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Binance Bitcoin – BTC Cronos – CRO CRO Coin VS Bitcoin Dominance! EMERGENCY UPDATE! | and Binance News Welcome back to the crypto report everybody I am crypto Kip and today we are going to be talking about’s Crow coin versus Bitcoin dominance we’re going to take a look at the Bitcoin dominance…

Binance Bitcoin – BTC Cronos – CRO CRO Coin VS Bitcoin Dominance! EMERGENCY UPDATE! | and Binance News Welcome back to the crypto report everybody I am crypto Kip and today we are going to be talking about’s Crow coin versus Bitcoin dominance we’re going to take a look at the Bitcoin dominance chart and see what Clues you can give us to where Crow Coins going and I’ll tell you guys right now I’m gonna make the case that Crow coin may have finally bottomed out versus Bitcoin which means we could have upwards of a thousand percent gains ahead of us for Crow coin versus Bitcoin and I’m pretty excited about it and I’ll Share with you guys in this video if you like the content smash the like button subscribe to the channel we are doing five videos every single day for you guys and we have a lot of giveaways coming for the loyal members and subscribers on this channel so make sure You subscribe and check it out guys let’s hop right in and see what’s going on yesterday was a huge day for crypto where xrp which is the number one trending token had its uh announcement from a judge saying that it is officially not deemed a security everything rallied and now retraced Today all coins are holding very well well let’s exam examine Bitcoin dominance right now because Bitcoin went up to 32 000 is back down to today Crow coin is still holding at six cents which is great and as you can see it’s up six point six four percent in The last seven days versus Bitcoin only being up point one six percent now if you look at Bitcoin dominance over the last really all time this goes all the way back guys to March of of 2014.we see that Bitcoin dominance slowly trickles down and then through different Bull markets it kind of comes back up and then kind of goes back down and in the peak of bull markets is when we actually see Bitcoin fall down in value versus the all coins because the all coins get going because people start fomoing in people start getting excited And then people look for the lower price point coins where they think they can make more games they look for lower cap plays they take their Bitcoin profits a lot of people do this and then they end up buying other altcoins to try to grow their bags bigger and bigger and bigger But what we got to do is zoom out guys and understand that over time it is true Bitcoin dominance will go down over time the lows for it are at like what do we got 37 of the market it was the lowest that bitcoin’s gotten to I would not be Surprised if we broke to all-time lows for Bitcoin in this next Market which you might want to disagree with because and you can make the argument guys that well blackrock’s coming out with the ETF the spot ETF is going to bring Bitcoin to new heights maybe even back to its All-time highs of dominance which is very very unlikely I don’t think we will ever ever see a 96 dominance for Bitcoin ever again but you know is it possible with trillions of dollars flowing into Bitcoin we could get up to 60’s certainly possible I think the more Likely scenario however guys is that we Trumble down tumble down over time get below 40 and possibly even in the next bull market maybe we never even break above 40 because there are more and more tokens coming out more and more companies coming out with great products And is certainly one of them right now if you look at the crow coin price against the dollar it is currently up as you can see from the bottom on this month at least eight percent from this bottom candle if you go all the way from the very bottom of crow in This bear Market it is up 20 which is pretty decent but let’s just look at this monthly candle and we’ll say okay this monthly candle for Crow is up seven point eight five percent right now how about crow versus BTC well right now that’s at about nine percent a nine Percent rally on this monthly candle versus Bitcoin for Crow and you’re seeing the same thing for small Salata with an incredible 67.47 rally right now versus Bitcoin and binance coin with right now A 7.4 rally Which is less than Solana by a big margin but only slightly Less than Crow and I think that’s because right now binance is simply dealing with some of these rumors about layoffs which this is an over exaggerated number early in the video today I talked about how this is fud uh CZ came out and spoke out against this Said they’re hiring and they didn’t fire this many people but it is true that they have been struggling with regulators and investigations which is why I think that you know yes binance coin will continue to go up as we see you know Bitcoin dominance goes down over time that’s going to happen all Coins will rally over time and I think that Crow coin has a really great opportunity to catch up to Bitcoin in a big big way because this is still very very high for binance didn’t have as bad of a bear market and you could argue that Crow coin has a lot of recovery Ahead of it like I said you go from the bottom of this thing to the top that’s a thousand percent gains I think there’s a chance we probably get anywhere from let’s say 700 to 1200 gains in this next bull market for Crow coin versus Bitcoin And for the US dollar I would love to see I talk about it all the time breakout past the previous High let’s get up from like to two to five dollars I would love to see that for Crow coin let’s see some thousand percent gains versus Bitcoin as Bitcoin dominance goes Down like we just showed you on this video guys that’s all I got for you in this one I’m crypto Kip this is the crypto report don’t forget to smash that like subscribe to the channel and as always folks you gotta remember to DCA total and of course we’ll see you in the Next one thanks everybody have a great night got two videos for you right here if you want to check them out peace In today’s video Crypto Kip talks about the CRO price vs Bitcoin as has been coming out with quite a few partnerships and announcements over the last few weeks.Let’s talk about what comes next.

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