Top 7 Altcoins Under $1 to Buy: XRP, ALGO, VET, BEFE, FTM, ADA, XLM


Top 7 Altcoins Under $1 to Buy: XRP, ALGO, VET, BEFE, FTM, ADA, XLM With the crypto market buzzing again, BTC reigns supreme as it inches closer to surpassing its record-setting prices from the previous bull cycle.Crossing $65,000, the biggest crypto by market cap is very close to its all-time high of around $69,000.And in…

Top 7 Altcoins Under $1 to Buy: XRP, ALGO, VET, BEFE, FTM, ADA, XLM

With the crypto market buzzing again, BTC reigns supreme as it inches closer to surpassing its record-setting prices from the previous bull cycle.Crossing $65,000, the biggest crypto by market cap is very close to its all-time high of around $69,000.And in its efforts to get past that price point, it is pulling the rest of the crypto assets up with it.

A large segment of the cryptos, apart from BTC, labeled altcoins, are in the green, witnessing surging valuations.It is not a secret that altcoins are responsible for netting more significant gains than BTC – specifically the likes of XRP, ALGO, VET, FTM, ADA, XLM and others which have smaller price points.The reasoning here is that their small market caps rise tremendously during bull runs, going from minuscule valuations to sky-high prices, making those getting in at lower prices profit massively.

With that, altcoins like ALGO, XRP, FTM, VET, ADA and XLM priced at under the $1 mark are the ones to look out for those wanting to make the most significant returns this bull run.Here are the top 7 altcoins performing exceptionally well ever since the market turned bullish and holding the potential to rise to unthinkable heights through the bull cycle.


XRP is the native asset of the Ripple network.

XRP is a highly sought-after asset, especially after the network won its lawsuit against the US SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission).

In fact, the lawsuit and its uncertain result held back XRP from witnessing the heights it should have years ago.

However, with the uncertainty out of the way, XRP will finally break through to the top with the flourishing market conditions.The Ripple ecosystem is the most versatile, facilitating developments at all fronts, including DeFi and enterprise-related deployments.

Thus, being the central asset of this ecosystem, XRP is positioned to grow from its current valuation of $0.65 to a possible price point of $5.Eventually XRP may as well reach $10.


With a tumultuous 2023 due to bear market conditions, ALGO is surging past expectations.ALGO reported a new high in January at $0.24 after a long while.Despite witnessing dips immediately after, ALGO rose to January levels and has exceeded them with its current valuation at $0.26.

ALGO has fought through difficult conditions, its price remaining sturdy and not declining to unsavable lows.Those efforts are paying off as ALGO finally enjoys entering the green territory in the charts, setting it up for increased gains as the bullish forces are expected to push it further constantly.


VeChain’s native VET token broke out by a whopping 14,638% back in 2021.Experts suggest that VET’s present valuation may rise by 140% in the immediate periods, with sky-high surges mirroring its previous rodeo highly likely in the long term.

VET currently sits at around $0.05 and can grow tremendously in the coming days.

Experts are suggesting that VET is a token that investors should take advantage of this bull run.The past two weeks have been exceptionally good for VET, with new investor funds amounting to over $6 million flowing into VET’s blockchain ecosystem.

Trading volumes have risen by over 40%, too.VET finds a spot within the top 40 cryptocurrencies by market cap.

Its expected price surges can secure a place much higher in the top cryptocurrencies list.


FTM has had a riveting few days as its price has climbed to over the $0.70 mark and is fluctuating around it.However, experts suggest the current FTM highs are only the beginning, considering FTM’s performance in early 2022 when its price crossed $3.

FTM’s price has surged by at least 67% this past week.The community believes FTM’s price will hit the $1 mark soon.

Alongside that, they also think it can reach the $10 point in the near future.With that much potential, FTM is one altcoin that cannot be ignored.


BEFE is a new entrant to the meme coin side of cryptocurrencies.BEFE is a rising contender, set to become the top altcoin this bull run.Despite its short existence, BEFE has pumped to its current value of $0.0005.Investors who got in early through its fair sale are already reaping significant gains.

BEFE is expected to multiply its current price by at least 20x in March, with certain experts noting it has the potential to go up 100x in the coming months.Now, that is the conservative prediction.More optimistic predictions place BEFE price at 500x and more, considering its massive viral factor and steadfast staking utility on the burgeoning Bitgert Chain.


ADA is the native asset of the Cardano chain.

With Cardano often termed the Ethereum killer, ADA is packed with potential.The altcoin and its network have been very popular for a while, considering it stands up to Ethereum by offering a long list of dApps with compelling utility.

Ergo, ADA’s position as Cardano’s flagship token, or native token in other words, combined with its utility as the gas-paying token, allows it to maintain an unshakeable price point and witness constant growth.

That puts ADA in the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market cap, with each unit currently valued at around $0.78.It is evident that ADA will hit $1 in no time.Further, ADA may as well surge past its previous high of $2.87 soon.That also means ADA packs the potential to meet the $3 mark as well.Experts say ADA can effortlessly make it past $5 this year, and others claim it can even rise to $10 in that time.


XLM is a coin launched in 2014 as the native asset of the Stellar network.

This hard fork of the Ripple network has remained a long-stay in the blockchain ecosystem, advancing great utility and holding the potential to compete with Ripple itself and other leading blockchains.

XLM exceeded the $0.70 mark in 2017 and attained a high of $0.67 in the last bull run.

Despite dipping after that, its price is currently surging and is fluctuating around $0.15.As the bullish forces continue pushing promising tokens up, XLM is expected to reach $0.25 soon, with $0.50 and $1 valuations not out of the picture by the end of 2024.


With crypto prices rallying, there is no doubt that it is altcoin season.Of course, BTC is leading with significant price hikes, but low market cap tokens can net equally impressive or significantly larger returns when compared to the cryptocurrency king.Investing in promising altcoins like XRP, ALGO, VET, FTM, ADA and XLM – all under $1, can net investors next-level gains.

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