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And forth our crypto launch pads for beginners what are they how do you make the gains which ones are the best today and at the end of this video I’ll show you which crypto I actually invested in today if you find this video useful we would love for you to smash the like…

And forth our crypto launch pads for beginners what are they how do you make the gains which ones are the best today and at the end of this video I’ll show you which crypto I actually invested in today if you find this video useful we would love for you to smash the like Button and keep coming back for more without further Ado let’s tell you what crypto launch pads are and I’ll turn it over to Joe Paris for that all right we’re gonna Dive Right into today’s video All About incubators launch pads new cryptocurrency projects but first let me share with you what an incubator In Launchpad is a crypto Launchpad allows new crypto projects to raise funds while giving investors first access to tokens if you are not familiar with with incubators and launch pads understand that they are very similar to something like Kickstarter Kickstarter is a way for new entrepreneurs who have New ideas and products to get funding and it’s basically like a GoFundMe and cryptocurrency incubators and launch pads are basically the same idea but for new cryptocurrency projects so I wanted to in this video share a variety of different incubators and launch pads that have performed incredibly well in The previous cycle and in front of the channel Jerry Banfield is also going to be weighing in on some of the crypto incubators and launch pads and his own thoughts about them because I do think that we have some differentiating opinions but my very first incubator and Launchpad that has done incredibly well Over the years is one called polka starter now pokestarter gives you early access to the ideas of tomorrow with highly vetted web 3 projects that you can trust supported by industry leading creators and funds and what I really like about pokestarter is that they started with just incubating polka dot Projects but now they have moved into a lot of different change they’ve really gone into and evolved their in entire ecosystem and one of the things that I really like about pokestarter as well is the results that they have gotten their investors some of the cryptocurrency all Coins last year did hundreds of times your money from the pre-sale price now a lot of those cryptocurrency Projects please understand will not stand the test of time a lot of these coins nine out of every 10 of them just like every business that starts will end up not Making it in the long run so this is a high risk High reward strategy when you are a very early investor think of the show shark tank for as many of the new Investments that the Sharks end up making a lot of those shark Investments don’t end up actually becoming something That makes the millions of dollars and so you’re playing a very similar game and I think it’s really fun to play though and it’s where if you do find the right project at the right time you can do incredibly well in fact last year pokestarter incubated Satan Arena Wilder World and many other projects like I said that did more than a hundred times your money and if you click on the explore projects tab this is where you can even see new projects as well as the all-time high from the Ido price and a majority are in the Green for their Investors in fact from that pre-sale price you can see tokens like matheria and quid did over 2 000 and many others doing hundreds if not thousands of percent for their investors so I really like pokestarter they have a fantastic team they’ve really evolved I think that this is definitely an incubator a launch Pad to take a look at Jerry I’m going to turn it over to you now what are some incubators and launch pads that you’ve worked with and what is your overall opinion of incubators and launch pads just in general Joe nice to be here again I’ve actually staked with GameZone In the past and I’ll talk about the bluezilla Launchpad ecosystem in general because they’re very similar Game Zone BSC pad meta vpad Etc all of these have the same basic system where you buy a certain amount of their token you stake it and then based on how much you stake You can get an allocation of up coming Launches on there such as a iPad when you stake though you commit to locking your tokens up on these for a few months and if you withdraw early a percentage of your state gets burned then when you Go to sell these you end up having a selfie on it as well so I think that launch pads are for advanced users only this is not something simple people should be doing to like just buy in and you know mess around with these are things that should require you know five Ten times the amount of research you would normally put into a project before buying into it now if you are an advanced user you’re huge into crypto there can be some big gains made like I see they had one busd to a thousand meta V pad when that launched and meta V pads Now up to like two or three cents each there’s a lot of nice multipliers you can get on the launch pads that said sometimes