move is up 23 percent to the peak which is really really amazing but also here we can see the EMA ribbon acting as a resistance so you get another Confluence that we must get above the EMA ribbon right that is a Very important level now I want to go to the one hourly chart because um no actually this is the one only yeah that’s it um we can see here again 200 EMA also acting as resistance we could see here we had a fake order back here there was A 26th of April then very clear resistance here again aligning perfectly with the channel and now again the 200 EMA on the one hourly chart is actually aligning with the four hourly EMA ribbon so yet again another Confluence resistance area right here so just furthermore confirming that we Really want to see a break above the MMA ribbon for a bullish scenario no what can we see on the RSI um I’ve been talking about this before as well and it actually seems like this now has played out um you know I’m always honest about this I didn’t expect This to really happen I thought we would invalidate this but looking at this I was showing you this previously there was really the only bullish argument that we had for Lula classic we can clearly see we’re making lower lows on the price while on the RSI making slightly higher lows and then Even on the one hourly chart if I remember correctly yes I do remember correctly we haven’t had another bullish Divergence right here very slightly but still it is a bullish Divergence and it now seems like this actually played out perfectly but yeah unfortunately I did Not get any in a trade uh you know I told you this this is still a massive resistance and it was very unlikely we’re gonna break above that but this happened or this is really great to see now the next thing is that Bitcoin is going to reclaim this triangle Maybe trade it back to the upside that would really be a good scenario because that would then also give Luna classic a little bit of strength again because usually lunar classic alone is unfortunately not as strong as we wanted to be right every pump is usually retracing Um and it really always needs an outside Catalyst to get higher prices so definitely something to keep in mind but for all EMA Ruben definitely something you want to keep in mind and keep a very close eye on now the daily time frame it want to maybe close above the macro Level Above This support uh above 9117 there will also be a really nice confirmation uh you know some bullish sign a really nice bullish candle but so far this candle is not bullish right I want you just compare to this candle right here it was leading to lower prices This candle right here same story um and then yeah not a bullish candle so far but we are still adding macro support so that is definitely a good thing and as long as we are above the support we’re going to Tweet it as such no on coin market cap we can see Luna Classic trending on rank 13 again which is really really great to see um lunar classic is now also up 7.38 here on coin market cap and volume is up 72 which is a lot this is really really great to see volume at 92 million now a market cap Now back at 530 million which is also amazing and here we can see how nice this move to the upside was and also we can see a lot of bullish comments here which is also great to see because that still means people are interested in the project they are still supporting the Coin and believing in the future um and also another thing which I wanted to show you this is this is really really good I’ve been saying this so many times now and especially during this phase right during end of April there was not much going on with the burning but then of Course the binance burn which happens at the first of each month which is a lot right but the weather is also very important is that in between we actually consistently burning and as I said during April not not much was going on but in the last two weeks or one and a Half weeks we were looking at this and we actually saw that the trend was over going up a little bit right we were burning a little bit more and more and more and actually seems like almost 200 million 400 million 330 million and today even 57 million already so this is really Good to see that is exactly what we need to really burn the supply through and if we can keep it at this rate this was a would of course accelerate this whole process because 21 million 30 million is not really that much but 10 times more 20 times more like 400 Million that is something that we need right that is uh for the long term exactly what we’re looking for and really really important to burn this consistently um but of course for now all we can focus on is really take nice trades the next thing that I’m waiting for is Um to get a butterfly email ribbon and then I will look for a nice retest and then trade us to the upside and the moment we get above the daily BMA ribbon that’s going to be done the moment where we can really scale up our positions and Scale up the leverage and scale up the position size but for now still um the same the same idea remains we got to remain patient we’ve got to remain careful and another thing is that I don’t want to forget about of course we got CPI coming today very important we Got month over month at 0.4 at the forecast and year over year uh five percent also tomorrow we’ve got TPI which is usually not that much of an impact also unemployment claims but some something still you want to keep in mind because these news of course do have an Impact especially when they turn out better or worse than the forecast right so how I how I approach these news is usually I don’t open new positions I just keep my positions open that I already have open and right now I’m actually in quite a few positions but Then what I do is I adjust my stop loss I take some profits out you know that I’m just on the safe side and whatever happens with the news just happens if I get stopped out I get stopped out but I just have my risk adjusted right that is very important because statistics Actually suggest that people that are trading news actively more often than not they lose everything so that’s why I wouldn’t really open new positions now I would wait for the uh for the outcome and if you have positions open take some profits out adjust your stop loss you Know just get it get a little bit less of a risk exposure right so just wanted to get this out there but yeah so far lunar classic performing very well but Bitcoin right now at a crucial level as well so hopefully not drop down on bitcoin all of this triangle well guess What happens obviously that would be really bad for lunar classic as well obviously dragging it down so of course this is now very conditional we got to look at Bitcoin as well but for now that’s it for this video guys as always thank you so much for watching stay safe Everybody for today I will of course always update you if you want to trade this make sure to check out Maxi lowest fees really nice bonus no kyc the link is in the description also guys we have an amazing Discord Community with a lot of amazing people and a lot of valuable Information shared over there so come and join us there as well everything is completely for free that’s it for this update and see you on the next one goodbye 📈 *Trade on MEXC with 0% maker fees and get a $9100 bonus:* 👉 [Register, Deposit and Trade, Enjoy Bonus!] 👑 MEXC is my favorite exchange for the following reasons: 👉 0% maker fees on futures and spot! 👉 $9100 bonus 👉 NO KYC! 👉 Available to US users, NO VPN required! 👉 High volume and liquidity Join MEXC today: 🌐 *Join our community:* 🆕 Binance Exclusive 20% Spot and 10% Futures Discount: Beginner Trading Guide: (Step-By-Step Guide!) 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