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Bitcoin – BTC “I’m BUYING As MUCH As I CAN Before Bitcoin Bull Run” | Lyn Alden Bitcoin Prediction So I might push it out to late 2025 to give myself more room but I do think um there’s a good chance of seeing six figures in this next call it three year cycle um…

Bitcoin – BTC “I’m BUYING As MUCH As I CAN Before Bitcoin Bull Run” | Lyn Alden Bitcoin Prediction So I might push it out to late 2025 to give myself more room but I do think um there’s a good chance of seeing six figures in this next call it three year cycle um that’s not for sure I wouldn’t go levered long and assume that to be the case Um I wouldn’t build a business specifically that’s going to happen but if I would say my base case is I would I would expect to see six figures over say the next three years six figures is in a hundred thousand one even potentially higher than a hundred thousand I think We start with a hundred thousand or a hundred twenty thousand and see if we get to that before making higher higher uh conviction higher price targets from there by uh 2025 yes Foreign Bitcoin held its most recent gains into May 27th as Traders called for a change in bearish Market sentiment the week’s macroeconomic data from the United States had ended with a surprise as a new personal consumption expenditures pce index print showed the economy weathering tighter Financial conditions much better than expected Markets then began to price in a June interest rate hike from the Federal Reserve which should form a headwind for risk assets but failed to dampen a BTC price rebound despite the price comeback however the mood remained overly cautious for some retail is so extremely bearish on bitcoin and crypto it’s Almost insane Michael Van de Pope founder and CEO of trading firm 8 argued people are stuck in the 2022 mindset hello and welcome to Money Talks in today’s video Lynn Alden shared with us her prediction for Bitcoin and the fed’s next move and how it will impact the Economy and the crypto industry the banking system’s unstable and people say well I can self-custody money with Bitcoin I don’t have to worry about counterparty risk I think that’s part of it but I think probably the bigger move is is basically due to markets repricing their forward expectations for how um Aggressively the FED can hike rates so we saw for example that you know two-year treasuries um you know um stopped increasing we saw that you know as you pointed out the Market’s pricing and cuts by the end of the year and a lot of that changed pretty rapidly Beginning with the banking crisis and when you had a softening of forward expectations for how hawkish the FED can be that it gives a bid towards kind of anti-dollar Trades scarce assets like gold and Bitcoin and so I think the biggest move that we’ve seen probably this in this thing is not necessarily The narrative itself but the kind of the structural Market implications of rates so I think as the FED shifts from you know Titan money as tight as possible control inflation as much as possible and as they kind of balance that between Financial stability that’s what’s given Bitcoin and other scarce assets that’s a Chance to get a catch a bid um I think the challenge is that when we go back to those liquidity questions I talked about earlier like if the if the tragedy tries to refill its treasury a cash account really quickly while the fed’s still doing Q8 it’s probably not Going to be good for Bitcoin for say a multi-week period um most likely but when you do get some sort of pivot either the FED ends its QT program or has to launch some sort of new liquidity program or the treasury has to take some other action I would be A buyer of that capitulation if you were to get one so I think most likely um you can never know for sure I think the prior cycle was was destructive on this because for example Bitcoin formed a very big bottom in you know late 2018 early 2019 and then it grinded Significantly higher but then it kind of retested that bottom very briefly during the march 2020 sell-off um and so it didn’t hit like lower lows but it did kind of briefly go back and Plumb those depths and the difference was that it didn’t stay there for many Months it just kind of had this like big flick down and you had the liquidity spots and a number of weeks later it was already back up to well above that bottom and I think you could see a similar thing where you get kind of a a Brief problem uh brings it down maybe it’s lower than we expect but I don’t think it would stay in that lower band anywhere near as long as it did in this the price range on that lower band that you consider to be the bottom I think I wouldn’t be surprised to see it Touched the lower 20s again if we get that specific scenario of a liquidity crisis from trying to refill the treasure general account um there are scenarios that I think could push it to the upper teens uh yet again um but again I think that would be a Probably spend less time there than it did in this prior bottom um and instead if they actually front run this If the Fed ends quantitative tightening before you get the treasury um pull up or if the treasury does um proactively kind of focus on issuing t-bills or increasing their treasury Account slower then I think you’re much less likely to to retest those those lows popular Trader SKU noted bitcoin’s strong reaction at the 200-week moving average M.A near 26 000 with more key trend line challenges now in the making price trying to reclaim 100 dma after a Nice move up from 200 WMA price is currently pinned between four h EMAs and one Demas analysis of the four hour BTC USD chart stated the day prior expecting a pretty major move soon inflection point is here in MO fellow Trader and analyst wrecked Capital stated that additional strength was still needed to Flip the trajectory in the Bull’s favor B TC still in the middle of the red downtrending Channel just consolidating here with the red resistance area above the crucial one to beat if sentiment is to decisively shift in the short term he wrote referring to a chart of one day Time frames that chart also showed the bearish head and shoulders pattern something wrecked Capital previously warned could result in a longer term bearish phase including a trip toward twenty thousand dollars yeah I think the next two years or three years look very constructive I think basically we have This window where the next six months there’s a lot of variables that I think could throw us off I think Stanley druckenmiller said it best he’s like he’s like I can make the case for deflation or I can make the case for eight percent inflation and I think he’s Touching on the same kind of uncertainties I’m touching on here which is that there’s there’s very key decision points that a handful of individuals can make and that can determine pretty big swings and what happens um so I think that basically next six months for Bitcoin very unclear I can Make the case for retesting the lows where I can make the case for you know not going below 25 000 but that I think that the the two-year or the three-year case is very very strong I have high conviction that basically we’ll have probably have another positive liquidity Cycle in that environment and right now the valuation is very attractive um you know compared to it’s it’s longer term say moving averages I also think if you look at um Bitcoin holding Behavior generally one thing you see in in Bull markets is that long-term holders begin selling Some of their Bitcoin because they’re up 5x 10x all this new money’s rushing in and they’re reducing their positions when you have bear markets you generally instead see long-term holders are uh not selling that they’re buying more they start to get a very large percentage of Bitcoin that haven’t moved in a year or more and right now we’re very tight in that metric basically we have a lot of indicators kind of either pointing at the bottoms in or the bottom uh at most is likely to be retested and so I’m very constructive with say a two to three Year field I think the biggest signal is that the FED has to begin changing its hawkishness despite the fact that they have met their inflation targets so for example if you go back to 2019 during the repo rate Spike spike in September of 2019 there was the repo Market had all sorts Of problems and the FED had to abruptly end their quantitative tightening and shift to a form of quantitative easing and they had trouble explaining why they had to do it and it was a large part because you had t-bills crowding out Bank Reserves and if you see a similar Environment where they have to kind of pivot prematurely um and yet that happens in an above Target inflation environment um I think that would be a sign that they’ve kind of lost control of inflation and that they have to that would be a very strong soup I want to Buy other assets either hard assets or generally anything that would benefit from a weaker dollar at that point so is it a good time to invest in Bitcoin and what’s your prediction for Bitcoin in 2023 tell us in the comments also don’t forget to like And subscribe see you Soon with the next video thank you so much for watching “I’m BUYING As MUCH As I CAN 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