Watch: Snake freed from immobilising coat of coal tar by rescuers

imageIndependent TV Showing now | News 02:11 Snake freed from immobilising coat of coal tar by rescuers This video shows a snake being freed from a layer of coal tar so thick that it can’t move.The incapacitated common krait snake was discovered in coalfields in central India’s Chhattisgarh state.The reptile can be seen immobile in a basket before a rescuer starts scraping the dark viscous substance off its scaly skin.The team worked for 45 minutes to completely clean the creature before finally releasing it into the wild.

The snake can be seen slithering away into the bush.Up next 02:32 Group stranded on inflatable flamingo rescued by US coast guard 00:38 Kamala Harris tells undocumented migrants in Guatemala: ‘Do not come to US’ 01:13 Adorable baby tamandua takes its first steps 01:51 Drone footage shows tornado ripping through Colorado 01:50 BBC’s prison drama Time feels like ‘a real prison in action’ 01:31 The internet has gone down.Here’s why.01:51 Drone footage shows tornado ripping through Colorado 00:50 Sven Goran-Eriksson’s interview disrupted by calls from persistent Lembit Opik 01:09 Fugitives fall overboard in dramatic Spain police boat chase 00:30 Terrifying video shows cars disappear into sinkhole in Israel 01:05 China wild elephants snooze together after 500km trek 00:23 Fake delivery driver pulls out shotgun on doorstep, victim fights back 00:28 Microscopic creature frozen for 24,000 years brought back to life 01:00 Funnel cloud spotted near Bristol 01:19 Turtle found with fishing hook lodged in its head 02:28 The fall of Edward Colston’s statue: One year on 00:30 Statue toppled in protest of indigenous children deaths at Canada school 00:19 ‘Sea snot’ covers Turkey’s Sea of Marmara because of global warming 02:15 BBC’s Inside No.

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Section 28 until it’s repealed in resurfaced video 03:50 What is causing the Australian mouse plague? 00:59 SpaceX launches 22nd resupply mission to ISS 01:45 Sri Lanka cargo ship fire: Environmental disaster as plastic washes up on beaches 01:39 Drug dealers caught with £500,000 of cocaine after police chase 00:53 US Army accidentally storms Bulgarian sunflower oil factory 00:26 Superman impersonator hit by bus while pretending to stop it 01:00 Aerial footage shows gigantic sinkhole that has appeared in Mexico 00:59 Black teacher in Japan reveals questions his kindergarten students ask 00:34 Huge tornado rips through rural Philippines 02:14 Futuristic boat autonomously navigates Amsterdam canals 00:50 Happy birthday McLOVIN: Superbad character would turn 40 today 01:34 Iceland’s Fagradalsfjall volcano erupts sending crater rim collapsing into lava pond 01:06 Gareth Southgate condemns fans who booed England players taking a knee 00:54 Tropical storm hits Philippines with flooding and displaces villagers 02:02 Dramatic bodycam video shows children open fire on police in violent standoff 00:49 London landmarks light up in rainbow colours to celebrate Pride Month 00:30 Car thief crashes stolen vehicle on Atlanta highway and makes a run for it 00:30 Enormous plume of smoke billows from Iranian warship that caught fire and sank 01:31 Louisiana man builds ingenious mousetrap – and it works 01:09 Motorist tries to drive away with clamp attached to wheel 01:15 Brits around the country enjoy hottest weather of the year so far 00:36 Swimmers enjoy world’s first transparent ‘sky pool’ 35 metres above ground in London 01:25 Bystanders rescue Asian police officer attacked by homeless man in San Francisco 01:00 Monty the penguin celebrates sixth birthday by visiting tortoise, gorilla and other friends at the zoo 00:45 Dramatic moment sobbing girl is rescued after dinghy drifts out to sea in Wales 00:37 Serena Williams wishes she could give Naomi Osaka ‘hug’ amid French Open controversy 00:14 Gigantic shark shocks passengers on boat in Atlantic 00:24 Raging fire on Indonesian ferry forces passengers to jump into ocean 05:37 What’s happened in the year since George Floyd’s murder? 01:15 Protestors take to the street in Minneapolis after deadly police shooting 00:30 Mob dances on cop car after officers break up house party 00:22 Adorable moment skateboarder averts potential wipeout by scooping up little boy 00:50 Cops wrestle writhing alligator found on Mississippi lawn 00:30 Wildfire gets dangerously close to California TV station 00:49 Bodycam video shows shackled Ronald Greene being ordered to stay facedown during arrest.mp4 00:46 Brawl erupts between pro-Palestinian activists and Jewish diners in Los Angeles 01:07 Virginia police officer lifts car to save trapped woman 00:00 Watch live as White House press secretary Jen Psaki holds press briefing 01:13 New York mayor de Blasio eats Shake Shack during Covid briefing 00:56 Joe Biden chokes up when asked how son Beau would judge first 100 days of presidency 01:15 Paul Gosar describes Capitol insurrectionists as ‘peaceful patriots’ 00:45 Trump official refuses to say if he discussed overturning election 00:00 Watch live as Joe Biden speaks about Covid vaccine effort 00:28 White House won’t say if Colonial paid ransom over DarkSide hacking demands 00:45 Stacey Abrams slams Republican ‘big lie’ of voter fraud 02:10 Elon Musk jokes about Dogecoin on SNL 01:43 AOC shares ‘day in the life’ video from New York vaccine event 01:54 Biden claims April jobs report is ‘rebuttal’ to idea Americans don’t want to work 01:09 Jen Psaki moves on after Newsmax reporter pushes Wuhan conspiracy theories 00:48 Moment police officer crashes car during drag race 00:35 Mitch McConnell says ‘100 per cent’ of his focus is on stopping Biden 00:36 Jill Biden surprises teacher of the year during TV interview 00:19 White House vows to ignore Trump if Facebook reinstates him 01:19 Joe Biden unveils target of 70% of Americans vaccinated by 4 July 00:31 Republican senator calls for ‘spirit of forgiveness’ over Capitol riot and says it’s ‘time to move on’ 00:33 Bernie Sanders says US has ‘moral responsibility’ to waive vaccine patents 00:31 Biden interrupted by chants of ‘end detentions now’ at Georgia rally 00:35 MSNBC host attacks West Virginia governor over transgender law 05:26 The Pandemic President: Biden’s 100 day battle against coronavirus 00:27 Mike Pence criticises Biden administration in first speech since leaving office 00:35 Michael Cohen says Rudy Giuliani will be ‘thrown under the bus’ next 00:27 Doug Emhoff seen blowing kisses to Kamala during joint session 04:42 Key moments from Biden’s joint session of Congress 00:45 ‘America is not a racist country’, says Republican senator Tim Scott 00:31 Biden tells transgender Americans ‘Your president has your back’ 00:59 GOP legislator confronted for suggesting there is ‘good side’ to slavery 00:58 White lawmaker compares her refusal to wear a mask to Rosa Parks 00:45 Jen Psaki press briefing interrupted by curious creaking sounds 00:49 Vandal shatters glass at synagogue in New York 00:47 Tucker Carlson says kids wearing masks is ‘child abuse’ in anti-mask rant 00:28 Authorities said they wouldn’t be ‘f***ing bullied’ into releasing Andrew Brown bodycam video 00:53 New York governor says he won’t resign even if Attorney General’s investigation shows misconduct 01:16 DOJ announces investigation into Louisville police after Breonna Taylor killing 00:52 Chauvin prosecutor says he felt ‘a little bad’ for the killer police officer 01:03 Arizona lawmaker demands Black colleague be ‘sat down’ in voting rights debate 00:20 Crowds take part in inaugural Josh Swain fight 00:47 It’s exactly a year since Trump suggested using bleach to treat Covid 01:01 Elon Musk’s SpaceX launches crewed mission to ISS 01:00 Lincoln Project attack ad says ‘everyone’ calls Trump ‘old’ and ‘impotent’ 00:55 Mike Lindell rants against Facebook fact checker Alan Duke 02:18 Stacey Abrams lists new Georgia voting bill provisions she objects to 06:18 Why the Derek Chauvin verdict isn’t justice | Analysis 03:57 Key moments from the Derek Chauvin murder trial 01:54 ‘What’s right is right’: Minnesota crowd reacts to Chauvin verdict 02:48 Derek Chauvin found guilty on all murder charges 01:22 Floyd’s murder ‘ripped the blinders off’ systemic racism in US, says Biden 00:52 Trump considering 2024 presidential run 00:39 Mike Lindell pranked on live TV by fake Trump caller 02:22 Elderly dementia patient violently arrested in Colorado 00:40 Moment reckless driver jumps opening drawbridge 00:54 Newly released body cam footage shows the shooting of Adam Toledo 01:16 Derek Chauvin refuses to testify in George Floyd murder trial 00:55 Pelosi shoots down Democratic bill to expand Supreme Court 00:32 Justin Trudeau claims UK is facing third Covid wave 02:49 Biden announces troop withdrawal from Afghanistan 01:23 Cardiologist says police killed George Floyd 03:16 Black Army lieutenant pepper-sprayed by police officer 01:08 Matt Gaetz claims support of Trump and Taylor Greene after sex trafficking allegations 00:53 Joe Biden comments on passing of Prince Philip 03:48 Prince Philip: The Duke of Edinburgh dies aged 99 00:21 Fox News host links Harry & Meghan to Philip’s death 01:40 Prince Philip death: Mourners gather at Windsor Castle 00:42 Greta Thunberg says Trump’s attacks on her are ‘hilarious’ 01:13 Fentanyl wasn’t what slowed George Floyd’s breathing, lung expert says 01:46 LA police arrest Black man as they search for white suspect 00:45 Migrant boy abandoned in desert asks guard for help 01:29 Woman with the world’s longest nails gets an extreme manicure 00:50 Biden gets heated defending infrastructure plan against GOP critics 00:32 Tucker Carlson defends Capitol rioters 00:34 CCTV shows bleeding sailor rushing into store and pleadng for help during Maryland shooting 00:52 Doormen stand by while Asian American attacked in street 02:30 The key moments from Piers Morgan’s Fox News interview 01:11 Police chase stolen ambulance across East Dallas 01:11 9-foot alligators wrestle in Florida man’s back garden 01:21 LAPD expert: Officers used ‘excessive’ force on George Floyd 03:50 What is causing the Australian mouse plague? 05:37 What’s happened in the year since George Floyd’s murder? 05:26 The Pandemic President: Biden’s 100 day battle against coronavirus 05:05 Five technologies fighting the climate crisis 06:18 Why the Derek Chauvin verdict isn’t justice | Analysis 04:50 What’s going on with Dogecoin? 07:09 How oil fields are poisoning Iraq 02:55 Lockdown ease: London pub welcomes customers outdoors 04:29 How did a ship get stuck in the Suez Canal? 