ZKIN launches xSigma DeFi project, gets 150 Million committed

imageZKIN launches xSigma DeFi project, gets 150 Million committed February 28, 2021
Global Intel Hub 2/27/2021 — Charlotte, NC – ZERO HEDGE EXCLUSIVE
Little known ZK International (ZKIN) $ZKIN has launched a DeFi project, which went live this week @ xSigma.fi
The project is funded and managed by publicly traded ZKIN so the stock popped to $10 and settled back down to $6 during the week.During the first few days of live staking, $150 Million USD worth of funds were committed to the project, making xSigma in the top 25 of DeFi projects in the world.Bear in mind that, this is not a cap raise, not an ICO – so the company does not get these funds.They are ‘backing’ the token.So this is a very positive sign – and it seems things are only getting started.
Interestingly, the borrow rate is increasing and the available shares to short are decreasing.Options are not available on the stock.

From shortdata.crediblock.com
As of right now, there are 2 ways to easily get involved in the project.One, buy the stock @ LevelX (or your existing stock broker).Two, you can get rewards for staking the token itself, at www.xsigma.fi
If you are considering option two, and have never done this before, you can start here on the Crediblock Crypto support page.
This is what the system looks like, you need to use Firefox and MetaMask:
In November 2020 Crediblock.com wrote an article on ZKIN stock , when it was trading at $1.75, on Seeking Alpha.The negative perception about ZKIN is that it’s based in China, but they have proven over time that management is reliable, consistent, and persistent.

And to their credit, it is listed on the NASDAQ.
But perhaps the most interesting thing about this project is the recently announced plans for a Crypto derivatives system , which will include Crypto derivatives, CFDs, and other to be developed products:
is pleased to announce that xSigma Corporation, a subsidiary of the Company and a blockchain R&D lab, is pleased to announce that it has purchased its own proprietary crypto and Online Contract for Difference (“CFD”) trading platform, which will be branded as “xSigma Trading”.The platform’s website is now open to the community at: https://xsigma-trading.com
The xSigma Trading platform will be an Online Crypto-CFD trading platform that will provide multiple trading products, such as crypto trading, crypto lending, crypto options and derivatives, and US Equity CFDs, which will conveniently be available on one trading platform.xSigma is going to target the cryptocurrency options and derivatives with xSigma Trading as its third project in its ecosystem.
That’s going to be really cool.Coinbase sucks, aside from LedgerX – there are few institutional quality trading systems for Crypto.Some will disagree, but the fact remains that you can’t short shitcoins and there are limited futures & options on Crypto.If you can’t hedge – how can you trade? Having robust hedging tools will help the asset class grow into something really disruptive, and ZKIN is making that happen.
DISCLOSURE: We are long the stock, around $2 and are going to keep it for a long time.
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