The argument for Bitcoin is evolving : The Weekly Update

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Watch the latest Weekly Update where we touch on $22 Million worth of XRP sold, possible SEC investigation with Tesla’s Bitcoin purchase, an investment advisor’s concern over possible future crypto regulation, and more.00:29 Allianz Economic Advisor Says Argument for Bitcoin Is Evolving 01:37 “US Government Won’t Allow Corporates to Keep Replacing Dollars With Bitcoin” 02:08 Possible SEC Investigation Over Tesla’s Bitcoin Buy 02:50 Elon Musk Urges Dogecoin Whales to Dump Their Coins 03:23 Ripple Cofounder Jed McCaleb Sells $22 Million Worth of XRP 04:56 Launches – $100 million TVL Links: Main story: Allianz Economic Advisor Says Argument for Bitcoin Is Evolving — More Companies Will Embrace BTC as Form of Payment US Government Won’t Allow Corporates to Keep Replacing Dollars With Bitcoin, Warns Investment Advisor Elon Musk Could Face SEC Investigation Over Tesla’s Bitcoin Buy, Lawyers Warn Jed McCaleb Sells $22 Million Worth of XRP, Ripple Cofounder’s Stash Could Run Dry by May Elon Musk Urges Dogecoin Whales to Dump Their Coins — Even Offers to Pay Them ►►►Remember to subscribe to our Youtube channel and hit the bell “🔔” icon to get notifications: — ► What is Bitcoin?— Watch our Bitcoin 101 Educational Video Series and explore the countless reasons why you should start using Bitcoin today: — ► Who are we? — At we create tools that bring more economic freedom to the world, helping enhance your adoption and ease of use of cryptocurrency.We help you store your cryptocurrency securely with the fastest Bitcoin wallet on the market, and we provide you with the opportunity to send and receive Bitcoin Cash for fees reliably less than a penny per transaction.You’re able to build your cryptocurrency portfolio through our services or trade with other cryptocurrencies on our Exchange.We are true believers in Satoshi’s vision of an electronic peer to peer cash system.►Visit our main website at: ►Download our Bitcoin wallet: iOS: Android: ►Buy Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash with a Credit Card: ►Discover merchants accepting BCH near you: ►If you’re a merchant and want to accept BCH visit: ►Download the Bitcoin Cash Register App here: iOs: Android: ►Get instant privacy with CashFusion: ►Visit our Developer site and help change the world: ►Get the latest crypto-related news: ►Shop our merch at the Store: ►Find and join our mining pool here: ► Listen to our Podcast on these platforms: Follow our other social media channels: ►Twitter: ►Instagram: ►Facebook: ► ►Uptrennd: ► Video Source – Bitcoin Official Channel – FREE PDF REPORT !! 7 Steps To Turn Your PASSION Into An Online Business Most people over complicate the process of making money online.With these 7 essential steps you will be able to start your affiliate marketing business asap.Yes! I Send Me This Free Report! Crypto Currency Resources & Recommended Products The following lists are tools and resources that I put together to help anyone that is interested in crypto get a head start.

It can be quite daunting when you first get into cryptocurrencies.There is some much information out there and some much uncertainty.Disclaimer This new crypto movement is an economic revolution.While it may be an exciting time to get started with crypto currencies, this digital gold rush has a plethora of bad information out there.

The recommended products below are based on my own experience with my own personal use of these products.Disclaimer: I am not a finical advisory.I do earn a small commission if you choose to purchase any of the recommended products below.Please make sure that you do your research before you purchase any Cryptocurrencies related products or services.Coinbase – Crypto Currency Wallet & Exchange Crypto Currency Wallet & Coin Exchange Coinbase is one of the worlds leading cryptocurrency wallets.It also gives people the option to purchase and trade digital currencies like that of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Classic, Ethereum and Litecoin.

Coinbase popularity stems from its ease of entry and exit from the cryptocurrency world.It’s pretty quick to get set up and start investing in digital currencies.

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