06:26 How is Bitcoin fueling climate change? 04:08 What you need to know about the coronavirus variants 04:05 How will Joe Biden’s press secretary differ from her White House predecessors? 07:00 How a Tommy Robinson ‘propaganda’ video was born 04:15 Should you worry about the AstraZeneca vaccine? 04:56 Do we really need to pay back coronavirus debt? 12:45 Experts discuss Rishi Sunak’s budget 03:45 What can we expect from the 2021 budget? 08:18 What happened at Trump’s impeachment trial? 07:01 The man who took on Putin: Who is Alexei Navalny? 07:28 Inside a hospital on the Covid frontline 07:02 On the brink: Inside Lebanon’s battle to survive 06:58 What are the top priorities for Biden’s first 100 days? 18:36 President Donald Trump: Four years of division, chaos and lies in the USA 05:18 The best (and worst) Inauguration Day moments in US history 04:50 I was with the rioters who stormed the Capitol – they knew exactly what they were doing 03:23 Help the Hungry: Our appeal has surpassed its £10m target to feed the nation’s poorest 04:17 What will travel be like post Brexit? 06:52 I decided to take the Sputnik vaccine – but is it safe? 05:44 The Independent’s US team make predictions for the Biden presidency 01:46 Help The Hungry: Reece James joins The Independent’s Christmas campaign 07:07 After the blast: The race to escape Lebanon’s shattered economy 02:03 Zero-waste chef Max La Manna joins The Independent’s Help The Hungry campaign 03:45 Will the economy bounce back in 2021? 03:47 What you need to know about the coronavirus vaccines 01:59 The Crown’s Emma Corrin joins The Independent’s Help the Hungry campaign 00:50 Sven Goran-Eriksson’s interview disrupted by calls from persistent Lembit Opik 01:19 Rio Ferdinand hits out at ‘ignorant’ fans who boo players taking the knee 00:53 Jake Paul supports brother Logan during fight with Floyd Mayweather 01:22 Gareth Southgate responds to Roy Keane’s Jordan Henderson Euros inclusion criticism 00:54 Gareth Southgate vows England players will continue taking knee after more boos 00:28 Logan Paul reacts to his fight against Floyd Mayweather 00:27 Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul face-off in final press conference ahead of boxing match 00:24 Partick Thistle announce new signing with hilarious mash-up video 01:06 Gareth Southgate condemns fans who booed England players taking a knee 01:12 Cows invade cricket pitch and bring match to a halt 00:37 Serena Williams wishes she could give Naomi Osaka ‘hug’ amid French Open controversy 00:22 Fan throws popcorn at NBA star Russell Westbrook as he leaves court 01:21 Manchester United must use Europa League pain to rebuild, Solksjaer says 00:42 Unai Emery explains importance of Villarreal’s Europa League victory over Manchester United 00:52 ‘Devastated’ Man United fans react after Europa League final loss 00:00 Watch in full: Ole Gunnar Solskjær holds press conference ahead of Europa League final 00:42 Brooks Koepka can’t mask disdain towards Bryson DeChambeau 01:21 Chelsea and Leicester will go head to head in the 140th FA Cup final at Wembley 00:24 Jake Paul gets tattoo of Floyd Mayweather’s hat 00:20 Floyd Mayweather and Jake Paul scuffle at press conference for Logan Paul fight 03:03 2021 British and Irish Lions squad revealed 00:39 Manchester United co-owner refuses to apologise to fans after ESL debacle 02:24 Trailer released for Sir Alex Ferguson: Never Give In 00:30 Manchester United fans invade Old Trafford pitch and set off flares 00:28 Tyson Fury calls Eddie Hearn an ‘absolute w ’ 00:41 Brendan Rodgers responds to Tottenham speculation 00:55 LeBron James explains now-deleted tweet about Ma’Khia Bryant shooting 01:24 Simone Biles announces partnership with Athleta 00:41 Spurs need to win trophies to keep Harry Kane, says Woodgate 00:31 Chelsea fans react as club withdraws from Super League 00:43 Mikel Arteta: ‘We want to listen to fans’ over Super League 02:27 Liverpool owner apologises to fans over Super League plan 00:53 European Super League all about the money, says Harry Redknapp 00:46 Boris Johnson vows to block European Super League 00:59 Gary Neville condemns plans for European Super League 01:03 Six English clubs join breakaway to form new European Super League 00:23 ‘We’re heading in the right direction’, Stanway says after Lioness loss to Canada 00:40 Sun rises over Aintree ahead of Grand National 01:02 Mourinho interrupts presser to pay tribute to Prince Philip 00:34 Solskjaer explains Luke Shaw half-time substitution in Man Utd win 01:33 Rugby player develops device to track head trauma 00:41 Jurgen Klopp accuses referee of having ‘personal’ issue with Sadio Mane 00:51 Dustin Johnson talks up timely form ahead of Masters defence 02:19:44 Extreme E: Watch round 2 of Desert X Prix qualifying live 00:40 Tributes left to Yeovil captain Lee Collins 00:42 Extreme E: Claudia Hurtgen crashes during Desert X Prix qualifying 01:10:39 Watch live as soccer player Megan Rapinoe testifies on equal pay 00:46 Ole Gunnar Solskjaer reflects on Man Utd loss to Leicester in FA Cup 00:37 Pep Guardiola: What Manchester City have achieved in the last four months is incredible 01:28 Maggie Alphonsi hails prospect of women’s Lions team