“You must trust and believe in people or life becomes impossible.” — Anton Chekhov The doctors of this country — of all Western Civ, really — owe their citizens an apology and an explanation, and even then, they might not be able to save modern medicine.The doctors have dishonored and disgraced their profession.They promulgated a…

image“You must trust and believe in people or life becomes impossible.” — Anton Chekhov

The doctors of this country — of all Western Civ, really — owe their citizens an apology and an explanation, and even then, they might not be able to save modern medicine.The doctors have dishonored and disgraced their profession.They promulgated a Covid- 19 vaccination program that is now clearly killing a lot of people early in life and unnaturally.To this day, no established professional group of doctors, or formal association, or major journal, has called for an end to the vaxx program.

The hazard signal has been clear for the better part of a year.The mRNA products made by Pfizer and Moderna did not stop transmission of Covid-19 and were causing widespread harm, especially in the working-age population between 25 and 64 who were forced to take the shots to keep their jobs.For the whole population, all-causes deaths and disabilities were still rising at the end of 2022.

The trend appeared to start with the unnatural deaths of professional athletes dropping dead on their playing fields.

Then, in early 2022, life insurance companies reported that the death rates of policy-holders employed by companies with insurance plans were up 40 percent.The unprecedented numbers were confirmed in mid-2022 by the Society of Actuaries — the professional org of people who actually parse the statistics that the insurance industry bases its business model on.

In fact the number of excess deaths in younger age groups had grown dramatically — Covid vaccination produced a 78-percent increase in excess deaths among the 25-34 age group, a 100-percent increase in excess deaths among the 35-44 age group, and a 80-percent increase in excess deaths among the 45-54 age group.

These alarming signals arrived special-delivery and gift-wrapped to the medical profession and, amazingly, no corresponding warning to the public came back out.The doctors continued to push the vaccines.

The public health officials (many of them doctors) in all the agencies under the US Dept.of Health and Human Services withheld information about the harms that were being done and continued to run vaxx-up advertisements at the same time these officials must have noticed the incoming disturbing data.

As late as this new year, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky appeared in TV ads promoting mRNA booster shots.

In short, a professional class the public depends on to define reality has done everything possible to conceal and distort reality.The cable news networks and the newspapers amplified the distortions to prevent the public from understanding what was happening to them in an epic world health crisis.

Social media, managed backstage by government intel agencies, reinforced the information blackout and their own nefarious lies.The crisis was coming not so much from the Covid-19 virus itself, which had a death rate well under one percent of those infected; the crisis came from the supposed remedy for the virus, the vaccines pushed on the uninformed and misinformed citizens.

Outside a small circle of apostate doctors — Drs.

Malone, McCullough, Kory, Cole, Risch, Bhattacharya, and others — the practicing physicians of America went blindly and cravenly along with the government’s vaccination program.My own primary care physician told me he was “a hundred percent confident in the vaccines” when he attempted to persuade me to take the shots.

(I declined.) In the next year’s physical exam he didn’t even mention the vaccines.How about your doctors? Do you wonder what they’ve learned? Or if they’ve learned anything?

And what are they going to do now? Pretend that none of this is happening? Continue to demonize, discredit, and punish the few doctors who won’t pretend? My PC doc doubles as Chief Health Officer of his group practice.He’s fired doctors and others on the staff who refused to take the shots his company mandated.

He’s dishonored his Hippocratic oath.He’s in mid-life with, one would assume ordinarily, many working years ahead of him.The information about vaccine deaths and disabilities is going to get worse, and his own behavior around the crisis is going to look worse, probably even to himself.There are hundreds of thousands of doctors like him.

As of now, early 2023, there is no general movement among them to explain or apologize for their actions.What will happen?

I’ll tell you what will happen: medicine as we’ve known it is going to collapse, along with most other activities in our society.Apart from ethical offenses against the public in the single instance of the Covid-19 emergency, doctors and their administrative cohorts have stealthily surrendered to a racketeering business model that had already badly damaged the practice of medicine before Covid-19 came on the scene.

Remember: as a general principle, organisms and systems often assume their greatest size just before they go extinct or fail.

That’s exactly what you’re seeing in the conglomeratization of hospitals in the USA.If the idea was to remove redundancies for the sake of “efficiency,” then they did exactly what destroys ecosystems.Anyway, the net effect of all that hospital consolidation was just to make access to health care much more difficult for the average citizen, and the only benefit was to make multi-millionaires of the executives who run the hospitals.

Then Covid-19 came along and they decimated their own workforces with vaccine mandates.Now, many hospitals can barely function, and many have had to shut down specific services.Quite a few hospitals are going bankrupt, which only feeds the predatory consolidation still ongoing.When the looming financial, banking, and insurance disorders start to bite later this year, hospitals will be shutting down.In the meantime, many more people will lose their lives to the disastrous side-effects of the vaccines.

It is already the case — to make matters worse — that the vaccine-injured who seek help from the medical system are lied-to, mis-treated, or ignored.Some of these are the doctors themselves and other health professionals who collide with reality the hard way.

Something will emergently replace this monster we call “health care.” Maybe it will still think of itself as medicine, but it will operate at a much smaller scale, minus a lot of the expensive and rather miraculous high-tech wizardry developed in our time, but also minus a lot of hazardous high-tech interventions, especially pharmaceuticals, that were used as supernaturally profitable revenue streams despite the adverse blowbacks they induced.

Will the doctors recover the trust of the public? It’s going to be a slog for them.They’ll have a long way to go just to recover their own honor and self-respect.Some sort of sincere and highly visible public act of apology and repentance will have to happen first.

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