Counterparty Reaches One Day Volume of $458,008.00 (XCP)

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Counterparty (CURRENCY:XCP) traded 3.5% lower against the dollar during the twenty-four hour period ending at 15:00 PM E.T. on February 25th. In the last week, Counterparty has traded 31.6% lower against the dollar.

Counterparty has a total market cap of $56.

76 million and approximately $458,008.

00 worth of Counterparty was traded on exchanges in the last day. One Counterparty coin can currently be purchased for about $21.69 or 0.00226984 BTC on popular exchanges including Tux Exchange, Poloniex, Bittrex and Counterparty DEX.

Here’s how similar cryptocurrencies have performed in the last day: Get Counterparty alerts: Bitcoin (BTC) traded 0.1% lower against the dollar and now trades at $9,629.

38 or 1. BTC.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) traded 0.8% higher against the dollar and now trades at $1,175.22 or 0.12300200 BTC. Steem (STEEM) traded 0.

1% lower against the dollar and now trades at $3.43 or 0.00035850 BTC.

PACcoin (PAC) traded 5.2% higher against the dollar and now trades at $0.0000 or 0. BTC. Crown (CRW) traded 0.9% lower against the dollar and now trades at $2.27 or 0.00023892 BTC.

Namecoin (NMC) traded 1.6% higher against the dollar and now trades at $2.48 or 0.

00026179 BTC. Unobtanium (UNO) traded up 0.2% against the dollar and now trades at $141.04 or 0.01486170 BTC. ATBCoin (ATB) traded 2.4% lower against the dollar and now trades at $0.

39 or 0.00004112 BTC. CHIPS (CHIPS) traded 13.

7% higher against the dollar and now trades at $0.40 or 0.00004194 BTC.

Terracoin (TRC) traded up 8.2% against the dollar and now trades at $0.21 or 0.00002199 BTC.
Counterparty Profile XCP is a proof-of-work (PoW) coin that uses the SHA-256 hashing algorithm. Its launch date was January 2nd, 2014. Counterparty’s total supply is 2,617,137 coins. Counterparty’s official Twitter account is @CounterpartyXCP and its Facebook page is accessible here .

The Reddit community for Counterparty is /r/counterparty_xcp and the currency’s Github account can be viewed here . The official website for Counterparty is . Counterparty’s official message board is counterpartytalk.

org .
According to CryptoCompare, “Counterparty is not a traditional crypto currency and is more of a payment network – using bitcoin as the transport layer. Counterparty is a free and open platform that puts powerful financial tools in the hands of everyone with an Internet connection. By harnessing the power of the Bitcoin network, Counterparty creates a robust and secure marketplace directly on the Bitcoin blockchain, extending Bitcoin’s functionality from a peer-to-peer payment network into a full fledged peer-to-peer financial platform.

In addition to sending money without third-party intermediation you can trade, do business, and engage in advanced financial contracts without having to trust anyone else to hold your funds or do your accounting.

Along with the Counterparty protocol, the platform consists of the native XCP token to perform advanced operations, and the secure, browser-based Counterwallet to provide the functionality.

Counterparty Coin Trading
Counterparty can be bought or sold on these cryptocurrency exchanges: Bittrex, Zaif, Poloniex, Counterparty DEX and Tux Exchange. It is not possible to purchase Counterparty directly using U.S. dollars.

Investors seeking to acquire Counterparty must first purchase Ethereum or Bitcoin using an exchange that deals in U.S. dollars such as Coinbase, Changelly or GDAX. Investors can then use their newly-acquired Ethereum or Bitcoin to purchase Counterparty using one of the exchanges listed above. Receive News & Updates for Counterparty updates for Counterparty and related cryptocurrencies CryptoBeat newsletter .



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