Tron Price Prediction 2022-2031: Is it a Good Time to buy TRX?


TRON Price Prediction 2022-2031 – [TRON Price Prediction 2022 – up to $0.0765] – [TRON Price Prediction 2025 – up to $0.18] – [TRON Price Prediction 2028 – up to $0.24] – [TRON Price Prediction 2031 – up to $0.44] TRX, or rather Tronix, is the native crypto asset of the TRON Network.TRON is a…

TRON Price Prediction 2022-2031

– [TRON Price Prediction 2022 – up to $0.0765]

– [TRON Price Prediction 2025 – up to $0.18]

– [TRON Price Prediction 2028 – up to $0.24]

– [TRON Price Prediction 2031 – up to $0.44]

TRX, or rather Tronix, is the native crypto asset of the TRON Network.TRON is a Blockchain -based decentralized network targeting an unchained, worldwide digital content entertainment structure using distributed ledger technology and enabling straightforward and cheap data sharing.

A sideshow would be Mr.Sun, who is now an ambassador and Permanent Representative of Grenada to the World Trade Organization, is offering $60 per share to buy

[Twitter] .This amount is roughly 10.7% higher than Elon Musk’s offer.How is owning Twitter affect TRX’s price?

A greater development would be TRX surpassing $5 trillion in value.

Meanwhile, back to Twitter for sale fiasco .Your response could vary among those given:

– We want to move Twitter offshore and make its workforce decentralized so that it can be more neutral and less US-centric.

– We want to turn Twitter into a more open and decentralized Web3 framework that is open source and friendly to developers.

– We want to encourage more user engagement and start to develop a mechanism to clean the scammers and bots immediately.

Twitter has also clarified that its plan doesn’t prevent the board from engaging with parties or accepting an acquisition proposal if it’s in the company’s best interests.By this development, we want to prove a point that coin price movements are influenced by factors whose outcomes can be predicted.And so, let’s keep a close tab on who wins the bidding and the developments after.Those who fail to keep watch will repeat their errors over and over.

As we’ve said, this is a sideshow but rather crucial to TRX prices.

One of the several cryptocurrencies that experienced an all-time high during the late 2017 and early 2018 cryptocurrency craze is TRX.It may be realistic to wonder whether and when it can return there, if at all, given that it hasn’t even come close to the heights it attained back then.

As with other cryptos, it is always advised to do your own research and seek investment advice whenever investing.

Today’s TRON price is $0.062547 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $345,244,999.TRON is up 1.15% in the last 24 hours.The current CoinMarketCap ranking is #14, with a live market cap of $5,773,594,202.It has a circulating supply of 92,308,234,347 TRX coins and the is not available.

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Developments affecting the TRX Price

The price took a sudden hit of 7% when, on December 17, Justin Sun announced that he had been appointed as Ambassador, Permanent Representative of Grenada to the World Trade Organization, and would be stepping back from TRON.

As a result, the TRON Foundation has said it has “settled to dissolve itself on July 25, 2022”.

Despite this, the Tron (TRX) price still keeps going up.Could it be that the strategic investment of an undisclosed amount in the DeFine social NFT platform is finally bearing fruits? The funding will be used to develop the first NFT marketplace in the TRON ecosystem and launch auctions soon.Or could it be that the network’s BTFS file storage system (was integrated with DeFine in September? Or TRON’s expansion into the NFT ecosystem with APENFT is operating successfully? Or some other strategy hatched up by Justin Sun?

What Is Tron (TRX)?

Tron (TRX) was created by tech entrepreneur Justin Sun in 2017.The TRON project funds were raised through an Initial Coin Offering (ICO), with a subscription of funds reaching 70 million.This was one of the largest ICOs and increased cryptocurrency popularity even further.

Today, Tron has grown into one of the largest cryptocurrencies with over $6.4 billion capitalizations, while the 24-hour trading volume exceeds $1 billion.The coin ranks among the top 30 coins and has a circulating supply of 71,659,657,369 tokens.