the allocations are so small that I wonder whether it’s worth it like who cares if I get 100 x on thirty dollars like that’s you know I made 3 000 that’s nice but if I Gotta Buy 3 000 and stake 3 000 of the token just to get access to buy thirty dollars of some new upcoming project it leaves me wondering if it’s worth my time so it looks like it’s worth your time if You’re gonna be in it for the long haul like if you see the price is tanked of Game Zone or meta vpat or be a c pad if the price tanks and you can get a big purchase like often thousands of dollars just to get a guaranteed stake and then Stake it and leave it in there and buy every single new project right when it comes out and do that for years another downside of the launch pads is when it’s a bear Market nobody wants to launch their new project so you’re just sitting there with this stuff staked and you’re Not getting anything out of it which is what I did with Game Zone I bought in The Game Zone when it was going down and left it on there and nothing launched like well that was stupid but now we’re coming into a bull market it could be a Really good time to get into these launch pads of course they all just pumped off of the you know the bull market people know it’s coming in the next year or two so what do you think is the best time to get in with these launch pads how do you use these to Actually get those multipliers that’s a really great question and I really do appreciate you saying that this is definitely more advanced in fact I have an entire program teaching people all about this entire process because there’s no one teaching this on YouTube today there’s no one teaching this in General and it is quite Advanced there’s a lot of nuance and there’s a lot of timing with this my understanding and what I have seen though is if you can find the right project and get in at the right time it can outweigh all of the Ups and downs of the staking and buying the tokens and everything else and from my own experience if you can and buy a Launchpad token at the bottom and again this is not the easiest thing to do because no one can time these things perfectly but if you were to have looked At a lot of this incubator launch pad coins like polka starter down maker c25 BSC pad all the ones that we’ve talked about here in this video and we’ll continue to share about that’s where you can not only make money on the way up with the launch pad token but then you Can also give yourself access into a lot of these other cryptocurrency projects and if those 50 to 100x even if it’s 50 to 100 that’s tens of thousands of dollars in profits now from there you can even multiply your money even more by diversification or just continuing to Play this game and like you said it’s a long-term Vision with all of this and you’re right the bear Market not a lot of projects launch in fact very few will launch because the money just isn’t there but in a bull market we have seen these projects do 50x 100x and even a Thousand times your money so even if small amount of money can turn into a big amount and again though in supply and demand so if you have a lot of people that want to get into these new projects that will dilute the amount of tokens that can actually be bought and So again it’s very nuanced you have to study you have to do your research and most people who are brand new to crypto you’re right you’re playing in the deep end of the pool here so if you’re interested in learning even more about this we have premium products for you And that’s what they’re designed to do it’s for people who are definitely more interested in that but I’m going to dive into some of the good things Jerry because I know you talked about a couple of negatives some of the good things here with the launch pads I’m even going To share one other example of course the gains are really what people are looking for but also you get to be in early to new projects and I think what you’re really learning from an incubator in a launch pad is to study and understand these new projects and also if you like A project and you don’t have a bigger allocation you can just buy it as soon as the cryptocurrency launches in fact fact that’s how I turned ten thousand dollars into two hundred and fifty thousand in one week I didn’t even get into a pre-sale I wasn’t able to even be In that because I didn’t have it it wasn’t available but I just bought on spot because I was researching these new coins in fact that’s where I believe all the opportunity in crypto is today it’s in these new projects again incredibly risky incredibly volatile we’re not here To lie about any of that but you can see here with another cryptocurrency incubator launch pad called Dao maker they have millions of dollars contributed over 151 startups from their incubator and Launchpad and they have continued to do so much more in fact one project that did incredibly well in the Last bull market was one called my neighbor Alice and to me that got so much publicity because it did so well out of the gate that that project has continued to build and grow and I think that’s still an opportunity for people if you want to look into a lot of these New projects it gives you a great way