as a game-changer 01:27 Brendan Rodgers ‘delighted’ with win over Man Utd in FA Cup 00:36 Joe Hart apologises for ‘job done’ social media post after Europa League exit 01:04 Mikel Arteta hits out at international fixtures- ‘It becomes really dangerous’ 01:07 Chelsea 2-0 Atletico Madrid- Thomas Tuchel praises Chelsea 00:43 Sabine Schmitz attempts to drive transit van around Nurburgring in 2004 Top Gear episode 01:17 Klopp ‘couldn’t be happier’ with Liverpool’s ‘dirty three points’ at Wolves 00:48 Bristol Bears’ Max Lahiff gives entertaining pre-match interview 00:38 Basketball commentator calls players N-word for kneeling during national anthem 00:23 Patrick Ewing complains of security harassment at Madison Square Gardens 01:15 Finance main motivation for qualifying for Champions League, says Klopp 00:45 Solskjaer on Manchester United losing title ground in Palace fog 00:58 Wales 40-24 England: Press conference with Wayne Pivac 02:45 Wales 40 – England 24: Press conference with Eddie Jones 00:28 Tiger Woods’ health is priority right now, not his return to golf, says Rory McIlroy 00:45 Tiger Woods: Top career moments 00:42 ‘My coaching methods second to nobody’, says Jose Mourinho 01:08 Australian Open champion Novak Djokovic responds to criticism 00:30 Manchester United ‘dropped off our form’, Solskjær says 00:34 Naomi Osaka sends message to her sister after winning match against Serena Williams 00:40 Man sails on frozen Netherlands lake in magical scene 00:44 Solskjaer pleased with response as McTominay fires United into next round 00:25 Kansas City Chiefs’ Mahomes speaks after Super Bowl defeat 01:21 Joe Root reflects on historic India victory 01:21 India v England: Virat Kohli reflects on first Test defeat 00:45 Brendan Rodgers condemns racist abuse of players 00:29 Tom Brady takes home seventh Super Bowl title 01:55:12 Fans arrive in Tampa for Super Bowl 2021 00:47 England prepare for Calcutta Cup against Scotland at Twickenham 00:36 Mourinho: I don’t need others to put pressure on me 02:33 Man City 1 – 0 Sheffield Utd: Manager press conferences 01:15 Arsenal 0 – 0 Man Utd: Manager press conferences 00:25 Marseille supporters storm club’s training ground 00:56 Liverpool 3-1 victory over Tottenham was a ‘deserved win’, says Jurgen Klopp 01:48 Jose Mourinho addresses Harry Kane injury 00:46 Solskjaer left frustrated by shock defeat to rock-bottom Blades 01:31 Chris Wilder praises ‘fabulous’ Manchester United after Sheffield United win 00:25 England lift 2020 Six Nations trophy 00:48 Mikel Arteta responds to Arsenal defeating Southampton 3-1 01:02 Pep Guardiola staying calm despite Manchester City’s winning run 01:04 Premier League footballers mark Holocaust Memorial Day 02:22 Five key failings that cost Lampard his Chelsea job 01:10 Sri Lanka v England: James Anderson press conference 01:23 Drone captures surfers riding waves in Hawaii 00:43 Ole Gunnar Solskjaer- United didn’t pounce on Liverpool’s injury crisis 00:51 Liverpool 0-0 Man Utd: Jurgen Klopp press conference 00:51 Man City 4-0 Palace- Press conference with Pep Guardiola 01:19 Pep Guardiola praises Phil Foden after Brighton win 00:39 Tottenham were not good enough, but good enough to win against Fulham, says Mourinho 00:29 Lizzie Deignan says rising standards make women’s cycling a ‘new sport’ 01:25 Manchester United 0-2 Manchester City: Ole Gunnar Solskjaer post-match press conference 00:31 João Cancelo on Busquets testing positive for Covid after Portugal vs Spain 01:36 Azpilicueta on winning the Champions League and returning to the Spanish national team 01:32 Arsenal Women’s best moments of 2020-21 00:37 Carlo Ancelotti has been named as Real Madrid’s new coach 01:30 Eric Garcia rejoins FC Barcelona 01:32 Sergio Agüero: ‘I think Leo Messi will stay at Barcelona’ 01:15 Joan Laporta: ‘The new contract with Messi is going well, but it’s not done’ 00:50 Villarreal celebrate Europa League triumph 01:39 Sylvinho’s first training session as Corinthians boss 00:32 Luka Modrić extends contract until 2022 01:18 Zinedine Zidane: ‘I congratulate my players because they’ve given it their all’ 01:26 Van Dijk on recovery and playing in front of fans next season 01:20 Real Madrid begin preparations for the final game of the LaLiga 04:01 Exclusive: Angel Di Maria looks back on his best PSG assists 01:02 Scott Brown’s unforgettable Celtic career 01:16 Klopp on Alisson goal: ‘If Giroud scores this goal, everyone calls it world class’ 01:28 FC Barcelona Women celebrate Champions League win vs Chelsea 00:30 Karamoko Dembele’s first senior goal for Celtic 01:28 Cristiano Ronaldo’s iconic Serie A goals 01:27 Pep Guardiola’s Premier League hat-trick 01:16 Pep Guardiola: Premier League is toughest league by far 01:15 Jadon Sancho’s best DFB Cup moments 03:25 Neymar Jr extends his contract with PSG 01:05 Behind the scenes: Villarreal celebrate reaching first-ever European final 00:52 Chelsea’s classic strikes against Manchester City 01:10 Kevin De Bruyne’s incredible return to the Premier League 00:40 Harry Kane’s first Premier League goal 01:35 Ederson’s incredible passing range Premier League 01:33 Gareth Bale’s fantastic speed 00:49 福登获得PFA最佳年轻球员奖:我会脚踏实地继续努力 希望欧锦赛能让国家骄傲 03:03 Fernandinho’s best Manchester City moments 00:49 Foden on Young Player