At first, TRX ran on Ethereum ‘s ERC-20 blockchain as it offered a quick and easy solution for running the peer-to-peer network.

Later on, the developers of Tron switched the blockchain to their custom-made solution.

The blockchain used proof of stake mining and validation consensus algorithm and was one of the first cryptocurrency projects to implement this solution.

One of the primary use cases and benefits for the TRX platform is the support for content creators and artists by providing ownership over the content they create.

This is done by storing and tracking the information about created content and its use on the blockchain.

Therefore, content creators can directly track how their creations are used and their reward for producing them.The middle man is eliminated, and content creators get paid instantly.

Tron Foundation

The Tron foundation is the governing body of the Tron blockchain.They aim to popularise and further develop the blockchain.Based in Singapore, they ensure that the TRX blockchain is regulated and complies with laws.Tron, Justin Sun, is still the Tron foundation leader and is listed in the Forbes list of 30 under 30 in Asia.

In 2018, a popular peer-to-peer torrent sharing network – BitTorrent, announced that the TRON Foundation had acquired them to use TRX token to incentivize and reward network users.This created massive interest for the token, and soon, it exceeded a $1 billion cap.

Several other projects and development phases have since been launched, with the most notable ones being the Odyssey, which created a system for incentivizing content creators.Further development phases – Great Voyage and Apollo-enable content creators to build their brands and issue personalized initial coin offerings to raise funds for their projects.

Further, plans to develop the ecosystem are in line for the future with phases of Star-Trek, which is estimated to launch in mid-2023, and Eternity estimated to launch in late 2025.

Therefore, we are likely to see interest in Tron and blockchain itself grow even further in the upcoming years and increase the price.

Let’s look at Tron’s previous price history to understand what the future price could look like.

IT is a good investment if you are losing money rapidly in all others.

Tron has been compared with Ethereum due to its lower fees and fast payment.When ETH was at its all-time high, a considerable amount of fees as applicable for transfer, and this reason, people started shifting to TRON.

What other factors affect the TRX price?

Tron celebrated its most significant milestones in its existence surpassing a million active user accounts.But since then a lot has changed because the total number of active user accounts surpassed 4 million and it is increasing steadily.

Moving forward, in the first week of June 2021, there have been more than 10 million transactions recorded on the Tron blockchain.On June 14, it recorded a total of 1,049,206 transactions.

That is almost triple the number of transactions recorded on the Bitcoin blockchain per day.

Factors affecting Tron’s price are the same as any other cryptocurrency – mainly, the supply and demand on cryptocurrency exchanges.More significant deals are often done off the exchanges, creating a negligible impact on the Tron price.

Supply and Demand

The supply of the coin naturally comes from the number of tokens that are released into the market every day.In the case of Tron, you can earn a mining reward by staking the coin.

As of now, staking TRX offers around a 7 percent annual yield.However, this yield will vary over time and based on market conditions.

On the other hand, the demand for Tron comes from investors who want to buy it with the expectation that its long-term value will grow.

Another motivation for purchasing Tron is the ability to stake your coins, which in return gives you an annual yield.

Staking TRX tokens also gives the power to vote on various issues that the network developers want to solve or features that they want to add.Therefore, by purchasing and staking TRX, you help ensure the TRX blockchain’s consensus mechanism.

Regulatory Compliance

Recently rumors of the United States and China investigating the TRON Foundation and the blockchain itself.In his Twitter account, the founder of Tron Network, Justin Sun, ensured no reasons to doubt the accusations of malpractice as the network is run as a decentralized network.Therefore, claims of centralized manipulation are of no sense since the TRON Foundation is only one of several thousands of participants.

Overall, TRX is compliant with various regulations over the world as any other major blockchain.This ensures the demand for TRX continues growing.Therefore, over time, the crypto market price should continue to rise over the next five years.