to research and find undervalued coins just go and look at okay what were some of these incubated projects that were on some of these major launch pads but then haven’t really developed yet or maybe they’re still developing that could be Incredibly undervalued in fact one of those was called revolve games revolve games has been doing a lot more as of recent another one of those cryptos that went really high was really overvalued has now come back down and but has continued to build and so I think a lot Of people get discouraged when they see their tokens go back to these pre-sale Ico prices and you know they ended up buying them at 100x valuation that is where the education needs to be if you’re buying a brand new token and it’s already pumped up 25 50 100x that’s Incredibly risky you have to research you can’t just look at this and go oh what’s that 50 cents I think it’s going to go to a dollar whereas in 50 cents is a 50x from the pre-sale of a penny and so all this education is so important And all those details are on the incubator and launch pads themselves and that’s where you can really do your research and that’s why I really like them is because they’re very transparent for the most part of a lot of these projects and it’s really easy for you to Find and dig in even more information so I like doll maker I like poka starter Jerry tell me a little bit more about some of these incubators and launch pads and what you’re looking forward to seeing happen and maybe the evolution of them coming up next well Joe the Bluezilla launch pads have produced massive gains BSC pad meta V pad Game Zone and some of the others that produce huge gains and if you’d have just got in on these and stayed in on them man you’d have made a ton of money I see that the Launch pads for what you just said are a very good place to start your research also because these are at least above average projects if they’ve applied and successfully got on a launch pad you know that teams of people have already vetted these projects these are better Ideas than most and therefore you can look through past projects that have went on launch pads like BSC pad there’s a lot of good projects that have been on BSC pad already that have already finished and that can be a good place to find new cryptos to invest in especially If they’ve dipped back down below where the Ido price was in the bear Market those might be a gem that then will pump because if you buy something when it’s went down down down it might keep going that way or you can get it before the next Spike I’ve been wondering whether I Want to put in on a launch pad now and hold on for the long term because if you could pick up like Game Zone I’m very excited about blockchain gaming nft gaming and game zones a launch pad exactly for that plus you get other things on there like AI pads if you Could get in on one of those and just hold on keep buying every project over time it seems like it more than pay for itself and maybe do some huge multipliers so what do you think is the best strategy to participate in with these launch pads generally like would You put all in on one single launch pad you love or spread out on several different launch pads at lower tiers we’re you know what’s your strategy for the launch pad investing so that’s a really good question and my overarching strategy is it depends and here’s why it Actually depends you see a lot of people will end up looking at new igos inos idos and typically the price of the cryptocurrency that you need to stake in order to participate will also depend upon the projects that are going to be launching so if there’s a huge hyped Project this happened last year on pokestarter I remember because the coin Focus art it went from a dollar to seven dollars to its all-time high and that’s because super Farm which was a huge High project Elio trades that was his project huge YouTuber huge influencer they had An Ideo there and that’s why a lot of people bought pokestarter tokens to get into that Ideo and if you did get into that Ideo you could have swapped 0.25 ethereum and that would have a hundred X you would have turned it into 25 ethereum which today is 25 Grand so you Would have literally turned 500 into 25 000 and that is the power of getting into these incubators and launch pads so it will depend a lot about the projects as well as the timing of when and where the products are going to be launching and also the four-year Market cycle so In the bear market right if you look at well is the is this tier going to be better is this tier going to be better all these other details well it might just be better because the price of the incubator and Launchpad token is so low Right if you can find the bottom there that makes the most sense compared to as if it’s the top of the bull market and these incubator and launch pad coins have pumped up 20 30 50x already well then you’re risking a lot more and you really have to then get your maximum Gains out of those incubated projects just to break even so timing is everything for these and there’s a lot of risk with them but I wanted to share one other incubator in Launchpad Jerry because you mentioned cryptocurrency uh gaming right you think