of the Year award and Euros 01:27 Illan Meslier’s best saves of the 2020-21 season 01:27 Crystal Palace’s best goals of 2020-21 01:15 德布劳内:赢得PFA最佳球员奖实在是不可思议 我会继续努力扮演领袖的角色 01:15 De Bruyne on winning PFA Player of the Year Award: It’s crazy to match Ronaldo’s achievement 01:09 De Bruyne: ‘Crazy’ to follow in footsteps of Henry and Ronaldo 01:30 Inside Anfield: Thiago scores first goal in win over Southampton 01:46 Danny Rose says emotional farewell to Spurs 01:28 Hugo Lloris’ best Spurs saves from 2020-21 00:57 Mo Salah: Alisson’s goal was the highlight of the season 01:29 İlkay Gündoğan’s incredible 2020-21 campaign 01:30 Leeds United’s best assists of 2020-21 01:26 Behind the scenes: Liverpool qualify for the Champions League 01:06 Guaita’s best saves from the 2020-21 campaign 01:33 All Neal Maupay’s 2020-21 goals 01:29 All the goals: Raheem Sterling’s 2020-21 season 00:46 Lucas Moura’s Premier League goals 2020-21 01:48 Exclusive: Victor Orta: Marcelo Bielsa has created a legacy 01:19 Orta on Patrick Bamford’s incredible season 01:05 Orta: I’ve fallen in love with Leeds United 00:52 Victor Orta: We’ve survived with our own style 01:20 Victor Orta on promotion to the Premier League 01:19 Every minute of every game: Pierre-Emile Højbjerg’s debut season 01:19 Diogo Jota’s first season at Liverpool 01:26 Kevin De Bruyne’s assists from 2020-21 01:22 Kalvin Phillips’ best moments from the 2020-21 season 01:31 Gareth Bale’s 2020-21 Premier League season 01:30 The best of Raphinha’s debut season at Leeds 00:36 Erik Lamela’s incredible rabona against Arsenal 01:36 Every Gabriel Jesus Premier League goal 2020-21 01:09 Eberechi Eze’s debut season at Crystal Palace 00:34 De Bruyne: ‘If you win you’re hero, if you lose you’re almost a failure’ 01:25 Behind the scenes: City arrive in Porto for Champions League final 01:29 City stars train in Porto before Champions League final 01:35 Wilfried Zaha’s best goals of 2020-21 01:04 Thomas Tuchel’s Chelsea turnaround 01:53 Manchester City’s journey to the Champions League final 01:30 Man City stars travel to Porto for Champions League final 01:36 Rodrigo’s first season at Leeds United 01:11 Brighton and Hove Albion’s best moments of 20-21 season 01:16 Patrick Bamford’s 2020-21 Premier League goals 01:33 Bielsa’s superb first season in the Premier League 01:18 Ben White on England call-up: I cried for an hour 01:24 Man City’s Champions League campaign 2020-21 01:27 Pep Guardiola previews Champions League final against Chelsea 01:28 Thomas Tuchel: We have closed the gap to Manchester City 01:36 Fans view: Behind the scenes in City’s 2020-21 season 01:47 Every Harry Kane assist from 2020-21 season 01:36 Gündoğan: The atmosphere for the final is going to be amazing 01:01 Chelsea’s Champions League campaign 2020-21 01:23 Behind the scenes: Pépé shines as fans return to the Emirates 01:30 Heung-Min Son’s best Premier League campaign 01:42 Every goal in Harry Kane’s 2020-21 golden boot season 01:15 Pep Guardiola’s Champions League romance 01:30 Man City stars prepare for Champions League final 01:26 Behind the scenes: Son helps launch Spurs’ new home kit 00:42 Agüero scores twice in final Premier League match 01:37 Bale double clinches comeback win over Leicester 01:03 Manchester City celebrate being crowned Premier League champions 00:52 Behind the Scenes: Sergio Aguero’s final game at the Etihad 01:27 Hậu trường: Crystal Palace 1-3 Arsenal (Tháng 5/2021) 01:27 Behind the scenes: Martinelli and Pepe help Arsenal beat Palace 01:54 Klopp: I’m used to stress on the final matchday 01:47 Behind the scenes: Arsenal launch 2021-22 away kit 01:10 Behind the scenes: Everton stars show appreciation for home support 00:41 Gabriel Jesus’ fine double sinks Everton 01:18 Webster and Maupay earn Brighton historic win at Arsenal 01:30 Crystal Palace’s goals at Anfield 01:24 专访:鲁本-迪亚斯赢得FWA英超赛季最佳球员 01:14 Gini Wijnaldum’s impact at Liverpool 01:30 Pitchside view: Brighton beat Man City in thrilling home finale 00:52 Mason: We’re so excited to play in front of our supporters 01:02 Klopp on Mo Salah and race for top four 01:05 Pitchside: Welbeck fires home vs West Ham 01:29 Behind the scenes: Arsenal train before facing Crystal Palace Champions League 01:28 César Azpilicueta proud to captain Chelsea, hails N’Golo Kanté 01:19 Tuchel: I’m speechless, it’s for my parents, family and kids 00:57 Pep on UCL final: ‘We will work to comeback one day’ 01:08 Chelsea fans celebrate winning the Champions League 01:55 Manchester City and Chelsea fans sing in the streets of Portugal ahead of UCL final 00:34 De Bruyne: ‘If you win you’re hero, if you lose you’re almost a failure’ 00:48 Manchester City train ahead of first Champions League final 01:05 Real Madrid captured the club’s sixth European Cup crown in 1966 02:03 Thomas Tuchel on personal sacrifices, and final against Manchester City 01:31 Zinedine Zidane: ‘I’m proud of my players and now we have to think about LaLiga’ 01:13 Pochettino: ‘I am so proud of the players’ 01:33 Thomas Tuchel on Timo Werner and mentality ahead of Real Madrid 01:23 Pep Guardiola on Manchester City reaching Champions League Final: ‘We did it!’ 01:44 Behind The Scenes: Real Madrid is ready for the clash against Chelsea 01:20 Toni Kroos: ‘We defend well and that’s