The Rise of Apps

Over the last months, the TRX network experienced an increased interest in decentralized applications (DApps).

As of now, more than 100 DApps are running on the blockchain, offering various categories of functionality ranging from exchanges to gaming and gambling.

Websites such as DappRadar offer a quick overview of the most popular ones and how many users have each decentralized application attracted over time.User count ranges from several hundred to several thousand, and this number is expected to grow further over the next 5 year period.

This raised interest for the TRXs blockchain functionality creates an additional appeal to invest in Tron.Therefore, creating extra trading volume and market growth for the cryptocurrency market.

Where to buy Tron?

Tron is available for trading on practically every major exchange, just like Bitcoin or Ethereum.It is one of the best-known cryptocurrencies with a high average trading volume of more than $2 billion per day.As seen during previous bull markets of cryptocurrencies, this number is likely to grow over the next five years.Therefore purchasing crypto shouldn’t be an issue for anyone interested in trading or investing.

How to store Tron?

Tron offers several options for storing crypto.

The basic one is the so-called TRON paper wallet, which involves a primary method of printing out your private keys and keeping them on a piece of paper in a place where only you have access.This basic solution comes from earlier cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum.

Other options include Tron Android wallet, Tron IOS wallet, Chrome wallet, Exodus desktop wallet, and the commonly used hardware wallets of Ledger Nano and Trezor .This means that the Tron coin can be stored in as many different wallet options as other well-established cryptos such as Ethereum.a

Tron Price History

As seen on the Tron chart, the price of Tron cryptocurrency has seen a good amount of volatility over the past years.

After spending the second half of 2019 retracing from $0.04, TRX eventually found support around the exchange rate of $0.11.

This resulted in a push higher at the beginning of 2020 as the price set a new higher high, indicating that a new bull cycle has potentially begun.

However, after peaking at $0.026 in the middle of February 2020, the Tron price got heavily rejected to the downside, destroying any bullish price prediction at the time.What followed for the price of crypto was another dump lower.

The Tron price pushed through previous support and set a new several-year low at $0.07.

The price started to slowly recover from there on, creating a bullish Tron (TRX) price action structure by the end of the year.

In September, the Tron price moved and saw a very sharp spike to the upside, resulting in a brief breakout from the significant resistance of $0.04 as it hit a new several-year high of $0.05.

During the following weeks, the crypto retraced towards the previous resistance of $0.22-$0.025 and retested it as a support.

As expected by analysis of several well-known traders at the time, Tron price reversed from thereon.

After spending the end of 2020 in a consolidation, Tron pushed higher at the beginning of February in a solid bull run, resulting in a $0.065 level being reached, beating several predictions.

It is in a bearish momentum and has an RSI index of 39.In the 4-hour chart, we can make a short-term Tron price predicition using the above technical analysis.With the reversal in the trend, the coin price has changed its bearish outlook as it is trading above the 50-day and 100-day MA, breaking out of the upper end of the Bollinger Band.

Now, let’s look at the long-term Tron price prediction for the upcoming years and remember that these Tron price predictions are not investment advice.

TRON Network Latest Development

TRON blockchain becomes the national blockchain of Dominica, making the network the first major public blockchain to partner with a sovereign nation.The network is also developing a $DMC token – a national fan token intended to improve the economy and promote tourism and the heritage of the Caribbean island.

Also, other #TRON cryptocurrencies – TRX, BTT, JST, NFT, USDD, USDT, and TUSD have been granted statutory status as an authorized digital currency and exchange medium since October 7, 2022.

TRON Technical Analysis

TRON has broken the ceiling of the falling trend in the short term, which indicates a slower initial falling rate.

TRX is testing resistance at $0.06, which could give a negative reaction, but an upward breakthrough of the resistance level could be a positive signal.A positive volume balance strengthens the currency in the short term.