gaming is huge And the leader in the gaming space to me has been C defy and this is where you can become an early investor in top blockchain games nfts and metaverses and they also just announced Ai and another thing that c defy has done is they’re really building out this entire Metaverse they’re doing their own nft projects and also they have an nft launch pad so to me if there’s new nfts that are going to be launching this is where incubator and launch pads can really shine because let’s say there’s a hot new nft project that you’d like to Get into well instead of going there trying to White list and go through this entire process this is a incubated place for you to actually participate and it gives you an opportunity then to have these what are called guaranteed allocations now if you don’t know what a guaranteed allocation means and Basically means you’re guaranteed to be able to participate in these incubators and launch pads which is very valuable in itself as well so that’s another nuance and another detail that I wanted to share and another thing too is you have to pay attention to the restrictions because sometimes they have Restrictions for people who live in certain countries live and do certain things so again pay attention to all those little details it will vary from every incubated project and launch pad so there are some where there’s zero restrictions there are some where there’s a lot of restrictions there are Some where there’s some restrictions and we can’t tell you which one will be for which project because it’s just dependent upon that project and how they go about doing things but I wanted to share that last project because C Defy is one of the best incubator and launch Pads in my opinion at this time they have grown a lot they also have now done nfts and I think that there’s just a lot more coming for C defy in the future so I know I’ve talked about them a lot on the channel I know I’ve talked a lot About them they’ve done sponsored content on the channel before but this is just me freely sharing about their project and I do truly appreciate Jerry you being here on this channel today and sharing your own thoughts are there any other things you’d like to share one last little bit here for incubators and Launch pads that are absolutely you got to know about this and what you’re thinking about and overarching theme with these cryptocurrencies and also the Launchpad and incubators themselves I’d love to emphasize what you said about the terms and conditions and requirements for each launch pad some of The launch pads require you to complete the kyc or know your customer so you might want to do that if you can on a launch pad before you even buy any of the token to make sure you can actually use the launch pad because you really Don’t want to buy the token then you can’t do the kyc then you have to sell it and eat a 10 tax later so I’m gonna check out c25 off your recommendation I actually haven’t paid much attention to that yet it’s it’s just amazing how big This space is and how much there is to know and learn absolutely it keeps evolving more incubators and launch pads keep coming out more products are launching and I think this is only the beginning and we’re seeing with all these new projects and there’s so many Of them I think that’s the hard part it’s like if you talk about any of these new projects in general down maker like I said 151 startups already that’s absurd the amount that are in there and again please understand that out of those 151 of them maybe 20 of them will Actually develop into something and be that next crypto that like does very very well so startups are very high risk they’re very high reward and I think we’ve done a great job outlining this here in this video so my friends thank you for watching my conversation with Joe Paris I’ll wrap this up by telling you what I actually bought today and what I did after having this conversation with Joe Paris after talking with Joe I looked up more about incubators and launch pads I researched C defy especially and I don’t see that This is something I want to invest in today there are lots of great projects up there but unless you are a part-time crypto researcher like I am these incubators and launch pads are just too complicated they require too much timing too much ongoing effort and even figuring out when exactly to buy these You really do need to time it because they often pump and dump severely so I am not interested in buying any incubators or launch pads at this time I will continue looking and if there is one I invest in I will make a dedicated video the best thing I see compared to Buying these launch pads especially and trying to get in all these new projects I like to invest in things that are actually out that have a huge potential and I think are undervalued and what I think is seriously undervalued today is internet computer protocol I’ve bought This two days in a row now I’ve bought this three times now in the last couple of weeks I see that at 1.3 billion this could have a one trillion dollar market caps one day and here’s why there’s nothing else like this Bitcoin was the first crypto and you can See that that’s resulted in a massive