important in a tie against a side like Chelsea’ 01:17 Zinedine Zidane: ‘We’ve got this far thanks to our hard work’ 00:55 Verratti: ‘We have to give the maximum’ Culture 01:50 BBC’s prison drama Time feels like ‘a real prison in action’ 02:15 BBC’s Inside No.9 ‘writing itself into a hole’ despite ‘real high points’ 00:37 Richard Ayoade and Steve Pemberton swear at Bafta TV Awards 01:58 Netflix’s superhero show Jupiter’s Legacy is ‘po-faced’ and ‘inhibited’ 02:17 Mare of Easttown is ‘hands down the best thing on TV right now’ 11:31 Mare of Easttown, Jupiter’s Legacy and Inside No.9 | Binge or Bin episode 3 00:50 Happy birthday McLOVIN: Superbad character would turn 40 today 01:10 Harry Potter Flagship Store to Open in NYC 09:54 Music Box Session #57: The Snuts 00:36 American says that Australian KFC is much better than US 00:49 James Corden doesn’t know if Carpool Karaoke will be allowed to return 00:42 Watchmen depicts 1921 Tulsa race massacre 00:37 Dita Von Teese revealed to be Beetroot on The Masked Dancer 00:36 John Barrowman thanks fans for their support 00:59 Cineworld allows gamers to play on the big screen 00:29 Cindy Crawford models Ross’s leather pants from Friends 00:23 Amazon create AmaZen mindfulness pods for employees 00:29 TikToker creates scarily realistic Tom Cruise deepfakes 00:30 Lady Gaga and Lisa Kudrow perform duet of ‘Smelly Cat’ during Friends reunion 00:33 Friends Reunion: Cast quizzed on what Chandler did for a living 00:34 Friends stars Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer almost had off-screen romance 00:31 David Schwimmer says he ‘doesn’t remember’ classic Friends episode 00:34 Friends Reunion: Lisa Kudrow admits she’s ‘mortified’ with performance on show 00:48 Friends star Matthew Perry reveals live audience fear, saying ‘I felt I was gonna die’ 02:08 Underrated NBC sitcom Superstore ‘takes the funniness seriously’ 00:40 Friends: Painful on-set accident led to superstitious ‘huddle’ before each episode 00:24 Friends cast reveal mystery of disappearing beam from Monica’s apartment 01:00 Matt LeBlanc explains how drunken incident night before Friends audition won him Joey role 00:24 Matt LeBlanc says Matthew Perry thought classic Friends episode was ‘stupid’ 10:58 Top 10 anime you didn’t know existed (but need in your life) 12:21 Music Box Session #56: Amy Montgomery 01:48 Jimmy Kimmel tears into Ted Cruz on late-night show 02:11 Last Night in Soho: Mind-bending trailer for Anya Taylor-Joy psychological horror is released 02:03 Barry Jenkins’ The Underground Railroad will join the ‘pantheon of the greats’ 00:34 Annoyed Meghan McCain cut off for advert break during anti-Semitism discussion 00:21 Pete Davidson jokes about Chrissy Teigen’s bullying scandal 02:07 Marvel releases Eternals teaser trailer 02:03 BBC’s The Pursuit of Love is ‘frivolous and fun’ 02:18 Oscar winner Nomadland is ‘devastating, beautiful and tender’ 02:15 Fargo season 4 is a ‘knock off of the first three seasons’ 00:28 Drake’s son breaks down in tears at Billboard Awards 00:39 Lil Nas X ‘rips pants’ during SNL performance 02:19 US army recruitment advert shares story of soldier raised by two mums 11:29 Fargo, Nomadland and The Underground Railroad | Binge or Bin episode 2 01:29 Trailer released for Censor 00:52 Ted Cruz shares video comparing US and Russian military recruitment adverts 00:38 Noel Gallagher, Skin to star in Sky’s ‘The Live Revival’ docuseries to boost UK music scene 10:26 Music Box Session #55: Lord Huron 00:48 Bella Hadid joins pro-Palestine protesters in New York 01:01 Drew Barrymore says she felt ‘gaslit’ working with Woody Allen 02:28 Trailer for Prince Harry and Oprah Winfrey’s new mental health series 00:27 Italy rehearse for Eurovision 2021 01:08 Julianna Margulies recalls ‘frightening’ hotel room encounter with Steven Seagal 00:51 Susanna Reid awkwardly turns down hug from Adil Ray 00:57 Mel B discusses domestic abuse on Good Morning Britain 00:42 SNL cold open mocks new Covid mask rules 00:37 Lisa Kudrow says her son used to think Jennifer Aniston was his mother 00:47 Goldie Hawn opened up about battling depression during her rise to fame 00:20 TikToker reveals British things that American homes don’t have 01:13 Her Game Too raises awareness about the sexist abuse experienced by female football fans 01:49 BBC rom-com ‘Starstruck’ falls flat, says Independent critic 00:44 Ellen DeGeneres welcomes Jennifer Aniston as first-ever on-set interview 00:30 Friends reunion special teaser released ahead of HBO Max premiere 00:48 Emily Blunt says she regrets turning down ‘Black Widow’ 00:46 Ellen DeGeneres addresses ‘toxic workplace’ allegations 00:20 American Idol star exits show after KKK-themed video emerges 02:12 Why The Night Of is ‘second to none’ in its indictment of the American justice system 00:29 Ewan McGregor teases mystery cameo in Obi Wan Kenobi spin-off 00:52 Ellen announces talk show will end in spring of 2022 00:30 Machine Gun Kelly explains why he has a necklace with Megan Fox’s blood inside 00:37 Michelle Obama shares opinion on Chicago-style pizza with Stephen Colbert 08:49 Music Box Session #54: Alaina Castillo 00:28 Anita Wig’lit makes Prince Andrew joke on RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under 00:47 Michelle Obama