Based on a long-term analysis, TRON is in a falling trend channel, meaning that the bears have continued to assert dominance, and investors have continually sold TRX at lower prices over time, indicating a negative development for the coin.TRON TRX is approaching support at $0.05, which may give a positive reaction.However, breaking down through the support level will be a negative signal.Volume tops and volume bottoms correspond well with tops and bottoms in the price.Volume balance is also positive, weakening the falling trend and could be an early signal of a trend break.The RSI curve shows a falling trend, which supports the negative trend.TRX is overall assessed as technically slightly positive for long-term investments.

Tron Price Prediction by Cryptopolitan

TRON Price Prediction 2022

According to our TRON price prediction 2022, the altcoin is projected to hit a maximum price of $0.0765 before the year runs out.

Investors should also anticipate an average price of $0.0651 and a minimum price of $0.0531.These prices could likely result from positive market sentiments around the TRON network due to the ongoing TRON Grand Hackathon, which boasts thousands of participants.

TRON Price Prediction 2023

Our TRON price prediction 2023 indicates that TRX will attain a maximum price of $0.11.We also predict the minimum market price to rise to $0.0928, while the average price will be around $0.10.If the TRON foundation maintains its commitment to funding new projects, there could be an increased number of developers on the TRON network in the coming years, leading to these market prices.

TRON Price Prediction 2024

Per our TRON price predictions 2024, TRX is expected to trade as high as $0.15.Our projections also point to an average price of $0.14 and a minimum market price of $0.12.

TRON Price Prediction 2025

According to our TRON price predictions 2025, TRX will experience steady price growth, attaining a peak value of $0.18.Based on our analysis, the projected minimum and average prices are $0.15 and $0.17, respectively.

These prices could arise from the consistent infrastructural improvement of the TRON network.

TRON (TRX) Price Prediction 2026

Our TRON price prediction 2026 indicates the token will trade at a maximum price of $0.19.We also project an average price of $0.18 and a minimum price of $0.16.

These market prices show some positive movement from the previous year’s values, signifying that TRON could be gathering momentum for future price appreciation.

TRON (TRX) Price Prediction 2027

According to our TRON price prediction 2027, TRX is expected to reach a peak price of $0.21, representing a 237.62% gain on the current market price.Investors should also expect a minimum price of $0.18, with an average market price of $0.20.

TRON (TRX) Price Prediction 2028

Our TRON price prediction 2028 indicates the digital coin will attain a maximum price of $0.24.TRX is also expected not to trade lower than $0.22, while the average price will be around $0.23.By deploying efficient community-building initiatives, the TRON network could welcome numerous investors in the future leading to these market prices.

TRON Price Prediction 2029

Per our TRON price prediction 2029, TRX will trade around a maximum market value of $0.29.Our price forecasts also indicate the token will trade with minimum and average prices of $0.27 and $0.28, respectively.

TRON Price Prediction 2030

According to our TRON price prediction 2030, the altcoin is expected to hit a maximum price of $0.36.We also anticipate an average price of $0.35 and a minimum price of $0.33.By 2030, blockchain technology is expected to have achieved mainstream adoption.This could lead to the TRON network being home to millions of content creators worldwide, thus leading to these prices.

TRON Price Prediction 2031

Our TRON price predictions 2031 indicate the token will trade at a maximum value of $0.44, representing a 607.39% increase on the current market price.

Investors could also anticipate an average price of $0.43 and a minimum price of $0.42.

TRON Price Prediction by Wallet Investor

WalletInvestor’s TRON crypto price prediction expects the price of TRX to fall to a value of $0.0468 in 2023, indicating a 25.11% decrease from the current market price.However, they anticipate TRON to record some little gains in the short term, hitting a price of $0.0647 over the next few days.

TRON Price Predictions by TradingBeasts

According to TradingBeasts’s TRON coin price prediction, TRX will close 2022 with a bull market, trading at an average price of $0.0841, a minimum price of $0.0715, and a maximum market price of $0.105.In 2023, they expect a steady price increase leading to a maximum price of $0.111 by the year’s end, with an expected average price of $0.0891.