market cap and a dominant position even though there’s so many other cryptos that do better than Bitcoin ethereum first smart contracts platform and even though there’s so many platforms that do better than ethereum ethereum is second today and I look for singularities Things that are the very first at what they do an internet computer protocol is the very first protocol where you can put your entire Dap You can put your entire ecosystem all of it directly on the protocol even many of these other third generation blockchains things like near things like hedera things like Solana Avalanche many of the none of these none of these do what internet computer protocol does internet computer protocol you can host your entire website your whole dap all your storage all your nfts directly on the protocol that is a game changer it is still pretty new it has a lot of developers Working on it and this absolutely has a potential to fly as other crypto projects potentially will use this to run their apps and developers see that why would you build on something like ethereum or any of these others and then you have to use Amazon web services for your hosting you have to Have your application dependent on all the functionality of the blockchain and you have to use the traditional web hosting infrastructure this could be a bit of a slow starter as people start using it and create accounts on it but as this grows once you get an account on Internet computer protocol then you can use all the other applications on it and that’s where I see this is in position to be maybe a top five if not top three even might overtake Bitcoin or ethereum one day in the best case scenario so to Me I bought that two days in a row as you can see on my spreadsheet I think that is a lot better investment right now than putting into one of these launch pads especially with the prices today if you’d like my full review of Internet computer protocol where I go Much deeper into it I’ve got a 30 minute live stream I did here this has been one of the top videos I’ve made on my channel as well other people are very excited about this and I encourage you to watch that I appreciate you making it All the way to the end here of the video if you’d like to ask me about any particular project the best ways in my millionaire Mastermind Discord server anything you want my review on uh and you drop in the server I will take a look at and if you’d like the best Experience with me you can schedule a call directly on my website you’d be amazed at how I can help you save money store your crypto more safely and get some new ideas give you feedback on what you’re doing with your current strategy so I love you you’re awesome would love To see you join us if you’re not already as a subscriber on the channel and I’ll see you in the next video Joe Parys and I review CRYPTO LAUNCHPADS in 2023 including Seedify Fund, DAO Maker, AIPAD, Polkastarter, Gamezone, BSCPad, MetaVPad, and more plus I share what I bought today which again is Internet Computer Protocol ICP as seen at Jerry Banfield YouTube channels Original Crypto Gaming Business Recovery Live tips Crypto live tips Live notifications on Telegram Schedule a Call, Courses, and Mastermind Reading List on Amazon (Earns Commissions) Daily Transactions always on Twitter My Cryptocurrency portfolio today: 0.51 Ethereum ETH 0.029 BTC Bitcoin 596 Cardano ADA 420 XRP 28 Internet Computer Protocol ICP 5 Solana SOL 45 Near Protocol NEAR 61,471 Dogechain DC 2,100 Cypherium CPH 1,314 Hedera HBAR 121 ImmutableX IMX 282 Basic Attention Token BAT 0.2 Binance BNB 696 Dogecoin DOGE 62 Polygon MATIC 258 Algorand ALGO 205 DexTools DEXT 10 Aptos APT 142 Moonbeam GLMR 10,185.91 BLURT 9396 JasmyCoin Jasmy 8 Filecoin FIL 6045 HELLO 3 Avalanche AVAX 4 Cosmos ATOM 5450 SundaeSwap SUNDAE 658 Cronos CRO 538 Stellar XLM 119 Fantom FTM 1138 DTUBE 796 Tron TRX 3179 LBRY Credits LBC 69 Decentraland MANA 41 Tezos XTZ 2033 VeChain VET 1009 Gala Games GALA 3637691 Shiba Inu 3152542777.8 InPulseX IPX 49,339,046 XEN Crypto 15599154 Affinity AFNTY 1 MultiversX EGLD 1.58 OKC Token OKT Crypto Exchanges I Use With Referral Rewards Coinbase Binance KuCoin MEXC Uphold Ledger Hardware Wallet BIO: I am a YouTuber who has earned $2+ million online, uploaded 10,000+ videos, received 60+ million views on my videos, published 14 audio books on Audible, uploaded 800+ podcast episodes on “The Jerry Banfield Show”, and released 78 songs as a musician on Spotify, iTunes, and Amazon music.I am a former top 10 Udemy instructor, Facebook partner, police officer, correction officer, and professional gamer.I was born in 1984, sober since 2014, married since 2012, parenting since 2015, and an entrepreneur online since 2011 with a master’s degree in criminology from the University of South Florida.You will love learning with me in my 56 online classes and mastermind at All of my videos are available with the Creative Commons Zero or CC0 license meaning you can use any part of any of my videos or live streams in any way you want! You do NOT need to give me credit or ask permission! Love, Jerry Banfield in Saint Petersburg, Florida, USA #jerrybanfield #crypto source.

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