praises The Weeknd for charity work at Brits 00:48 Lewis Capaldi repeatedly muted at Brits in sweary rant 00:43 Elton John and Years & Years perform ‘It’s a Sin’ live at Brits 00:52 Little Mix thank Jesy Nelson in powerful acceptance speech after Brits win 00:31 Dua Lipa calls on Boris Johnson to give NHS staff ‘fair pay rise’ 00:00 Watch live as stars arrive on red carpet for Brit Awards 00:37 SNL sketch ‘Gen Z Hospital’ criticised for appropriating African-American vernacular English (AAVE) 02:07 New superhero show Invincible is ‘everything the Avengers can’t be’ 02:07 Disney’s new detective show, Big Sky, is ‘trash fire’ 00:56 Anthony Costa reveals Blue stole private jet meant for Blur 00:55 Lizzo breaks down in tears over ‘feeling like a burden to everyone’ 00:41 Gal Gadot says Joss Whedon ‘threatened’ to make her career ‘miserable’ over Wonder Woman concerns 00:31 Sydney Sweeney breaks down in tears on Instagram over comments about appearance 00:57 Seth Rogen’s 2014 SNL joke about James Franco meeting underage girls 00:50 SNL jokes Elon Musk hosting show was ‘alibi’ for Chinese rocket crashing to Earth 00:58 Elon Musk dresses up as Wario on SNL 01:41 You will be addicted to Netflix’s ‘Alice in Borderland’ 00:51 Alan Carr jokes about Meghan Markle’s royal family problems 00:34 Miley Cyrus gives shout out to ‘my godmother’ Dolly Parton on SNL 02:36 Meghan Markle makes first TV appearance since Oprah interview 00:36 Elon Musk says he is first person with Asperger’s to host SNL 02:10 Elon Musk jokes about Dogecoin on SNL 02:07 Michael Che repeatedly presses Elon Musk to explain Dogecoin 00:35 Ivanka Trump used ‘racial insult’ on Celebrity Apprentice, claims Vivica A.Fox 03:02 David Attenborough’s best TV moments 01:23 Nish Kumar jokes that he’s ‘widely disliked’ and ‘not allowed to talk about politics’ on Saturday Kitchen 00:35 Gogglebox cast react to Line of Duty finale Binge or bin 01:50 BBC’s prison drama Time feels like ‘a real prison in action’ 02:15 BBC’s Inside No.9 ‘writing itself into a hole’ despite ‘real high points’ 01:58 Netflix’s superhero show Jupiter’s Legacy is ‘po-faced’ and ‘inhibited’ 02:17 Mare of Easttown is ‘hands down the best thing on TV right now’ 11:31 Mare of Easttown, Jupiter’s Legacy and Inside No.

9 | Binge or Bin episode 3 02:08 Underrated NBC sitcom Superstore ‘takes the funniness seriously’ 02:03 Barry Jenkins’ The Underground Railroad will join the ‘pantheon of the greats’ 02:18 Oscar winner Nomadland is ‘devastating, beautiful and tender’ 02:03 BBC’s The Pursuit of Love is ‘frivolous and fun’ 02:15 Fargo season 4 is a ‘knock off of the first three seasons’ 11:29 Fargo, Nomadland and The Underground Railroad | Binge or Bin episode 2 01:49 BBC rom-com ‘Starstruck’ falls flat, says Independent critic 02:12 Why The Night Of is ‘second to none’ in its indictment of the American justice system 02:07 New superhero show Invincible is ‘everything the Avengers can’t be’ 02:07 Disney’s new detective show, Big Sky, is ‘trash fire’ 03:08 Line of Duty finale was ‘overcooked’, says Independent critic 01:41 You will be addicted to Netflix’s ‘Alice in Borderland’ 12:52 Line Of Duty, Invincible and Big Sky | Binge or Bin Episode 1 Lifestyle 00:10 Cat’s lungs expand in medical students’ experiment 01:15 Harry and Meghan announce birth of daughter Lilibet Diana 00:58 Piers Morgan rails against ‘cancel culture’ on ‘60 Minutes Australia’ 00:59 Black teacher in Japan reveals questions his kindergarten students ask 00:48 Capuchin monkey plays with car navigation system 01:22 Nutritionists have one piece of advice if you are running to lose weight 01:00 These shoes developed for the visually impaired vibrate when objects are in the way 01:31 Louisiana man builds ingenious mousetrap – and it works 01:14 Pros and cons of cryptocurrency reward credit cards 00:51 Five foods you should never give your dog 00:36 Swimmers enjoy world’s first transparent ‘sky pool’ 35 metres above ground in London 00:34 Kate Middleton wears pink ‘princess dress’ to meet young cancer patient 00:47 Disastrous gender reveal creates confusion over baby’s identity 00:55 Expert explains signs that a couple will break up 00:58 William and Kate take Prince Philip’s Land Rover to drive-in cinema event 00:52 Rare ‘dancing’ lemurs arrive at Chester Zoo 00:38 Jillian Michaels addresses Lizzo controversy 00:27 Golden Retriever pup runs again after surviving deadly parasite 01:41 Seven natural wonders of the UK revealed 00:28 Deer spotted swimming across Devon river 00:56 Friends cast open up about ‘no hook-up’ policy on set 00:35 Bees working together to remove Fanta lid in viral video 00:30 Little boy asks Kate Middleton: ‘Are you a prince?’ 00:42 Baby giraffe discovers own shadow 00:38 ‘It’s hurting my ears!’ Prince William jokes as Kate attempts to DJ on Scotland tour 00:22 Adorable moment skateboarder averts potential wipeout by scooping up little boy 00:13 Lion and leopard crash out of tree while fighting over kill 00:42 Woman answers mystery of food packaging colours 00:15 Pandora employee calls out cheating customer 01:21 Kate Middleton thanks nurses for ‘huge sacrifices’ during ‘hardest of years’ 00:34 Princess Anne jokes ‘do get away’ to royal fans 00:22 Oprah Winfrey surprised by Prince Harry’s dedication to The Me You Can’t See 00:52 Prince Harry compares Meghan racism to Diana and Dodi 00:57 Prince Harry does EMDR psychotherapy with Oprah 00:54 Oprah Winfrey says childhood rape convinced her girls ‘aren’t safe’ 03:47 Key moments from Prince Harry’s Oprah interview 01:08 Lady Gaga reveals she was raped by record producer at 19 00:25 Prince Harry says the clicking of cameras makes his ‘blood boil’ 00:49 Prince Harry opens up Meghan’s suicidal thoughts 00:18 Prince Harry says there was ‘no justice’ over Diana’s death 00:44 Prince Harry says he didn’t want to ‘share grief’ of Diana’s death with world 00:33 Harry reveals he used drink and drugs to cope with trauma of Diana’s death 00:30 Harry says he can’t forget Diana crying while paparazzi chased her 01:10 When and where to see the Blood Moon lunar eclipse 00:29 McDonald’s fan shares tip to get fries freshly cooked every time 00:29 Woman discovers AirBnb is directly above creepy abandoned mall 02:11 Moby speaks candidly about being suicidal at the height of his success in his upcoming self-narrated biographical documentary, ‘Moby Doc’ 00:44 Prince Harry compares royal life to The Truman Show 00:41 TikToker challenges driver to deliver food faster in exchange for candy 00:46 Man locks head in cage in attempt to stop smoking 00:52 Scarlett Moffatt reveals she reached out to the Samaritans after ‘horrific’ trolling 00:52 Megan Fox says Hollywood is not adapted to working with mothers 01:03 Could UK travellers be given Covid screening tests to use abroad? 01:48 Duchess of Cambridge promises to wear pink dress for four-year-old with leukaemia 00:42 Tess Holliday opens up about responses she’s received after revealing anorexia battle 00:25 Kate tells Prince William ‘you don’t need to roll your Rs’ in cheeky YouTube channel trailer 00:25 Australian TV anchor cruelly mocks Meghan Markle’s new book 00:59 Adorable 12-year-old boy serenades kitten with a ukulele 01:12 Man eats 1.5-year-old rotten chicken to get high 00:40 Princess Charlotte marks sixth birthday with new photo 00:54 Martin Scorsese goes viral as he guesses ‘feminine items’ in hilarious video with daughter Francesca 00:53 Royals were told ‘you all need to leave’ after Prince Philip’s funeral, says Mike Tindall 00:30 Victoria Beckham shares the parenting technique she relied on to help her children through lockdown 00:24 American woman goes viral for her pronunciation of Caffè Nero 00:44 Mother uses diaper changes to teach toddler “consent while parenting” 00:24 Gwyneth Paltrow discusses criticism of her 2002 Oscar dress 00:35 Royal Mint unveils spectacular gold £10,000 coin weighing 22lb 00:29 Willow Smith reveals she is polyamorous 00:37 Instagram influencer paints mask on face to enter Bali store 00:54 Martin Scorsese tries to guess feminine products on TikTok 00:36 Woman with Down’s Syndrome cries as little brother asks her to be bridesmaid 00:56 Steph McGovern undergoes smear test live on TV 00:31 Joy Behar apologises for repeatedly misgendering Caitlyn Jenner 00:29 Elderly couple moved to tears after kind woman cleans home 00:58 Flight attendant reveals why the crew greets you as you board the plane 00:45 Kelly Osbourne says she relapsed after four years of sobriety 00:33 Chrissy Teigen opens up about ‘defining moment’ after pregnancy loss 00:19 Courteney Cox proves ‘she’s a Monica’ in real life 00:58 Farmer calls out food industry in TikTok about expiration dates 00:20 Alex Rodriguez posts ode to Jennifer Lopez on Instagram story 00:47 Gwyneth Paltrow says some Goop products shock her mother 00:59 Couple goes viral after man proposes with five rings 00:29 Advert for Halloween outfits banned for objectifying women 00:58 Customers flock to hairdressers and barbers in desperate need of a trim 00:57 Kate Garraway on husband arriving home from hospital 00:45 Touching moment elementary school kids applaud teacher for passing citizenship test 00:26 Khloe Kardashian embraces her body, and talks about body image struggles 00:23 Female business owner uses fake male assistant to handle difficult people 01:00 Prince William says we must ‘reset our relationship with nature’ to avoid climate disaster 00:30 Woman mocks shoulder-baring ‘Vaccine Ready’ tops on Revolve 00:44 Demi Lovato was told she was ‘not sick enough’ for eating disorder treatment 00:29 Housewife’s uncovered diary from 1957 shows ‘times don’t change’ 01:10 ‘It did bother me’: Prince Albert II of Monaco responds to Harry and Meghan’s Oprah interview 00:41 The One Show’s Alex Jones reveals she is expecting her third child 00:31 George Clooney opens up about waiting to have children in his 50s 00:37 Community of 3D printed zero net energy homes in California 00:42 Ben Shephard left embarrassed after Susanna Reid ‘nipples’ comment on GMB 00:36 Mike Tindall reveals wife Zara has given birth to baby boy 00:40 Florence Pugh posts latest ‘Cooking with Flo’ tutorial video 00:32 Gayle King says Meghan and Harry had a plan if Prince Philip died AlUla Sponsored by Royal Commission for AIUIa 01:00:15 How AlUla’s sustainability plan will stand the test of time – webinar 02:13 Discover AlUla: The Journey Through Time 01:55 AlUla Oasis View Trail 00:58 Stargazing Experience 01:32.


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