Going into 2024, TradingBeasts forecasts TRON to maintain its upward trajectory, trading between $0.0798-$0.118 by mid-year.At the start of 2025, TRON’s price is expected to trade at an average price of $0.101 and a maximum price of $0.126.

Throughout the year, TRON investors could anticipate a continuous price rise.

By December 2025, TradingBeasts predicts TRON will have an average price of $0.113, a minimum price of $0.0963, and a maximum market price of $0.142.

TRON Price Prediction by Longforecast

According to Longforecast, TRON will end 2022 with a maximum price of $0.070, a minimum price of $0.060, and a closing market price of $0.65.In 2023, they expect TRON to undergo a price devaluation, trading as low as $0.040 in October and closing its annual trade at $0.049.

Longforecast Tron price forecast for 2024 indicates that TRON will make a market rebound from the previous year, trading at a peak price of $0.075 by August.After that, they anticipate a lasting bear market, leading to TRON closing the year at a market price of $0.060.

In 2025, Longforecast predicts TRON to open its annual market with an upward trend, trading as high as $0.108 in May.This bullish run is expected to be followed by significant price drops, resulting in TRON closing the year with minimum and maximum prices of $0.064 and $0.074.

According to Longforecast TRX coin price prediction for 2026, TRON will experience an overall bear market, falling to a minimum price of $0.041 by November and closing the month at a market price of $0.044.

TRON Price Predictions by Market Influencers

The Crypto Dead thinks the TRON coin will hold its current price range, as it’s been going sideways for a while until an indication of a pump.

Looking at Gabor Gurbacs [@trondao] vs the [@MarketVector] Large Cap tokens index performance.In the past 6 months, TRX was up 4.6% while large caps are down 50% plus per the index.That’s a big difference.[@justinsuntron] is working hard behind the scenes and it shows in token performance.


TRON coin is a highly-rated cryptocurrency with massive potential for widespread adoption in the future.

Much of these expectations are due to the strategic partnerships continuously secured by the TRON ecosystem in a bid to promote awareness of the platform.

An example of such partnerships is the recent collaboration with the Republic of Dominica, in which the TRON platform will be used to create fan tokens known as Dominica Coins (DMC), which serve to promote the country’s national and cultural heritage.

The Tron ecosystem is rapidly growing with new users and dapps.This results from the robustness, scalability, and low cost of the blockchain.As we transition into WEB 3, we anticipate new industry players to plug into the Tron blockchain, like Samsung.

Furthermore, the TRON network continues to attract numerous developers and users with its high throughput and low transaction fees.On the first of September, Tron’s founder, Justin Sun, announced the network had hit a new milestone, recording a total transfer value of over $5 trillion since its launch in 2018.

Tron has weathered its investors from this year’s crypto winter, and due to its high utility, it will be highly profitable in the following market bull run.

The shaky performance of Tron USDD stablecoin will adversely affect Tron’s performance in the case of a crash.

Many Tron opponents and Ethereum proponents have long believed that Tron is not legitimate crypto.

They have speculated on the legitimacy of Tron as a company in general after Tron openly admitted that it is going after Ethereum.ETH is the second-largest crypto by market capitalization.

However, crypto enthusiasts think that the two projects cannot be compared.They are different since the ETH developers wrote their code from scratch, while Tron might have copied and improved the code.Nonetheless, Sun said that the Tron blockchain code was written from scratch and originally in Chinese, the main thing going for TRX.

Most TRON price predictions consider TRX a favorable asset for long-term investment, capable of delivering steady profits over the years.

That said, these predictions are not guaranteed, as various factors can influence cryptocurrency market prices.Thus, investors are advised to consult with financial market experts before making investment decisions.

By reading your favorite coins’ price analysis and daily roundups , you may keep yourself updated and better able to make a decision..

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